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Author Topic: Loop-Holes to Fruit-Holes????? They gobble up and they lose ships.....  (Read 753 times)

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I don't come on here a lot OX but for someone who skates the line like you do your quick to call someone a cheater!!! Take a peek at the rules my friend around p-mode!!! Just because there isa loop hole in the game does not mean u should use it!!! Some of us play the game with class and honor!!! So keep playing that role if u want the real player know just who you are!!!

I love to see my little buddy cry about him loosing his fleet....... again.... Loopholes really that's the best excuse you could come up with???????

Nice hit Ole Ironhide your post got shut down before I could properly troll you.... Cheers!!!
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Yellow fox so nice to hear from you!!! You know my address feel free to stop by any time!!! You have probe me more then anyone in the game so you know what I have come get it if you can!!!

Hey a great day Yellow Fox  8)