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Names of Large Numbers
« on: September 29, 2017, 06:45:22 AM »
As DSP, Fleet sizes, and debris fields keep getting larger, and larger, and larger; I thought it might be good for people to know just what some of these numbers are in a handy little list.

Feel free to copy/paste this for your alliance, if nothing else, we will know what number of Zeus T-Wayne attacks us with!  ;D

quadrillion = 1 + fifteen 0s
quintillion =  1 + eighteen 0s
sextillion = 1 + twenty one 0s
septillion = 1 + twenty four 0s
octillion =  1 + twenty seven 0s
nonillion = 1 + thirty 0s
decillion = 1 + thirty three 0s
undecillion = 1 + thirty six 0s
dodecillion = 1 + thirty nine 0s

If T-Wayne gets more than a dodecillion Zeus at some point (really, that would be over-achieving serious-like, but at this point I would not put it past him  :P ), let me know and I'll expand this list.
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