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Universe 2 / Re: Making Mona go BOOM!
« on: December 19, 2011, 05:42:32 PM »
what's really funny is I didn't understand what Kip was asking. I could have just logged in that day and made my account active as he suggests (so Babe et all couldn't Ihop or make reverse ninja's a possibility) but I didn't even think of it. When I sent my heph and fleet on its last voyage I randomly changed my password and deleted the fb acct so I wouldn't be tempted to log back in.

It would have have never occurred to me to ihop to an inactive cause I didn't play that way....but honestly I could give a crap how my fleet went boom...since I was the one that allowed it to happen by retiring. I did it on my terms and I never gave anyone clues where the thing would land past what I posted here on the forums.

Anyway...I doubt I'll check this much more after today. Peace out ya'll and say hi on skype if you want or join me in that other game I mentioned on that other forum. lolz.

lol i GD with atlas cuz my probes wouldnt GD long enough and i had to go to work. i still missed ;)

as for landing 2 ss away, i was in 112 when it landed. i went to 52 as a 14 hr frs, i landed 6-8hrs after the battle. i didnt go to 50 cuz i was sure it was just gonna be ihopped to - which is why i asked mona a few times to login so there would be return ninja opportunities. so in the end, she made BFG a few bucks LOL

no one besides big dog (maybe victor doom :P) thinks im cheating. i was even in d mode for 6 weeks. never abused a bug and havent pushed. i assume the original owner cheated his ass to the high level mines i took over a long while ago, but i surely dont give a fun about the game and am not gonna make time to play, surely not gonna make time to cheat on top of that - so go eat a dick :P

the profiteer attack was pretty stupid imo, but he did cost babe 50 bucks to snake a large part of the dsp - which was his reasoning. so mission accomplished on his end.

no uni is ever dead, there will always be die hard - but they sure as hell shrivel up to where its ONLY the die hards left playing

and therm, theres no players in extreme either :P

Universe 2 / Re: Making Mona go BOOM!
« on: December 16, 2011, 06:44:12 PM »
 :-* Hope everyone had fun! No regrets  ;D

For those that might miss me visit the other forum for a clue where you might find me next.....

pewpewpewpewpewpewpew <3

Universe 2 / Making Mona go BOOM!
« on: December 01, 2011, 05:43:05 PM »
Well ya'll...It's time to make my SFC "retirement" official. I will be logging into my Uni2 acct for the last time in a few hours just long enough to toggle out of (d) and send my heph to a random location somewhere in the lower g's. I'm not sure how long it will take to get there..but you can count on it taking over 7 days  :-*

I hope it takes at least 3 people to smash my fleet..and I hope those people get reversed on the way home and some truly fun and epic battles take place.  ;D Please post the battle(s) when it is all said and done and never forget that sharing is caring!

Anyway..its been great playing SFC- thanks everyone for all the memories.

Battle Reports / Re: FOIL & Hans Gruber (Master) Vs dread & Angel Blue (AA)
« on: November 24, 2011, 03:46:43 AM »
I am just tickled to see this.  ;D

Extreme Universe 2 / Later X2!
« on: November 18, 2011, 12:35:50 PM »
I have passed my account.  :D

I had the most fun playing in X2 and making smashy and now I am done  :-*

Happy Trails Everyone!

Universe 2 / Re: ZOMG - RMA
« on: November 17, 2011, 07:51:12 PM »
Today I am happy for 2 reasons.

1- Hooch is in RMA
2- Sexual Harassment is not only acceptable in our alliance but totally encouraged!

Moonkey Bizness    re: Grumble    about 18 hours ago
To: Hooch Pandersnatch
Date: 2011-11-17 01:57:17 UTC
I have what you desire hoochy.
so let me know when your on so I can take care of your package.


 ;D I might have lost my desire to hunt and smash things, but "Mattress Mona" is just getting started....well...after a short
(d )break. heehee.

Battle Reports / Damn you Dogma! [Dogma vs TiTs]
« on: November 16, 2011, 02:03:14 AM »
Earlier today I sent out a PM to all my buddy list that I was ready to quit the game and interested in selling my acct. Since I was online answering a few inquiries about the acct I took a peek at the galaxy tool and noticed a dark heph just 4ss away.  Completely opportunistic and I believe my biggest solo hit to date.

Also, I 100% blame Coollooser and Darth Mark for making me crave the smashy....I guess those interested in my account will have to be patient for a week or so while I enjoy coming down from the hit (and go about replacing my precious hades)  8)

Honey Badger led an attack on F. Darcy at Hephaestus
The following emerged from battle after 6 Round(s)

*****Attacker: Honey Badger*****
Athena : 32224  (Lost: 4776 of 37000)
Hades : 36530  (Lost: 2470 of 39000)
** Resources lost: 289,020,000 ore, 170,440,000 crystal, and 37,050,000 hydrogen.
** Destroyed Ship Points Gained: 2,054,914

*****Defender: F. Darcy*****
Hermes : 0  (Lost: 1910 of 1910)
Artemis : 0  (Lost: 1341 of 1341)
Atlas : 0  (Lost: 2006 of 2006)
Apollo : 0  (Lost: 4072 of 4072)
Charon : 0  (Lost: 10 of 10)
Hercules : 0  (Lost: 2000 of 2000)
Dionysus : 0  (Lost: 8076 of 8076)
Poseidon : 0  (Lost: 6384 of 6384)
Athena : 0  (Lost: 5765 of 5765)
Ares : 0  (Lost: 2900 of 2900)
Hades : 0  (Lost: 2256 of 2256)
Prometheus : 0  (Lost: 5534 of 5534)
Zeus : 0  (Lost: 16 of 16)
Hephaestus : 1
** Ship Resources lost: 1,137,092,000 ore, 712,542,000 crystal, and 205,280,000 hydrogen.
** Total Resources lost: 1,137,092,000 ore, 712,542,000 crystal, and 205,280,000 hydrogen.
** Destroyed Ship Points Gained: 496,510

The attacking side acquired 0 resources.
427,833,600 ore and 264,896,700 crystal are now floating at this location.

Someone ganked a bit of the Ore but I still made decent profits...

To: Honey Badger
Date: 2011-11-16 01:53:21 UTC
Ore: 395,103,300, Crystal: 264,896,700

hahahaha- OOOOPSy...I accidently noobed the dions and didn't send enough. I didn't realize for 2.5 hours later and still managed to scoop the majority that I left behind..I think I lost about 5mil

To: Honey Badger
Date: 2011-11-16 04:33:20 UTC
Ore: 28,810,300, Crystal: 0

Battle Reports / Re: Coolloser & Darth Mark [DOGMA] VS. Master Guns [WAR]
« on: November 15, 2011, 05:40:08 PM »
Great hit ya'll!

Alliances / Re: OMG Mona/Mary J Moon-tires!
« on: November 10, 2011, 11:33:01 PM »
Congrats on your new moon "Shh I am Back" of Exiled!  8) Oh and welcome back <3.

Alliances / Re: OMG Mona/Mary J Moon-tires!
« on: November 05, 2011, 12:39:56 PM »
oooh make that 4 moons given in less then a few hours...(I didn't stay up long enough to see the last one form)

Congrats to garth tator of the VoFeds on your new moon.

*****Attacker: Moonkey Bizness*****
Charon : 0  (Lost: 250 of 250)
Athena : 0  (Lost: 50 of 50)
** Resources lost: 3,250,000 ore, 1,750,000 crystal, and 250,000 hydrogen.
** Destroyed Ship Points Gained: 2


Alliances / Re: OMG Mona/Mary J Moon-tires!
« on: November 05, 2011, 03:09:36 AM »
wooot 3 moons given all within 1 best record so far!  8)

Congrats to the following on your new moon!  :D

Alna'Shok Corleone of the TRA alliance
Bill Nye
Commander Farq of the ODB. alliance

This evenings winning combo was powered by the mighty charon (duhhhh)...
*****Attacker: Moonkey Bizness*****
Artemis : 0  (Lost: 150 of 150)
Charon : 0  (Lost: 550 of 550)

Dr. Zed has a few more waves incoming...fingers crossed!

Universe 2 / Re: ZOMG - RMA
« on: November 04, 2011, 01:27:26 AM »
I even let you in the alliance without a moment's hesitation...a prime example of how doing drugs leads to bad decision making!


Yeah that was exactly what I said in my application:  "Can the game handle the Hooch and Mona in the same alliance?"  I'm kinda disappointed the servers didn't self destruct.   ;)

General Starfleet Discussion / Re: New Game Rules - Feedback Request
« on: October 24, 2011, 10:57:08 PM »
Matt, I would like clarification on the below statement in the rules please. Regarding babysitting/acct all parties involved (acct holder and sitter) need to alert BFG of the sitting or is it ok for either to send a ticket to support?

I ask because personally pretty much the only time I can imagine needing a sitter is the time when I can't access net but could make a call to a trusted friend. In that case I would not be able to send a ticket to support, but the sitter could do so for both of us, correct?

4. Account Sitting
Account sitting allows a player to have his account watched over by another player for a maximum period of twelve (12) hours. While sitting an account the sitter may only fleet and resource save, toggle the account in to diplomacy mode (where applicable), or place the account in vacation mode. Support must be informed before the sitting takes place through the support system at Please clarify exactly who is required to notify support in the rules. thank you

Battle Reports / Re: The Last week of Dan
« on: October 23, 2011, 01:11:54 PM »
Dan you got some great hits and did some awesome work in game!!! good luck in school!!! I'm happy to not have to FRS G4 anymore...  ;)

Battle Reports / Re: An unlikely trio - 2 Billion DF
« on: October 20, 2011, 04:58:50 PM »
Great hit to all involved!

@ bashing or flaming needed here...just giggles. You have worked outside your alliance passing intel, making hits, ect. viewtopic.php?f=21&t=14327
I was in alliance skype with Dr.D and he did try to get us off our hephs to help with this hit before going outside the alliance. Good on him...shame on us!  :D

Your comment is just silly and this hit has nothing to do with retaining players. If you want to argue who should be allowed to work with who...try another thread, eh?  :P

Quote from: "andy nard1"
Great hit...but

Ok...I will be ready for all the bashing....

This does not help to retain or to get new players...

Your joining forces should bpnot be allowed, it was a one shot get the biggest fleets together, not something that is driven by alliance purpose...

Please do not take it badly is just a what I think...

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