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How Does Internet Radio Work?
« on: July 29, 2021, 01:39:22 AM »
Radio internet technology allows users to communicate using the Internet and traditional internet radio hören stations. It can be used in cars, computers, homes, offices and anywhere an Internet connection is available. Many people listen to Internet radio while they commute to and from work or school. Webcasting is more commonly known as webcasting because it isn't transmitted widely over traditional radio frequencies.

Webcasters choose a specific radio internet channel and filter their favorite radio shows to broadcast only the programs they want to hear. Some webcasters only listen to specific types of music, while others listen to just any music type. The programming is transmitted live over the Internet to the webcast listener's computer speakers. In order to receive a webcast listener's computer signal, the listener simply needs to connect to an internet radio network. A broadcast webcast will need to have an RSS feed so that the listener can subscribe to the program and play it at his or her convenience.

Webcasting is similar to regular radio broadcast but there are several major differences. Webcasts are not subject to the restrictions that occur with radio airwaves. Webcasters can choose to play the webcast for personal enjoyment or to advertise their business. The Internet radio industry is rapidly expanding, so there will be more options for consumers in the future.
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