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Author Topic: NO ONE versus Corporat Alliance  (Read 540 times)

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NO ONE versus Corporat Alliance
« on: December 19, 2015, 01:11:43 PM »
I got back into this game about 6 weeks ago after not playing for sometime. I had to begin at the bottom and work up to where I am now. Well I say this alliance whose tag was "Corporat". Now I don't know about any of you out there. But, most of you know that there are many ways to move up a Corporate ladder in the business world. So here in Conquest, I decided to move up in rank via the "Corporat" ladder one body at a time.

Corporat Alliance Average vs NO ONE(if an alliance)

Overall Rank     49      54

Resources Spent  49      53

Fleet            45      48

Research         16      12

Defense          45      59

Crew             47      56

Dest. Ships      52      51

Achievement      21      11

 Corporat is currently comprised of 19 players. They had 21 when I started this move up the Corporat ladder. I have hit all their players except for Captain America(219), Genghis Khan(246)and all i/I in their alliance. The original leader WBD3(193) of this alliance left for reasons unknown to me. This left Genghis Khan in charge. Any ideas on why WBD3 left his alliance?

Fleet size they totally overpower me as an alliance with a total of 341,873,998,498 compared to my meager 607,499,833. But, when you remove the top 2 players in their alliance who I have not hit yet the numbers change drastically. Total ships for the remaining 17 Corporat alliance members is 163,368,498 compared to my 607,499,833 ships.

I also noticed that Genghis Khan has begun massive ship building since I took out 2 of his alliance members recently. He went from #228 on the fleet leaderboard now up to #221 on the fleet board. I wonder if he is feeling a little pressured?