Author Topic: Cookie Cutter universe over and over and over again why bluefrog???  (Read 1249 times)

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why is this sub forum even here, NOTHING  is done to change up or improve ANY universe. Bluefrog, you just keep throwing the samething at us over and over and over again with ZERO changes in the universes.  This game has so much potential. You could combine ships from other universes, add different things to research, etc. Different tactics, etc. Combine features from different universes all in one to make things fresh and new for us. But you don't. People have been requesting new ships, etc for YEARSSSSS now and we get the same crap over and over again.  I am just curious what you as a company bluefrog spends the money on that you get from us for credits every month because it sure is not on game improvements.

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Re: Cookie Cutter universe over and over and over again why bluefrog???
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Cookie cutter? Lol American English is so cute :)

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It’s because GD whatever ‘new’ uni is released all us die hard players still jump onto the next, or some of us do. Therefore they spend nothing but gain plenty of income.
Brilliant as a business model but they are losing more and more original players as the years drawl on because they won’t change anything!