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Author Topic: The economics of different res purchasing strategies  (Read 1213 times)

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Re: The economics of different res purchasing strategies
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To give you folks a concrete example of where my calcs are coming from...

I recently hit an NPC, that yielded 96,341 units of O and 45,628 units of C, for a cost of 250 units of H.

Those work out to be the following ratios:

Acquired O = 385x spent H

Acquired C = 182x spent H

So, it's tremendously, stupendously, cheaper to buy hydro and go fetch your own OC, than it is to buy that OC.  True, if you are building Z's and Dios (or other ships that have a hydro cost to build), you will need to buy hydro to build the ships.  But, you still are avoiding the cost of buying the OC that you otherwise would purchase to build the fleet.

And, as bob the yak has documented, if you choose your targets judiciously (total kills with a Z-fleet with no losses, in order to maximize net gained hydro from plunder) and you trundle your Heph out, loaded with Dios, to pick up the DF, you can play the game without needing to buy any hydro at all.  The constraint to bob's approach is that you are pretty much tied to attacking targets within a small radius of where your Heph is based.  But, if you are okay with that, his approach appears to be ingenious and effective.
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