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Conquest Universe / Death to ambition
« on: May 22, 2014, 03:49:48 AM »
At the Dawn of disaster the attempt to motivate humans to a common goal has expired. Their carnal dissertations as hollow as they are will be filled with confusion as it were.
Good riddance to leaches and panhandlers.
If I had all that was thrown away in a design beyond comprehension I would be at the top already.
I would like to thank psmitty for the idea. After his lame posts I came to the realization of fact.
The fact that he has been in this version for the longest and that I have come close to passing him overall is nil. I soon shall with a vengeance.
It seems that an even deeper issue exists. If the Frog has allowed employees to play with advantage in the guise of investors that will not go well with the authorities. It may even end the versions for all time as the smoke from the fire spells deeper deception. I have had years of law yet I am not in the investigative branch.
All I can promise for the future is to kick the teeth out of the vicarious proclaimers and reach the top even for a moment.
I want only to shut the mouths of the braggarts and clear the game for those that struggle to play as they will.
Good hunting

You coward cartoons. I show my face and you all launch lame responses. He caught me in a valid attack. I commend him. Now who the frig are the rest of you?
Never mind. I will determine that for myself. Can anyone say GPS mobile.

He did well . I respect a ninja hit. That fleet has long been replaced and I have passed this bugger again by leaps.
Honestly tell me this you vicarious proclaimer. (Note that I refrained the ammo to dislodge me). A MT attacker is a punk to me. I do not roll like that.

@ Kru- Can you explain why when parsed your positions are occupied by at least 5 other payers. One I can understand but this many leaves me curious. They are of different alliances. What gives.
It is not the first half but the last where it gets twisted. The positions are in an open void in every instance. They are not in strongholds or farms.

Seriously WTF?  I know what i fear and it sure as hell isn't you.  I have never feared you and never will.
Even as the rank 1 who could directly attack you, i still maintained some civility.  Now, the fun part every day you give the smack talk to me, and everyday people are showing me fleets you have lost.

Now, by all means, they are easily rebuilt, but just think where you might have been if your not constantly replacing ships lost

Where I would be is exactly where I am. You are all that and still do not get it.
Any fleet I have lost has awarded me DSP in exchange. Otherwise they would just be sitting around because most of you are hiding in P or you run when a fleet that is active is present.
What did you do after your hit the other day. You scurried away rather than wait and get some real DSP in a direct exchange. You are thieves and opportunists. Cowards more like.
Fleet can be replaced. Face me head up. Tech for tech, ship for ship, or continue to spout off at the mouth.

lol, hid in G5 ha ha

i had planets spread throughout g2, g3, g4 and g5...thats hiding is hard to attack players when at the most there were only actually 7 - 10 (depending on days rsp) i could attack, or be attacked by.

I was never attacked for the same reason, people could not solo me, and because of the (N) (n) rule found it hard to get fleets available.

As for you calling shadowgirl a witch, well, you contradict yourself immensley on the kid calling BS.. Oh hang on, i forget, you royalty...well royaly screwed in the head anyway.

You make claims as to the following:

Are of royal ascendance

Were a group commander in the gulf war, in command of an American Unit

You seem to think the ones you have cut are my little put it mildly, you make vivd claims about all members of your alliance, but even some of them are pretty fed of your attitude which you display towards other users.

And lastly, there is no such thing as a 'tatle tale' in this game.  Perhaps if you stopped breaking the rules people would not see the need to report such..

I kinda forget now how many warnings you have recived from BFG, sadly, for some reason BFG display severe double standards with you...

After all, my wife gets a 3 day suspension for calling somebody an idiotic noob, whilst you simply get a warning after declaring your going to rip out my heart and eat my liver after you use your 'contacts' to find me in real life..

People don't leave these games because of fuktards like you, they leave because they get so pissed off with BFG's double BS standards.

Of course, right now my account is not as well developed as my previous one, but that is easily changing....once i hit the targets i want, well you watch things shoot up, before you know it you'll be lagging behind once again

Let me tell you a little secret. My RSP is higher than any in my alliance. There is nothing that they or anyone else can offer me. I have no need of trades. That is what the merchant is for. In time my fleet will be large enough to attack the top without a GA. I have no problem going solo if need be. It is not about standings with me. They just reflect the structure of things.
You make comments about spies. There is nothing they can know of me that can not be found out anyway. They know me about as well as any of you.
I keep them on because they wear my tag. They work together as a group and they have been with me from the start. Most of them anyway. There will be those with me at the top.

His comments about me are misconceptions based on his desire to belittle what he fears.
In reference to you. I could not care less who you are. Damn the luck. You lost hella fleet. Smile and be
Looking back on the open forum it was so full of big talk and tear downs. Now it is as hollow as a balloon. The bigmouths that survived have come here to make me the scapegoat. BTW it fits. I am your huckleberry, and I will wear the black hat. ::) :o ;D

The truly ironic wonderful thing is that I wouldn't give two dead flies for your opinion or the opinions of anyone here. You are all a bunch of cartoon At least I show my face. I have nothing to fear from any of you. I am not concerned about what you believe. You are no different than the 200 some odd kirks here.
I know who I am. If it makes you feel better, believe what you
I do not care to share what I trully think of you. You would get your little feelings hurt and run and tell it.

what i love about this muppet ghost is that he is a very sore looser.  I have on very good authority (ie the person in his alliance passing me all the information i need) that right now he is so overspending it is unreal lol..

His attitude towards me is, well it ihis choice, he just cannot accept a number of facts:

1) i was, and am a much better player than he will ever be.

2) That on both my previous account and current account, all the DSP was gained from successful attacks or defends.....not a single DSP came from loosing fleets (whilst i own the account)

3) He cannot accept that he has a big mouth, cried for a war, and lost that war in 15 minutes.

It saddens me, that in every post which may or may not concern him, he has to be derrogatory towards other users (and it really pisses me off the double standards matt has in allowing him to continue for as long as he has)

It is also funny, ghost makes reference to hitboy building probes.....almost 60% of your fleet is nothing but please, don't try to act high or mighty..anyone can inflate a rank through probes..

As for me right now, well lets are not entitled to know the reason for the sudden sale of my account, but it was needed (as matter of urgency)

No wonder you had a stroke, and i diubt it will be your last with the stress you bring to yourself..

Perhaps, before sending in game messages calling everyone noobs and 'look at me i'm so impressive with my ranks' you really need to GTFU and reflect on how you achieved that dsp..

Also, to be sending players in game messages about allowing them to attack your fleets on territories would break the dsp pushing rule.  Of course, it is your account, your ships and you can do as you please, but there are many more players better than you.

Let me correct you on a few points, and add some truth to a few points.
You are never offline, and if you are you are in P hence not losing any fleets to attackers. You hid in G5 with no real predators with Goldwing for the longest farming MT. Your DSP score was too low to show any real skill. You are an ill opportunist at best. You run from any real contest.
As for the war, the spy you had in my group is now gone. He allowed his fleet to be taken by shadow witch and the trader as he had done before. He was passing information on MT holds as well as personal information. There will be a few more cut lose before the weeks end as I run a tight group.
As for spending, that is the name of the game. I am surprised you made a lame comment like that. You so often slip with clues that you are truly some kid with a grownup fantasy. You could not be married as you are on the game constantly. In fact you have no RL at all.
You are also a tattle tail who runs to the frog with any presumed violation as an edge to what you lack otherwise. You have made comments to me that would get you the (s) if I was a snitch. I do not need to resort to such actions to do what I do.
As for my DSP, I do not feel the need to come to the forums and gloat over the taking of fleets from those who slip. That is insult to injury. I never take all or leave them flat. Those that have lost fleets to me know who they are.
Come take my probes if that is all that I have. Oh wait, you will need to sneak when I am offline, or grab an MT. That is about all you could ever

GHOST was this comment for me? I think so. I did not thank him for taking my fleet. I congratulated him on a fine hit. Unlike you I do not get sore when someone attacks me or ninjas me. Its part of the game. I truly thought I was okay from attack and was leaving my fleet out over night. I was wrong. So you should get your facts straight before you start running your fat mouth. If you need some DSP come to my system and try to attack my fleets defending my MT. You may get lucky and get one but you may get a ninja also. Its all part of the game. Isn't this way we play it.

For the record. I do not attack MT......yet. I will catch you slipping on your planet, moon, or floating dark Heph. I took one hold with regret a long time ago.

First of all I am not the one with the fat mouth. That is the whale of a man Bambi.
I am not sure why I even visit here. It is always the same adolescent banter and idiotic blathering.
I could smell fear in your post with the kind words about the loss of hard earned fleet. The one psmitty has not climbed much in far too long. He hasn't made a decent hit in even longer to think he did any real damage to me. The Hitboy is gliding on the efforts of the loser BP. I will pass you all soon enough, and I will be here when you fall to (i) due to the lack of funds.
We shall see in time who stands above who. My hate for most of you is beyond measure. I will deliver a cold plate to all in time. You can nip at me anytime you can. The DSP is always welcome, and remember you will slip eventually.

just to clarify here....i did not LOOSE it, i sold it....

that of course is a massive difference....

Such as gaining DSP from making a good hit, and making DSP as a side function of loosing your fleet (as is what happens with you)

In fact, all you seem to do in game and on this forum is shoot your mouth, and all we see on this forum and in game is you loosing ships.. I think you must, as a matter of urgency restart taking your daily prescribed dosage, get your head from out of your ass and come back to reality.

Tomatoes tomatos. Regardless the how or why it is gone. Care to really examine the reason?
I still win as you are no longer at the top. You will never be there again.

It is not my way to boast. I just wanted to clear the air.
I wonder what will slide out of your pie holes when you think I am slipping and you come up short. That is the day I will certainly crow here to no end.
By all means continue to think what you want.

A little over a month ago I had a stroke and thought I would have to leave the game permanently. I passed my account and sat it out for over a week.
 Was passed an account ranked 39 with a fleet score not even in the top 100. DSP was not in the top 100.
Since that time I have gained rank 5 with a DSP of 6 fleet rank of #1 before Hitboy built all those
I created POLTERGEIST and opened at rank 9 overall. We are now 4 after holding 3 for a short moment. We held #1 DSP until the tag team fiasco.
You adolescents come the forums like you are actually somebody boasting, making accusations, insults, and disrespectfully statements like someone actually gives a $#!^. All these claims of my vulnerability with my stats spells that you are all full of
How is it that I have passed so many so quickly? You do not get to be 6 in DSP and 2 in fleet by giving it away. Although I have no problem giving away a few fodder ships that can be quickly replaced for DSP.

I saw Bambi in my sights earlier too cute of a fawn to
What I hate is 300lb twinkly eaters.

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