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Feature Suggestions / Re: War request notification
« on: September 17, 2011, 09:09:19 AM »

Feature Suggestions / Re: Suspended Players: Make them food for us.
« on: September 17, 2011, 08:02:13 AM »
Mmm, so far as I know this topic has been brought up several times... nothing ever happens. I suggested it with a (s) mode for players who are allowed to come back, and a (b)anned mode for those players that where pushing, multiaccounting, etc. so that they could be raided.

Still... maybe it will happen this time right?  :|

General Starfleet Discussion / Re: Nuclear Power Plants
« on: February 07, 2011, 12:40:42 PM »
Well instead of linking to something you all could have searched for... here is ALL the math for using a single power source.

I believe in having the NPP on standby in case someone clears out the helios, but otherwise SA+Helios is the best IMO.

Quote from: "LunarAvenger"
I am sure the arguement of Nuclear power and Solar Array isn't gonna die anytime soon. However... check this out.

Lets Assume the following.
1. You pick 1 source of power to save fields.
2. You need 7000 Energy.

There are then 3 ways to do this.

1. Solar Array
Solar Array level 27.
Produces 7079 energy.
Total cost is
8.520.796 Ore
2.272.531 Crystal
or in converted crystal cost 7.141.557

2. Nuclear Power Plant

Case one
Energy tech level 11 (converted crystal cost = 3.072.000)
NPP level 18 Producing 7810 energy (at 100%)
Total Cost of NPP Lv18
44.863.556 ORE
17.705.436 CRYSTAL
8.852.718 HYDROGEN

Converted Crystal Cost NPP Lv18 = 58.834.010
TOTAL COST IN CRYSTAL = 61.906.010 crystal

Case two
Energy tech level 13 (converted crystal cost = 12.288.000)
NPP level 17 producing 8503 (at 100%)
Total Cost of NPP Lv 17
14.260.795 ORE
5.464.332 CRYSTAL
2.732.169 HYDROGEN

Converted Crystal Cost NPP Lv17 = 32.837.277
TOTAL COST IN CRYSTAL = 45.125.277 crystal

Case 3
Energy tech level 15 (converted crystal cost = 49.152.000)
NPP level 16 producing 8874 (at 100%)
Total Cost of NPP Lv 16
14.260.795 ORE
5.464.332 CRYSTAL
2.732.169 HYDROGEN

Converted Crystal Cost NPP Lv16 = 18.394.653

3. Helios Class Satellites

Worst Case
+7e per satellite, results in a need for 1000 helios classes.
Total cost each
2000 crystal and 500 hydrogen, converted crystal cost 2875.
2.875.000 total cost in crystal

Moderate Case
+21e per satellite, results in a need for 334 helios classes.
Total cost each
2000 crystal and 500 hydrogen, converted crystal cost 2875.
960.250 total cost in crystal

Best Case
+45e per satellite, results in a need for 156 helios classes.
Total cost each
2000 crystal and 500 hydrogen, converted crystal cost 2875.
448.500 total cost in crystal

Helios worst case vs Solar Array.
2.875.000 vs 7.141.557 (crystal)
Helios can be rebuilt 2.5 times.

Helios worst case vs Nuclear Case 2 (best one).
2.875.000 vs 45.125.277 (crystal)
Helios can be rebuilt 15.69 times
Helios moderate case vs Solar Array
960.250 vs 7.141.557 (crystal)
Helios can be rebuilt 7.4 times.

Helios moderate case vs Nuclear Case 2 (best one)
960.250 vs 45.125.277 (crystal)
Helios can be rebuilt 46.99 times

Helios best case vs Solar Array
448.500 vs 7.141.557 (crystal)
Helios can be rebuilt 15.9 times

Helios best case vs Nuclear case 2 (best one)
448.500 vs 45.125.277 (crystal)
Helios can be rebuilt 100.6 times

So even thought the helios can be destroyed... it is still a good idea mathematically.

Also... the Nuclear power planet is totally destroyed in comparison to the solar array. 27 fields is worth 38.000.000 Crystal don't you think? Also I didn't even get started on the Hydrogen drain. In extreme the values are double making the Nuclear planet EVEN LESS DESIRABLE then before.


Since SFC is mostly a math/time based game... why wouldn't you simply gaia bash a colony slot until you got a nice 300+ fields planet and never worry about fields? It is way way cheaper then the NPP route. I mean... even with a SA lv27 I think I could spare around 35 million on the gaias...  :mrgreen:

Battle Reports / Re: Wargasm VS Bodge
« on: February 07, 2011, 12:29:18 PM »
The player "God" was the first heph, as it was his only goal... he built the heph, and then pretty much went V mode.

Awesome hit on Wargasms part.  :mrgreen:

Extreme Universe / Re: Extreme 2.0
« on: December 16, 2010, 02:55:28 AM »
Bizmuth if you make it that complicated the BFG servers will melt from the stress...  :oops:

the rank would have to be the fleet points then... right? as the rsp and dsp and other points would be kinda meanless to this.

Then again you can rebuild your fleet quickly enough.

I would be for this idea if this card cost credits. That way BFG would be able to at least get some money out of it, and otherwise I would be against it. And make it so that the cool down is a month or something? If it was like that then either option would work. I see no either option above. :P

Feature Suggestions / Re: The "Like, OMG!" Class Superdreadnought
« on: December 16, 2010, 02:42:25 AM »

ANY new ship would be good.

Support Rulings / Re: The420Pengiun
« on: December 16, 2010, 02:39:38 AM »
idk, I miss him. Might have to make a thread in tribute to him. One of these days when I'm drunk enough to seem as high as he was.  :twisted:

General Starfleet Discussion / Re: New Uni
« on: December 10, 2010, 03:59:16 AM »
Quote from: "PublicNemani"
see...nothing new..then why launch a new uni?  

It's about MONEY since BFG makes the most money off a game in the first 3 months of it launching.  People who don't usually spend credits do at the beginning to get to the top quicker as people are willing to spend money for what they consider to be 'little credits' but as time goes on and the cost of using credits to upgrade becomes expensive, their income falls off as well. uni2 if you want...but what if everyone who played uni2 Extreme decided NOT to buy a single credit - no matter what?  I bet that BFG would reconsider launching new games if their 'expected' cash cow didn't pan out for them but if you want to keep paying BFG to develop crappy games while letting their great ones die...go ahead.

I know that many will not be interested in a new universe with NOTHING to offer.

oh well...

if I play in the universe (which I am starting to highly highly doubt) then I will not buy a single credit. I have bought credits in the past, but not for something this stupid.

Extreme Universe / Re: Will you play Uni 2 Extreme?
« on: December 10, 2010, 03:57:18 AM »
Quote from: "PublicNemani"
So I have heard rumours about BFG launching a Uni2 Extreme version.  Imo this will surely kill the already dying extreme universe that currently exists and considering what is happening with Uni2 vanilla...I am curious who is considering playing this version if it is released this month?

Also...if BFG release a new universe what would YOU, as a game player want to see different in that Uni?  For myself, I have decided that I will only consider playing it if there are some changes.  Things I would like to see in the new Uni2 Extreme version are below and up for discussion, comments and hecklers alike :)

1) make the universe faster...2x as fast as X..makes it harder for people but easier to build up in the beginning.
2) F/S should be changed - it should be built like a GD option with hours...1 hour/2 hours/8 hours/etc.  This would make it easier for new players to FS which, is key when a new game begins.
3) Shrink the more than 10 galaxies..although that is even too much now for uni2 reg
4) increase mine production output by at least 10%  - or increase crystal and hydro output by 15% only.
5) Change the rules - no babysitting, no selling of accounts allowed, no dip mode and publish the rules and the consequences for breaking them so that everyone is on a level playing field.
6) Change the DF to include hydro in the fields - hydro is the ONE thing in space that is OVERLY the becomes such a serious hindrance that it hinders serious gamers.
7) half the hydro costs for deploys versus transports.
8) when someone goes (vi) allow their account to be hit the same way that dip mode players can get hit in reg.
9) keep the (i) (I) players around will keep the smaller players around as well since they won't have to be converted into farms if the farms are available.
10) introduce something NEW...a new ship...a new tech...a new research..just SOMETHING for all of the players too look forward too.

So that is my 10 cents worth of ideas...but I think that given the state of all of the BFG games...that sadly, this too will go the way of the current Uni2 reg but at a faster rate.

Thoughts? Suggestions?  Will you play Uni 2 Extreme version?  Inquiring minds want to know!  LOL :)


1. YES, the universe needs to be 2x or faster.
2. NO, you can fleetsave any length of time by leaving your system. (this reminds me of custom fleets for missions and sending all my ships on a 6 hour daily mission... before moons)
3. How about 5 galaxies? Space is big sure, but this isnt space it is a game, I want to be nearby abunch of targets. No hiding out in G10 or G20!
4. I wouldn't mind if the mines were slightly bigger then in extreme, I think that uni2 is overpowered for miners. The game is about fleet people!
5. Agreed, no one should be able to log into someone elses account. S*** happens. Mostly to me. If I had a phone I would have called someone everytime my internet failed. Both are unfair.
6. NO, how would hydrogen be in a debris field? Besides there is almost always someone who wants crystal and is willing to trade it for hydrogen. Add a mission "harvest solar flares" >.<
7. It would be difficult, but you should pay the full amount and if you arrive at the target you get 50% refunded to that planet. (you take the extra fuel for recalls, but if you didnt burn it, then it would be where you arrived.)
8. When someone is in vacation mode and is going to be deleted simply remove the V and give those planets another 10 days or so. Sounds good to me.
9. Don't lie. It isnt going to help the little players for that reason, I would still farm them. But they would have farms as well. That is how it helps them.
10. F*** yes, I've been asking, whining, b****ing and so forth about this for ages!

11. You do realize that it isnt going to happen right? Supposedly x2 is just that. x2. another universe exactly like extreme. Sounds awful right?

@whoever mentioned it earlier... I also remember that thread as being for a tournament universe...

So to answer the question, no. I reject the idea of playing x2. The first few days are great in any universe, but there will not really be any longevity. ... although all the noobs might join up... I could definately kill them. But thats boring. The game has gotten dull. The original universes are too slow, the current ones are at the end stages, and the best BFG can come up with is diluting the population further? No thanx, I'd rather play 0game.

Support Rulings / Re: Why was my alliance Deleted?
« on: November 30, 2010, 03:32:28 AM »
Quote from: "Sid82"
Quote from: "LunarAvenger"
See how stupid this all is?

Why yes, yes I do

lol, dont ignore my point :P BFG is being particular. Which has been a long standing complaint. :D

no reason to change the effect of humans, otherwise BFG loses the grassroots effect of people spaming their friends for those workers.

40% ship debris is fine with me.
10% or higher defense into debris couldnt hurt.

Extreme is for fleeters, and yet I see no one mentioning that the mines could be slightly weaker in Uni2X then they are in Uni2...

Support Rulings / Re: Why was my alliance Deleted?
« on: November 30, 2010, 03:26:41 AM »
I am on 2$'s side. You are allowed to name yourself after George W. Bush's big lie if you want to. It is hardly your fault if everyone thinks some jet fuel managed to cause a perfect pancake style demolition on buildings that were specifically designed to withstand several plane impacts...

I suppose that the S.S. alliance tags should be removed where ever they show up?
There are planets whose names are direct insults to me, and yet I never report them. I don't give a F*** if someone wants to call me gay. Or if they want to pay me homage by naming a planet as a link to a pic of me. Whatever.

And now to get those fancy Government servers looking at this  :twisted: lets see... Terrorism, bombing, white house, united states, burning, ashes, flags, President Obama, mayhem, biological weapons, nuclear arms agreement with north korea, russian funding for project 11.9.11, assassinate, lethal viral agents to be shiped this weekend.

See how stupid this all is?

Battle Reports / Re: KKND ninja 4443 of Stabby's Capitol Ships
« on: November 28, 2010, 07:54:25 AM »
The white screen happens when a huge battle occurs , huge being defined as more then 25k shots per a round or something.

Everytime I probed the AA hephs in G1 I got a white screen as the probe intercept was calculated. lets see 7 probes vs 50-80k artemis plus a few Ks of capitol ships... can anyone say 200k shots per round? Lol.

So the problem is on a target you know is big, you have to give yourself more then a minute for the slow probe as the server or whatever it is that causes battles to screw up the game response time happens and then recall. Very annoying if you ask me.

General Starfleet Discussion / Re: Captain N Cadet: Comic one
« on: November 24, 2010, 10:26:38 AM »
Quote from: "Kimbahlicious"
Do people have jellyfish as pets?  Cadet might have...   :lol:

I want a jellyfish as a pet... and what are cadet's other pets?

Also... since cadet didnt use a wish I wonder what will be wished for next. I am guessing a wish for a statue made of food...

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