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Bug Reports / Captcha ... on Trade Merchant
« on: September 24, 2016, 11:29:14 PM »
I think the game is uncomfortable enough in calling the trade merchant but that a Captache shows up on calling multiple Trade Merchants is not really smart. What do you think will happen when a player gets suspended while spending money on the game?  :o

General Starfleet Discussion / NPC Script ?
« on: January 28, 2016, 08:12:49 PM »
I am watching an interesting phenomenon. Whenever a new NPC does spawn it does not take long and exactly this NPC has a (*). And I mean exclusively the new NPC but not any other NPC in the same system. So there are obviously only 2 options how this might work:

a) Someone knows all the NPC around, continously scans the area and only probes the new ones but not the old ones  or
b) Someone owns a script that recognizes new NPC and automatically probes them.

I play this game long enough to know that answer a) is probably not the correct answer. I would like to know if BFG is aware of that and if they already work on banning this kind of script and the players using it?

BFG is currently working on an improved version of SFC with new features that were discussed here at the forum. I would like to open the discussion about how NPC should change in such a new game.

I know there are different opinions about the meaning of NPC to have them in a universe or not. It is not realistic to think that there will be universes without them so lets think how to integrate them to PvP game without taking all PvP out of the game.

Why do we need NPC?
- to give new players a faster approach to close the gap to older (stronger) accounts
- to give a chance to recover after a fleet loss
- to increase target density in low and decreasing player community

Why do some of us hate NPC?
- It is much(!) more profitable to attack NPC than looking for PvP
- The number of debris you get from them is ridiculous
- No risk but stupid farming
- The bigger your fleet the bigger the NPC around you. Worst case only the big players can attack the big NPC making the big players bigger and bigger in short time. (unbalanced scaling up to private NPCs)

So here are my thoughts have to keep the benfits and reduce the disadvantages:

1. The top 10% of the Fleet Size Leaderboard must be excluded from the NPC-size algorithm by scaling them down. This could be done by considering a top 10% size fleet with the same fleet size as the 1st player out of the top 10% range. The idea behind it is that the top 10% fleets usually are so far away from all other fleet sizes that they should no longer be supported by "private NPC's"

2. Weaker accounts must have more benfit from attacking NPC than stronger accounts. This could be done by scaling the profit from an NPC attack. Instead of creating debris and instead of raiding resources there is a new material e.g. "Alien resource" what is more or less the same idea like Eradeaon. You only get this Alien resource and when the fleet returns to your planet the alien resource is converted to Ore and Crystal automatically by a Capitol Merchant. And this automated conversion can be scaled now.
An idea for this scaling is that the alien resource of the player with number 1 fleet size in the game receives e.g. 15 Crystal and 25 Ore per 1 Alien material. At the same time the player with the weakest fleet in the game would receive 1500 Crystal and 2500 Ore per 1 Alien material. So with this 1:100 range of sclaing a weak player would have a 100 times higher revenue from attacking NPC than a big fleet bully. This is just the basic idea. I would leave it to BFG to work out the details in case this sounds like an interesting proposal to you. I could imagine you would find much game mechanics to put around it like Tech, Buildings or Commanders that could improve your "exchange rate".

3. NPC are directly visible when they occure. Why? Let them look like a normal player so the attacker does not know that it is an NPC he is attacking. Label them as one of the Commander 12345678 series and only let them occur in a planet slot with no Gaia or Hep on the way to the slot.

General Starfleet Discussion / Question about Open Parser
« on: December 25, 2015, 12:06:25 AM »
I was wondering why the planet locations at Open Parser seem to be not up to date and I guess I identified an issue. Maybe anyone has the answer or knows what I am doing wrong.

I have the script installed and everything seems to run fine. But I recognized that any system I scan is not updating the Open Parser database. Any idea what is going wrong?

Feature Suggestions / Fleet crush...
« on: November 28, 2015, 10:16:16 PM »
When an attack lands and the battle report does show "The attacking side aquired 0 resources and 0 DSP..." so to say a last second fleet save there should be a random factor between 0 - 1% of the attacking fleet that is lost cause it was so stupid to crush against the planet/moon.


Iwould like to join the game but there is no place for new players here with all the massive fleets here is the old stuff. So when a new universe 4 is coming I am interested :)

Tournament Universe / Did you recognize...
« on: August 10, 2013, 08:39:12 AM »
Nobody is complaining, moaning or frustrated about this setup of the current tournament. I do not read all this "oh how does it suck" mails. Seems people are happy with the game. My own feedback is. THIS IS FUN AGAIN. Its the first time after moon introduction that the game is a thrill & challenge to me again.

I hope BFG understands the message.

Bug Reports / Hydro Count incorrect
« on: July 08, 2013, 04:27:36 PM »
I have issues like that since yesterday:

Setting a probe to GD a territory:
Distance: 31960.0
Duration: 00:00:50
Hydrogen consumption: 4

Error message displayed:
You don't have enough cargo space to hold 6 hydrogen for fuel.


General Starfleet Discussion / Question about: Large Battle Algorithm
« on: June 16, 2013, 10:54:18 AM »
Sorry but this seems to be very Fishsy so I thought I better ask about it before complaining.

You run a simulation (and later run the battle) with a big fleet against a territory. Lets say 3000 Thans + 100,000 Hades against a big NPC fleet. Battlementat says 0% wins about 100 ships remain.

You add 10,000 more Hades. Battlementat says 0% wins about 80 ships remain??? I saw that many times now and I tried both versions. Launching with and without the additional ships. The result always was more or less exactly what Battlementat calculated.

So does it mean you built an algorithm where adding 10000 more battleships on top will not be able to kill 100 small cargo on top?

Conquest Universe / Question about the "Soft Cap"
« on: May 21, 2013, 10:08:42 AM »
1. The resources production formula is designed in such a way that increasing your mine above level 30 because significant less efficient.

I have 2 questions about this:

1. Are only mines affected by the soft cap or are Solar Arrays and Nuclear Power Plants also affected?
2. Does the Soft Cap affect the entire mining output (including lvl 1-30 poduction quantity) or is it just a cap on the additional output from lvl 31 up?

Feature Suggestions / Moon destruction mechanics
« on: April 29, 2013, 10:26:37 AM »
Destructable moons are reason for washing out players from the game. As it seems that this functionality does remain in the game I propose to scale the number of Zeus you have to risk to kill a moon to the resources spent to build up a moon.

So having a moon with Oracle 10, Docking station & Warp Gate lvl 3 takes how long to develop? For sure much more than 6 months. And developing 2 Zeus takes how long? Some hours with a nice foundry.

There is no balance in how less you need to spend for something that can destroy the work of many months. So I propose that the number of capital buildings (Oracle - Warp Gate - Docking Station) is included to the formular that destryoing a full moon is much more difficult than destroying a nearly empty moon.

Feature Suggestions / Ship farms
« on: March 18, 2013, 11:28:21 AM »
We know the problem of players who are leaving the game casue they lost their fleets. I am convinced that NPC's are the key how they can come back into the game. Not in the way as NPC's work today but in general NPC's could assist keeping players in the game.

So here is my idea...

1. NPC's cannot be attacked by the higher ranked players. BFG can figure out how it could work... e.g. by setting a fixed limit depending of RSP or fleet points from which time on NPC's are blocked for the big players.

2. A new NPC type will be introduced (e.g. Destroyed Droid Space Station) that is protected by ships and light defenses and if you successfully win against it you do not destroy the defending fleet but you capture it. This NPC type can only be attacked until you have reached a limit fleet size (e.g. 10.000 fleet points) and can only be attacked for a limited time (e.g. max 1 week) after you lost your fleet (criteria: e.g. fleet lost bigger than 10.000 fleet points)

Season Three Archive / Season 3 discussion
« on: February 10, 2013, 04:17:44 PM »
I left Season 2 early and just checked the board from time to time. I wonder if a season 3 will ever be launched after the deasaster of Season 2 (many players left...)

I am sure all of us have good ideas so here are my proposals for a season 3 hoping that the game will be loved by the user community again. (I just want to open this discussion knowing that other players might have other or even better ideas). All in all my impression was that BFG does listen to us (althought often blamed for not doing so). So I hope this topic will help to push Season 3  ;)

Possible rules for Season 3:

- the universe is limited to 3 galaxies.

- Every player receives 1 free planet move as welcome gift to join the tournament.

- P-mode is available and can be ended by the player at any time. Each player receives 5x 24hr p-mode as welcome gift for joining the tournament

- i-mode is removed from the game. This is a time limited game so I do not see the use of players running into (i). This should be for hunters so why mark those colonies that are easy to plunder? Let the players find out by themselves where to go.

- killing defenses does not create debris (that was real bullshit...)

- DSP is only granted for the attacker. The defender never gets any DSP.

- NPC's are available with the intention of bringing new players in the tourney. Therefore they are balanced for players in score range 0..50000 Points. Once a player passed the 50000 points border he cannot attack NPC anymore

- Newbie protection is available when a player enters the game. Once a player crosses the 1000 points border there is no newbie protection at all. Newbie protection is also lost if a player does not cross the 1000 points after 7 days

- Bring back the Warp Gate to the game

- No moon or tower (Warp Gate are build on planet). I belonged to the class of players who knew how to play it but I am convinced that the introduction of the oracle was the real reason for players leaving SFC in the past. What is the use of enabling the top players to lock a small fleet down to 1 second? Usually this is only done if the locking player does not loose much. So its just a slaughter of smaller fleets.

- As the oracle + warp gate was a weapon against the Hep the Hep would be to powerful now. So I propose that a Hep cannot be group defended otherwise nobody will be able to attack a Hep anymore if no oracle is available

- It is not allowed to forward your account to someone else. In general everyone should build up his own environment. With this I am talking fo preventing asking BFG to redirect your account to someone elses Facebook.

- It is not possible to attack a target (even group attack) if attacker and defender have the same IP adress!!! Anti cheating can be so easy. Just display a message (Cannot attack target because at least one defender has unique IP) or "Cannot group defend target because at least one attacker has unique IP".

The discussion is open!!!

Season Two Archive / Crazy Gago open for raiding
« on: November 25, 2012, 06:22:07 PM »
To avoid any discussions about pushing I want to inform the season2 community that I leave the game now. All resources and fleets remain where they are. My colonies are listed in Open Parser. Good luck! Same chance for everyone...

Season Two Archive / The most unbalanced uni ever
« on: November 22, 2012, 07:41:48 PM »
I played most unis but this universe is the most unbalanced that was ever created! Either you can attack the big NPC and directly get millions of resources or you suffer and hunt with 20 other players for the little remaining defenseless NPC. There was never ever a uni where the gap between big and small did cut that fast. That's a joke! Did you ever test this universe before you released it?

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