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Original Universe / Half blank page
« on: November 19, 2009, 06:51:44 PM »
well not sure if there is right support page, but i have a problem of half blank page, like when on missionpage only first 3 missions shows fully and 4th mission only to start button so i canĀ“t add more fleets... its been about three weeks allredy and it seems to be on thurdsays and fridays around this time of clock (7pm-... saturday morning in finland time UTC +2) so does anybody else have same kind of problem or am i only one??

i use lastest firefox with latests updates and i have tryed torelogin, refreshing, clearing cahces etc.. even reinstalled FFox, but no help... it may happen other days and times, i have expecially noticed on thursdays and fridays this problem for 3-4 weeks now...

its kind of anoying since currently needing desperately ore, but i can only launch 1 raid ore mine missions at time when i use 10 fleets...

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