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Universe 4 / Re: Got my first suspension EVER! SWEET!
« on: June 10, 2016, 06:04:36 AM »
Okay.  Now that I've had some time to cool down. ;-)
Sorry Mama about Talos statement.  I imagine like someone said he was just hurt.
Frank took over Maxx's account and obviously hasn't done quite as well as you at
maintaining whatever lead Maxx had made.  So of course there's skill involved.

I really haven't contacted bfg to see what was the exact details.  Honestly I just don't
want to talk them. 

I do know that Talos had mentioned in the alliance forum that the player had changed his planet names,
however I have no idea of the timing.  I'd just woken up to this mess.
I do know that we missed hitting the Heph that had been sitting.  Someone did beat us there.

From this perspective, I can understand all of your stances of playing it safe.
I've never used the forums until this mess, as I've never had anything to say.

Anyway, just so you all know.  I won't be quitting right away.  I still have credits to use up
and I don't like quiting while I still got SOME money in the game.  But once my credits are all used up,
I'll probably be leaving.  I'll just call this mess a learning experience.
Plus when I truly quit, I usually have  a scorched earth policy myself.  I tend to abandon my planets.
I personally just don't like giving away my ships to a competing alliance.  Too easy. ;-)
Though I might pass the account on.  Never done that before though.  Never had an account
worth passing on.

Can't believe y'all have been rambling on all this time.  Well I'll see you all in the game just a LITTLE longer.
I do have to say the game has been dead for a while though.  I haven't been probed in probably 2-3 weeks.
Ken did probe a planet a couple of times before he left, but that's about it.  Well Wardawg did, but he was checking on my
moon to see if my Oracle was up and running.  So I expect Mama to make that correction soon. LOL.

And to be honest, I'm never been much of a PVP'er.  More of a choice though, as I don't like running off potential
new players.  Even though hitting players is part of the game, I just never could bring myself to do it.
That MIGHT change though since my time is limited.  So again, see you all in game soon.

Universe 4 / Re: Got my first suspension EVER! SWEET!
« on: June 08, 2016, 05:33:48 PM »
$25  NOT even worth the effort getting a refund.
We've said all we need to say Talos.  Let it be.

Universe 4 / Got my first suspension EVER! SWEET!
« on: June 08, 2016, 03:57:27 PM »
Okay.  Maybe not so sweet.  Got to my rank hitting only Npcs and sacrificing some sleep

A player decides he's had enough and decides to quit.
So our leader decides to hit him to keep the resources out of the hands of others.  Now in most places and games this would make sense.  However apparently not in this backwards game

Now I've been playing for years on and off since the original came out on facebook.  I generally play pretty low key, and decided to drive a little harder in this uni.

All they've done is convince me that is that it's time to leave before I put any more money for hydro into this game..  It's no wonder these games are dying, between the boring grind or not playing the game THEIR way.

I think I can understand part of the reason for the ruling, however it's a backwards way of controlLing it.

Anyway, if you love the game.  Good for you
For me, I just don't  know why I bother anymore. And after this, I really don't  want tjo
Jus to reiterate, I got toy rank ONLY hitting a LOT of npcs.
Hell what I got from hitting the leaving player was what I get from one days take from npcs.
Anyway, my batteries dying, so good luck to you all.

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