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Author Topic: Pirates rule Extreme!  (Read 4642 times)

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Re: Pirates rule Extreme!
« Reply #60 on: January 13, 2015, 11:49:18 PM »
yes my wifes at the pub pmsl good not even married  :o thats the best line of made up crap you can come out with. they just keep getting better :)

im not a substance abuser but please keep on going im sure you have a few more to pull out of the bag. but you just need time to think them all up. when you get a new insult or made up stuff and are done talking to your other personalitys. please feel free to post it up here and let us all have a laught at your dellusional state.

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Re: Pirates rule Extreme!
« Reply #61 on: January 14, 2015, 06:58:47 AM »
I was only quoting something Owen Posted in UFP forums.  He stated exactly that, that he was perturbed when she went out drinking after work, with co-workers instead of coming home.  If that is abusive, he did it to himself.

yes, I have friends, in most alliances....who report interesting tidbits to me.

Sadly, the informant in Pirate has left Pirate, so I no longer get updates from their forums.

In game abuse?  yes, I attack mercilously. IF that is abuse, then the entire Pirate / DBD alliance are collectively all abusers.

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Re: Pirates rule Extreme!
« Reply #62 on: January 14, 2015, 07:02:16 AM »
perhaps I am mistaken, Owen, are you not now called Death Strike?
If not then I am completely mistaken.

alcohol is the most commonly abused substance in the world.
Excessive use of alcohol, IS technically substance abuse.
I never said illegal drugs.

talk about delusional, I never harassed you, Owen, unless you are admitting it was a mule that I abused?

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Re: Pirates rule Extreme!
« Reply #63 on: January 14, 2015, 12:21:53 PM »
Owen, I have no knowledge/recollection of giving you grief when your mother was ill.
What time frame was this?
In what fashion did I give you grief?
I truly apologize if I did.
But I am truly puzzled, because I am not aware of any interaction between you and I prior to you changing name to Death Strike and you joining UFP.

perhaps a year or more ago, while you were still Owen, and with Pirate, out of the blue you sent me a couple of mean PM's which puzzeled because until then I had no interaction with you. I did not respond to those PM's

then earlier last year after you became active again, you sent me several PM's telling me how hated I was.  Up until then, I am not aware of any previous intercourse between us.

I still suspect you have confused me with someone else.
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Re: Pirates rule Extreme!
« Reply #64 on: January 14, 2015, 01:12:22 PM »
funny stuff you come away with.

yeah you claim to attack with out mercy well there's the difference you are and will not ever be a hounerbale player as you have no honer. so far all your calims about me have been false! as i attack for the kill and dont need 5 more hephs to bash a minnow for 1 och a few sats. then just follow up with 6 a day hits to force the tiny players of that alliance to quit. based on a history recap it was you bashing nukeing R5 long before npc came into game that caused others to respond in kind towards you in the same mannor. :)

you beleive all you hear and see in the media as well i bet add guliable to your list of traits as well then   8)

yeah JC your spy never lasted very long in pirates did he now lol.

you got your info all mixed up there or who ever made it up or is passing it you is mixing it, as the only thing anyone in ufp would know is that i posted up saying i was nackered had been up all night with sarah. one thing about my so called wife that you claim i have she works dam hard 12hr shifts constantly still works in the home where i use to work. went out with work m8s xmass drinks start of december she hardly ever drinks same as myself. she got realy drunk and lost her purse so me doing the right thing that anyone would or should do for some one they love! was call a cab jump in it go collect her bring her home and sit up all night no sleep and make sure she was not sick in her sleep. and yes i got wacked hit good that day or morning. cause i never FRS'd but i realy dont care as she was safe. its only a game toys dont matter she will be here long after these games have gone away as she a real person.

it was over 2 weeks ago i finished off a botle of wiskey that had been sitting in my cupboard for over 12 years with muffin man's family and his sisters husband to be. as they are my extended family and it was new year and double call for celebration as a new healthy baby boy had just arrived. so that dont make me a substance abusser.

so get your facts right before you come here try insult abuse people and spout stuff about things that have nothing to do with you or you know nothing about and yet you love to make up false aligations casue so far all you have mebntioned is made up. and you bring them up on the forum cause majority on the uni has now blocked you LOL.

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Re: Pirates rule Extreme!
« Reply #65 on: January 14, 2015, 07:11:33 PM »
whatever Owen....
I notice you did not give a straight answer to anything I asked.
I am finished with you.

I am also finished with this forum.  I went without even reading it for years, until a few months ago.
Sadly this forum has degenerated into trash talking and promoting propaganda. I got involved because false statements irritate me.

I am done, I will never read nor post anything here ever again, it is a total waste of time, effort and energy.

Much of what you claim is false.
Yes, I think you BELIEVE it is true, but it is incorrect.
Everything I have said is true, as I understand history AND To the best of my knowledge.

This discussion, and these forums have become very very nasty, I will not participate in them any more.

In real life, I am a very nice, honest and honorable person.  I am well liked, in my church, I am well respected professionally, and am known to have scrupulous honesty and integrity.

I understand you will not believe this, I don't really care. I am at peace with my self, and God.

Sadly, in this format, NOTHING can be proved.

The many FALSE accusations made here about me can not be proved, as they are false, AND try as I might, I can not come up with any way to to prove the truth of what I am saying. My friends in this game KNOW I am telling the truth.

It is simply NOT worth trying any further. 

I started this game while caring for my, now deceased, parents full time. This uni had already been in existence for over a year, so I started at a REAL disadvantage. It is the main reason I will not play another uni, why start over at a disadvantage again?

How many times do you have to stick your finger in a live electrical socket, and say 'OUCH that hurts!" and stop doing it?

At 1st, I was content, to simply build infrastructure and ships. I got badly beaten up early on by top players, and learned to FRS. I was recruited into KYM and rapidly was promoted to an officer, back when KYM was in the top 3 rank wise.

I occasionally did player vrs player attacks, but that was NEVER my focus then.

I began to recruit friends and family. First was my grandson, Noah, who lives with me, I purchased the Harbinger account for him, and got permission from BFG to share an IP with him.

Next was my niece, Beth, who took over a 'hand me down' account, which she named Lucky Star.

Then an old friend, Roger, a Methodist Minister in Arizona, started his account, Defiant1. He is still running his original account.  He started in Centaurus, and helped bring about the merger with Centaurus and the *Dorsai* Alliance I led at the time.

As a minister, a man of God, Roger was uncomfortable attacking live players, and has RARELY done so. So he was DELIGHTED when the NPC targets came into being.

The reason I bring that up is that the group of players I lead, all real life friends, were 100% content to play Extreme the way it had evolved into. Attacks on NPC's to build fleet and infrastructure

Yes, I fully understand that was not the original game, and I understand many players dislike the change.

Personally, as you mentioned, I was not real high ranked, and my fleet was small, relative to the BIG hitters in the game.  I realized that the NPC targets were the ONLY shot us smaller players had of leveling the field, and gaining enough rez to start catching up.

At the time, we had an alliance, and offshoot of the Centaurus alliance, the *AVG* alliance. 
the co founders, leaders of that alliance were myself and Mike, aka Capt Moab. He was named Nick Fury ( I think, or perhaps Nick Carter) at the time, and his account at that time was the one now called P. Galore in UFP.

When I began to promote the idea of NPC attacks as the focus, and focus on building Zeus and Dions, Moab argued vehemently against it.

this resulted in the split of *AVG* as Moab and his 'group' left *AVG* and RETURNED to Pirate.
Subsequently, Commander Wood solicited a merger of *AVG* and New Hope.

I think history has proven that I was correct, and Moab was wrong.  I admire his sticking to his core value of Player vrs Player was the only way to play, BUT his account continued to slide in the rankings.

there is an old business adage, " Adapt or Die".  many of the old time players, including most of Pirate and DBD are dieing.  TTT is a notable exception.  He is obviously smart and adaptable enough to adjust to what is available. He is by far the best of the DBD/Pirate group, a great player.  He also avoids trash talking after his hits, and admirable quality that speaks to his self confidence. Poor Moab desperately sought after public acclaim by declaring publicly his every little win.  Sad.

Moab slid even though Wood was giving him probe rides and MASSIVE res, most of Moabs fleet was paid for by Scott (wood).

then when Sandor Clegane quit ( Wood has also funded much of his Zeus fleet) the account was given to Moab. The old Moab account was renamed Pirate Wench, so that Sandor could be renamed Capt Moab.

Which account is now named The Hound, in JCA.

Even with this new, MUCH STRONGER account, a top 10 account, Moab continued to slide, ending at 30 something. This inspite of massive RES from Wood.  Moab's general refusal to hunt NPCs made him under funded on his own. Adapt or die.

Interestingly, the whole reason Wood was investing in Moab, was to kill To The Top. Moab was intended to hunt TTT with Ed and Wood.  Ironic.

The point of this is that those players who rejected the NPC route declined.
Those who followed the NPC's have flourished.

As I said before, I am my buddies were 100% content to do the NPC thing, and for the most part leave other live players alone.

then Moab turned on us, his former alliance mates, and attacked where there was an opportunity.
I was personally barraged with insulting PM's trying to coerce me into a DECLARED War. I have never personally seen the point of declared wars, my alliance voted down each suggestion, and to my way of thinking, the MERE fact he wanted it so badly, was good enough reason to DENY it to him.

However, I did start to hunt Pirate players. We diverted some of our production into Heph and promes.
We showed that one can conduct a war, without a 'declared war'.

In a time honored military strategy, we started with the weakest links. Though we did get many hits on the higher ranked players in Pirate, including several BIG hits on Moab himself.

Am I sorry some Pirates have quit? No, they as a group deserved what they got.

Will I apologize for the tactics we used? Not at all, they WORKED!  Most of all, those tactics INFURIATED Moab and other Pirates. WIN!

I will not explain the logic of our tactics, but they accomplished exactly what was intended.

anyway, you can respond any way you want.
I don't care anymore
Everything I have stated is true.
I will never see your responses.
I will never post here again.
And I will block PM's from every Pirate and DBD member.
I simply do not care what you think.

tata!    ;D
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Re: Pirates rule Extreme!
« Reply #66 on: January 15, 2015, 12:04:04 AM »
Interesting post.

We should start a pool.   

When will Telkar come back and post again here on the forums?  Immediately?  A day, week, a month or never ever again? 

Place your bets.

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Re: Pirates rule Extreme!
« Reply #67 on: June 14, 2017, 08:01:23 AM »
It has been 2 years, and I notice that Pirate Alliance does not even exist anymore. So Gramps was correct.  Pirate were just pissy whiners and quitters for the Most part.