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Recent goings on
« on: August 16, 2019, 04:44:18 AM »
A few weeks back Chief Fraser (#1 by far) quit playing. He left everything.  He had just attacked an NPC and the debris (septillions) was floating above his heph.   The #2 thru #7 players spent the next few weeks feeding on the carcass.  I got about 60Q but the others got much more. One was a buddy and was able to GD a few time to block me. I was #6.  Jerrico,  Johnnie, Popiecat and Raphy got 10 times and more.  Once Fraser disappeared I went to my home base and hit a 30 day p marker I had won.  While I built ships johnnie also built.  He also put a planet in my primary system, got a moon and gated it while waiting for me to come out of p mode.  After building my fleet was 52q, johnnie's was 520q and Jerrico was 1200q.  They had been on me for nearly 2 years killing my moons.  Jerrico must have got my heph 8 times.  He also wiped out all my def.  Basically he was trying to make me quit.  So with 2 days to go on my marker I decide to try one of Johnnie's moons.  He left 500T Athena on each moon.  I had 450T Athena and a bunch of fodder.  I hit it and killed his fleet.  He still had 9 times my fleet.  Popiecat thier alliance leader asked if I would join his alliance so that this destruction would end.  Later that day Jerrico and johnnie quit and deleted their planets and fleet.  A few hours later Popiecat also quit.  I figured we would play some cat and mouse (and probably lose) but I guess they had enough.