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Empire Ascension
« on: September 16, 2019, 07:40:41 PM »
A universe mechanic where, every time you hit (50b RSP Extreme, 1t RSP Nova, 10b RSP Original), you have the option to ascend at any time. Ascending would clear all buildings on planets and ships, but keep planets with field counts, moons, and moon buildings. Each planet then has the resources of a freshly colonized planet, quests are reset (other than moon quest), and is provided an atlas and an artie. Each time a player ascends, base mine production is 100% faster, base ship production is 5% faster, base building production is 5% faster, and base ship speeds are 5% faster, and 5% increased multiplier on research labs (e.g. 1050 * (Effective Research Lab Level + 1) for the first ascension). DSP is maintained, achievements are maintained, credit purchase items are maintained. Moon buildings can continue, but cannot be cancelled for reimbursed resources after ascension.
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