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Original Universe / is this true?????
« on: July 27, 2010, 07:17:01 PM »

this is the game the original BLUE FROG programers ripped the hell off...

JUST FOR FITS N GIGGLES, check it out, seriously, and then check out how similar it is, and how IDENTICAL it is,

I have studdied the game, talked to the players, they like it. It is sooo much graphically better, the stuff looks realistic, and it is a old game.

I talked to the #8 ranked player, He has been playing since last September, the game engineers and makers, do NOT, play it, it is free just like this one with options to buy credits to hire the same stuff. NO ADVERTISING... no the game is going offline at ... blah blah ... this is how BFG is ripping this game off ... 3 months ago this game created MOONS ... what the f&^% is BFG do ... come up with the idea .. of MOONS.. ops .. no I mean .. STOLE the idea.

sfc is a comic book fairy land version of this game... even if you like it here, and want to check it out .. plz do ..

Look me up I am in the andromeda galaxy... system 2.60 ...

i have witnessed the programmers playing this game, saw a guy in less than 3 probes 1 min apart, his rank went from 890 to 270 and his fleet size went from 3,504 to 800 rank in less than 3 minutes .. .HE GAVE HIMSELF SHIPS. Tell me please anyone tell me how thats possable .. he is called locutus of bjorg, if he wasnt a programmer, he has also froze my game screen for over 30 minutes.. couldnt refresh or anything untill HIS attack was over...

i asked around, no glitchs, from what most people say, the designer of the game, is a game making company. Not a APP making company .. .BFG created a crappy little football game called football tycoon ... look it up ... the odd thing was the game died, due to the best players, the top players in it ... wait for it ...

were the programmers....

ops damn ... what a coincidence! Not saying thats a bad thing, or that them playing this game is bad ... its wrong of them ... if you attack one of thier friends .. you will get wiped from the game. I talked to another guy playing OGAME... he played this too... 6months ago he was ranked 19 ... RANKED 19 ... and got taken out by ...hmmmm wait for it

locutus of bjorg ... ranked 973...

this alliance is called and this player belonged to 4gg? what noo way .. no freaking way .. ehh ... he apperantly had more ships and much higher techs than the number ranked 19 guy did . A LOT MORE SHIPS... in fact the guy lost 7 zues 693 proms 1200 hades 1809 athenas 2900 recyclers 4000 atlass 1000 hercs 5000 posidons 2800 apollos and 10,000 arties... in his fleet in lower g5 was NOT a group attack. just one lone player. I asked him to send me the battle report, I hope he does, I want to see it, probably looks a lot like mine did.
(just on a smaller scale)

they say cheaters never win ... inless you designed the game your cheating people ON.

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