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Title: Diplomacy mode ??
Post by: arbitraryfrog on April 06, 2014, 12:27:41 PM
Where is it ? Why don't we have it ? This is supposed to be a throw back to the original universe and as I remember (it's been a while) démodé players made up a significant percentage of the player base because it enabled them to play casually at a loss when they didn't have much time. I never used it so often myself, though I do see why it adds and retains more players who can't afford the p
Title: Re: Diplomacy mode ??
Post by: TomL on April 06, 2014, 01:31:49 PM
Taken from the announcement about Uni3

Vacation mode is available (diplomacy mode is not).
Title: Re: Diplomacy mode ??
Post by: Wingman on April 06, 2014, 01:44:05 PM
As I remember Uni 2 had D mode and it also lost a significant player base.  It truly was like farmville as you can play by mines only.  You were not able to harvest or attack while in D mode.  D mode may have been fun for some but then not so fun for others.  While in V mode you don't get any benefits so you wanted to come back out as quick as you could to be able to play the game.  It is what it is when it comes to these games.  The ones that are die hard will stick around, the ones that miss it will come back, but there will I am pretty sure not be anymore 10,000 or greater player bases that will stay around anymore. 
Title: Re: Diplomacy mode ??
Post by: skip1 on April 06, 2014, 02:52:14 PM
uni 2 did not have the pay out on missions like this game....... with good fleet saving technique and nice mix of defenses and ships to guard your planets it could be a good way to get some dsp's and to set up ninja's...
Title: Re: Diplomacy mode ??
Post by: CAPTAIN SKEENAN on April 08, 2014, 05:30:29 PM
I think p mode is a bigger killer than d mode
Title: Re: Diplomacy mode ??
Post by: Deeds on April 08, 2014, 06:57:21 PM
lol but pmode makes them money, dip mode doesnt :P

honestly, the fewer options people have to hide their fleets the better :P
Title: Re: Diplomacy mode ??
Post by: Loonie Lonnie on April 10, 2014, 10:36:21 AM
 One of the things I think I liked the most about SFCO, was the shear number of players and the variety of different types of players.  When you had 10s of thousands of players the fact there were mega fleets out there didn't seem as bad.  We are just a week into the game and there are already some big fleets out there,  what in SFCO limited that?  I know after a while there were some huge fleets there too, but it seemed like it took a lot longer to get there. 

 Over all I am enjoying the over all slower pace.
Title: Re: Diplomacy mode ??
Post by: HiramJim on April 10, 2014, 12:52:24 PM

The difference between SFCo and here in terms of quickly building large fleets? 

1.  Ability to buy completions.  A couple of bucks to save 2 days build time for a foundry is well worth it.  (Whether it should be allowed is another story...).  Build up those foundries and voila!   Lots of ships.  If you have RES...
2.  RES:  Abundant!   In SFCo it took days... maybe weeks to store up enough res to do something interesting.  Last night I got all the res I needed to build an F4 just by running the posi missions at AI 13 for 1.5 hrs at 10mins each.

Between buying completions (and tokens) and the over plentiful missions I am surprised there aren't MORWE huge fleets already!
Title: Re: Diplomacy mode ??
Post by: Doctor Strange on April 11, 2014, 02:45:17 AM
arbitraryfrog I agree completely. I would rather have people playing in d than hiding in p. I use P mode because it is there and part of the game.

HiramJim yes fleeting  is easy. Especially if you have a few bucks for creds. Foundry 8 and 26th for fleet last I looked. No DSP yet as all my targets have come on line. Not as fortunate as Deadshot was...yet. :) But I also agree with  some of the earlier statements like building a fleet use to mean something and you cared for it. Now I could build back mine in a day or so. ut hey the thrill of the hunt is still there and I am glad I came back and started playing again.