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NOVA defense ratios
« on: December 03, 2015, 01:12:26 AM »
So... it occurs to me that when people ask about how to build defenses, they get referred to a certain ratio of defenses developed by Laggynate, who suggested:
For each Plasma cannon, build
4 Gauss,
5 Particle, 5 pulse
50 laser, 50 missile

This was a pretty good defense ratio when it was invented... but the game has changed.  It was written back when there was only one Starfleet Commander game...  A game that hadn't yet even created Ares bombers, let alone Hephaestus, Thanatos, Pallas, Curetes, Empusa, Caramanor, Zagreus, Genesis, Shadow Probes, Moons, the resource Den, or space mines.  I'm not even sure we had Zeus back then.  Certainly there were no fleets of Zeus.

Due to the changing times, I would like to suggest the YRX defense ratio, which seems to serve me somewhat better.

For each plasma cannon, build...
7 Gauss, 7 Pulse.
10 Particle.  10 Space Mine.
100 Laser cannon,
70 Missile Battery.

I feel that this build is better against a wider range of opponents.  Also, with more laser than missile, it helps to discourage those pesky fast Poseidon raids.  Against a fleet of zeus... well, nothing helps much there anyway, but by making raids with smaller ships more difficult, hopefully you can build up defenses before you find yourself in a bracket where the big ships are common.

You will of course also want to build your decoys, ABMs, resource dens, etc... but you can't really put a ratio on those. 

For new players, I'd suggest getting the resource den up to lvl 4 first, then worry about missile silos or defenses, focusing on missile silos if you still have fleet escape.  Save those genesis satellites till you get a planet with 320 fields.  In battle, they function the same as a really weak defense, so you'll want to deploy them on a keeper world.

For players with bigger empires, I'll just say that resource dens actually keep being worth their cost to level 5, even if you only ever get attacked once per planet, and you can upgrade a missile silo up to level 11 before it costs more than making a heph.