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Feature Suggestions / A few ship ideas...
« on: November 06, 2009, 12:59:11 AM »
I noticed the names are based on greek mythologies. I would be happy to see a dangerous ship called the Tisiphone Class. Besides it is a less common name to use. After seeing all the other gods names, I thought I would suggest a few. I see how this game could have so many ships in it. It would get very strategic quickly.

On that thought I had an idea for a raider class of ships. Low cargo the idea was the cargo space would be that it is problematic for holding fuel*. A new engine would be an explanation for the new high speed; Plasma Projection allows the creation of displacement engines, prereq. High Particle Tech and high plasma tech (the most advanced tech on the list currently).

The Erinýes (or Furies) would make a nice hard hitting revenge weapon. The idea is to destroy fleets not plunder in this case. Would fit in well with the variable attack plan idea that I saw on here. Hit and Run... et cetera.

So here they are...  
Erinýe Class I raider (Megaera Class)
Cargo Capacity 400*
Speed 25,000
Fuel Consumption 40*
Attack Strength 350
Shield Strength 25
Hull 650

Erinýe Class II raider (Alecto Class)
Cargo Capacity 600*
Speed 25,000
Fuel Consumption 60*
Attack Strength 450
Shield Strength 35
Hull 750

Erinýe Class III raider (Tisiphone Class)
Cargo Capacity 1000*
Speed 30,000
Fuel Consumption 100*
Attack Strength 650
Shield Strength 55
Hull 900

Tisiphone (avenging murder) would just be an awesome idea for attacking only to destroy ships and defences. The fast speed so that it could overtake the fleet that attacked its world.

Also... suicide ships? :twisted:
Icarus Class
Cargo Capacity 150
Speed 10,000 (Pulse Engine)
Fuel Consumption 20
Attack Strength 25000
Shield Strength 30
Hull 100
(rapid fire weaknesses not sure from which ships though)

Feature Suggestions / Re: Default fleet is nice Custom is better
« on: November 06, 2009, 12:52:15 AM »
Lets say you sent out an attack fleet but you left those apollos behind (lets face it who wants to send their atlas near them?) you want to be able to do that raid a crystal mine every 4 minutes. But you have to hit custom fleet every time.

If nothing else it would be a time saver. Would be nice.

Feature Suggestions / Re: Orbital defenses
« on: November 06, 2009, 12:38:50 AM »
If your gonna do that why not make a Gatling Gun?

Give it rapid fire against almost everything and an Attack of say... 25?

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