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Author Topic: Territories are backwards.  (Read 276 times)

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Territories are backwards.
« on: July 01, 2013, 11:21:15 PM »
I think BFG have the Territories backwards!

here is how it should work:

highest ranked players that can have territories to hold have to hold many to achieve much like building, research and mining territories instead of the one now (military ). thay have to use many fleet slots to hold much of a bonus and should be capped at 50% these territories are 5% increase not 10%

middle ranked players can hold industrial territories and military territories, but they can GD any territory above their RSP rank. capped at 75%

lowest rank noobies can hit any of them. that means that a 3000 rank can GD with a probe ANY friendly territory thus giving them a substantial boost with the fewest fleet spots and capped at 95%

the reasoning for this is noobs have few ships and fewer fleet slots while top player have many fleet slots and too many ships (LOL). This will rapidly grow lower ranks and slow higher rank growth.

commanders and droids should be applied separably so that it is a 10% increase on the numbers after territory increase territory increase and never able to get above 99.00% on builds or research , but can go higher on mine production.  this will benefit noobs and increase hydro across the board.

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Re: Territories are backwards.
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Hearty NO to any change of % bonus'. Though I doubt you'll get much disagreement that the territories are backwards.