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Conquest 3 / Re: KBF (Boris Alden) VS Marine (Nemesis)
« Last post by R.E.D 797 on Today at 03:24:09 PM »
And now Boris is suspended? I wonder what happened

He was suspended for DSP pushing, too bad the DSPs were never removed and he is now out of suspension
One last thing I thought of, for Bringing In New Players.

Wasn't Starfleet Commander featured on TV on some gaming channel or other years ago? Search for that on YouTube (I will too), Like the episode, Comment on the episode, Share the episode. Both on YouTube and on Facebook.

The more those three things are done, the higher YouTube's software decides it is a popular video, and the more it is visible. It goes viral or whatever, so much the better. More exposure for SFC. Reach more people, more possible new players.
I welcome any suggestions, alterations, new ideas that anyone has to this. Any Flames of my ideas will, of course, be put out (hey, I just came through a major firestorm in real life. 2 weeks of hell. What do you expect? Hahaha)
To retain new players:

We as a community need to commit ourselves to reach out to new people we see in the game. Befriend them. Talk to them. Offer advice. Give gifts. Discipline and commit OURSELVES, the old hands who know what we are doing already, to NOT attack newbies under a certain RSP total, no matter what that is and what they do. A billion RSP? 5 billion RSP? More?

After all this time we have had playing, at our ranks even our smaller accounts would easily crush any new players with no effort.
So, whatever we decide on, we need to STICK to that. Probing of new players is, of course, not an attack (though we need to make sure we talk about that to them). Based on what is seen in the Espionage report advice can then be nicely offered, such as how to frs or where debris fields are they could use, whatever.

BFG could, if possible, raise the RSP Newbie protection from 250,000 RSP to 1,000,000 RSP.

Finally, while I suspect this is not workable, I remember a very cool aspect of Shadowrift Empires. Your own ships destroyed in battle could be salvaged with a Triton-like ship after the battle. At a special building you could build on your planet, with resources and time you could then have the functioning ships back. I don't remember if multiple building levels of that structure let you repair more ships at once, or what (if anything). But if that coding could be copied from the Shadowrift Empires game and incorporated into Starfleet Commander, with a lower Total Ship number cap, players new and old would have an alternative to quitting if their fleet has been wiped out, assuming they retain the salvage ship and that building.
Now, to the ideas I have.

To attract new players:

I think it is time we the SFC community commit ourselves to bring new folks in. Whatever BFG is doing, it isn't enough. We need to work on this too. Any who can afford to buy Facebook ads should buy some targeting groups of people such as: strategy gamers, retired people, ex-military veterans, science fiction readers and writers, people interested in sci-fi movies, anything else we can think of. I believe Facebook lets you target ads to certain areas of the USA, so areas around US military bases would work for veterans, tech areas such as Seattle or Silicon Valley would get heavy computer users, large cities to reach different younger people, suburban areas to look for retired folks with lots of time on their hands, etc. Same idea for European areas.

A few SFC community members who are good with graphics should create, maybe, 5 or 6 different ads, and then people should just use the already created ads, if possible. Having never bought a Facebook ad, I don't know exactly how one would be made, if it lets you just drop in a pre-made little graphic or webpage ad or whatever.

Also, SFC members can go to the community boards of other strategy games that are not exactly the same as SFC or that original game SFC came from, and befriend people there. Then, after you are known and not just some "random outsider" showing up, talk about this great game, and ask your new friends to come join it and try this out. Not a bad idea to try and talk to online gaming clans, who are strategy gamers either, and get them here and to spread word.
I have a few ideas myself, and I'll outline them. But first, something else. Various people do complain (with reason, I might add) that BFG is just cloning universes and barely changing anything in them. BFG is a company, and they need to make profit to exist (not just make money, they need to make *enough* money to pay for all expenses associated with running the business, renting server space, renting any office space they may still have, paying their employees, etc, etc. I'm an accounting assistant, I could go on for a while about this, haha).

I remember beta testing a new BFG game years ago, Shadowrift Empires was the name I think. It looked great, had interesting new mechanics, awesome graphics, perhaps even had sound (I don't recall). For whatever reason, it did not take off, or work, or something. The point is, BFG spent years of time, effort, ideas, paid for likely hundreds of hours of coding and graphics arts on this new game. No idea how much money it was, but for a small company like BFG, that had to have been a huge chunk of any savings and profits they had budgeted (and this was back when SFC still had lots more players, and thus BFG had more income to work with). For whatever reason, that game did not work, or take off, or something. So BFG lost all that time and money, after working so hard for so long.

That is why BFG suddenly went from 20 or 30 employees to, what, 4 or 5 now. That's why they cannot make big changes to the game.

We need new players to save the game? BFG needs those new players just as much to save themselves as a company.
General Starfleet Discussion / New Universe
« Last post by Connor Stanton on Today at 05:10:12 AM »
Hello guys, Long time no see! I was wondering if there is a new universe in the making. I plan on playing the new universe when it comes out. Hope you all have had some success with everything!!

Regards, Stanton

Happy hunting!
lol, just read this, almost a year later.  Congrats and loved the story.... Kudos for weaving an entertaining poem and congrats on the ninja.   Yeah, I got distracted and forgot to be there when the ships were about to land.  Regardless, you had a good ninja, I think I congratulated you by PM... I usually do when I get bested.  :D
Original Universe / Re: A push to bring in more players back to universe 1
« Last post by gmfeier on October 21, 2017, 11:22:14 PM »
One more small suggestion - allow players to sell unnecessary commanders, catalysts, etc. back to the store for half credits.
Original Universe / Re: A push to bring in more players back to universe 1
« Last post by Megatron on October 21, 2017, 06:46:55 PM »
Right someone test it. See if you can still get a 3 day forum ban lol
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