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Author Topic: Funny How Things Change  (Read 546 times)

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Funny How Things Change
« on: February 02, 2016, 05:26:30 PM »
And in a short time...Posted Three MONTHS AGO

 I have a 2 Trillion Lead now on the Leader Board in DSP

1 Supreme Commander Loki.‎ Valhalla 8,322,995,255,720
2 Grand Warlord Lucius II‎ T1 6,307,202,743,633
3 Emperor Profiteer‎ Exiled 5,070,061,431,098
4 Warlord I Am The 0x‎ (p) T1 4,276,266,750,272
5 High Warlord Army Geddon‎ NEMESIS 3,999,011,442,045
6 Grand Warlord K.G.B‎ Exiled 2,702,705,459,957
7 Fleet Admiral P.T.S.D‎ 1,695,895,187,590
8 Grand Admiral Augustus Wolf‎ (p) NEMESIS 1,385,081,007,753
9 Warlord Anchorman‎ Exiled 698,992,640,867
10 High Warlord Grey Lensman.‎ (p) Exiled 692,783,527,395
Fleet Admiral Loki.‎
3 months ago
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Funny what a couple days can do, that lead is now near 4 trillion....

I have or am building more ships now with the Stylus hit,
1 bill proms
1.5 bill hades
1 bill carms
10 bill atlas
400 bill athena

Still got to move to G1 and pick up the res from Connor Stanton and Snow Death.

I will come back to G5 and give out some goodies...If your best ship yard and foundry is not in G5 let me know where to send some resources
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