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Ship/Defense Feature Request Rules
« on: April 17, 2010, 05:15:20 AM »
For a ship/defense to be considered as a valid feature request it must follow these basic guidelines.

  • Must adhere to the current game mechanics.
      This includes:
    • Ship statistics and relevant equations.
      Hull Integrity/Shielding/Rapid-Fire ect.
    • Travel Speed and Fuel consumption.
      Reasonable traveling speeds and fuel consumption.
      As a general rule, the more powerful a ship, the more fuel it consumes to move.
    • Capabilities of the combat engine.
      Nothing that alters the way the combat engine functions. Form a separate topic for requests like this.
  • Must not cause game imbalances or otherwise obsolete any combat unit present in the game.
      This includes:
    • Units with excessive research requirements.
      Anything that requires Particle Tech 20 is never going to be added...
    • Ships with rapid-fire against more expensive ships.
      Doing this does not bode well for game balance.
    • Fast dreadnought-like ships.
      As a general rule, the higher the attack power of a ship, the slower it should be.
    • Faster Harvesting Ships.
      The Dionysus is slow and costly to operate for a reason.
    • Ship/Defense Super-Weapons.
      Unless well justified, ships with excessive firepower will not be looked into.
  • Must have a specific purpose in the game.
    If it doesn't really have a justification and just sounds cool, chances are it will be ignored.
  • Must provide battle simulations using a combat simulator. [Coming Soon]
  • Submit the ship/defense suggestion using the following standard template.
Please use comma delimitation for numeric values, it makes things easier to read.

Name of Ship/Defense:
Description: A concise description of the purpose and intended use.
Construction Cost: Ore , Crystal, Hydrogen.

Hull Integrity: (Ore Cost + Crystal Cost)/10
Weapon Power:
Shield Power:

Rapid-fire For + Values [Good Against]:
Rapid-fire Against + Values [Bad Against]:

Cargo Capacity:
Fuel Consumption[In Hydrogen]:
Base Speed:
Engine Type [Jet, Pulse, Warp]:

Building and Research Requirements:

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