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General Starfleet Discussion / Re: Open Parser, a parser for all Universes
« on: November 13, 2018, 09:55:45 PM »
Hi Matt,

Could you please add Nova 4 when you get a chance?

General Starfleet Discussion / Re: It's about to get Extreme tomorrow?
« on: November 01, 2016, 07:05:31 PM »

Just like when Nova 2 launched, all we have as "Official" info is very vague reference to the leaderboards.

Could we get some specific info please?

I have no idea how many people you have working there at BFG, but surely when a company is launching a new product that it expects people to spend money on it should be some staffers job to write up info for the project launch listing what's different or new. What incentive drives someone to play that particular uni? Is it just the same? No new ships, techs, features?

Am I the only person who finds this to be a strange way to treat customers?

Feature Suggestions / Ship and Defense build queues.
« on: September 27, 2016, 04:17:50 PM »
This has already been mentioned, but I'll reiterate. Please make it possible to reorder ship and defense queues on mobile devices. Please also allow us to cancel a build started in error. It's easy to stop a building clicked by accident, but why can we not stop a ship or defense queue as well?

Nova 2 / Re: Thanks for the new Thread!
« on: August 09, 2016, 04:31:15 AM »
I know its possible for Matt H, Jason and crew might feel like we all complain a lot and we do, but it doesn't mean we aren't justified. Thanks guys for this board and the work you do, but sometimes you really are a poorly run company.

Nova 2 started how long ago?  We are just getting our message board weeks later. We also never saw an official change log describing the differences in the new Nova 2 uni vs other uni's like Nova 1.

Yes, there were a few comments here and there that were replies from Matt H answering when people asked questions, but virtually all other tech companies and software developers/game designers release that info anywhere from a year to months or weeks before launch of the new game and the message board should have been available from day one.

Are you listening powers that be at BFG? All of that stuff should be announced and available well in advance and many players are still asking questions about the mechanics of the Nova 2 universe.

General Starfleet Discussion / Re: Field size on nova 2 colonies.
« on: July 25, 2016, 07:28:34 AM »
Yes and yes and yes, but don't expect it to change. I spent on planet surveyor 2x and landed 37 Gaia and the best I have gotten is 214. This is a topic that's been gone over so many times and always the answer is that its random. My questions is why are all the first colonies only 163 fields. Why not give a 300-320 as the first and then let it be random?

Feature Suggestions / Re: Let's brainstorm...
« on: September 10, 2015, 02:03:40 AM »
My limited input for now is based on my playing Original. Extreme 1, SDE Nova, Nova and Conquest so I cannot comment on the mechanics of any other uni's or the tournaments.

I pretty much love all of the suggestions that Fleet Pirate had... very well thought out.

To add to them I would say allow players to control game speed. I play conquest because the speed suits my lifestyle. Original was like a snail, Extreme 1 was better and Nova was too slow. For some people who work you would like to be able to come home and with the 2hrs or more you have to play get something done. When it takes 2hrs to run just a single attack it's counterproductive.

I know that animations would possibly slow the game, but why not compromise and at least animate the battle sequences and some fleet operations and you could change the game mechanics the way that Steam does.  The next BFG SFC game could be a lot different by not being 100% web based and would require players to download a portion of the game (battle and flight mechanics) and store that on the local client for render and we would get the thrill of seeing our fleets crash into another fleet or fly by's, take off/launch or return.

Do have some form of D mode and V mode, but put a major limit on p-mode. P-mode makes the game a plus for the ones who can afford to purchase credits all the time. I understand that BFG needs revenue though so maybe this is not possible? We all need a break or to take a vacation or rest while sick without fear of losing months of work or being required to pay at least $20 or more per month. Some players spend huge money to gain advantage and maintain it. IS BFG really all about the 2% and not the other 98%?

Bring some reality to the game. In a real battle involving ships its likely that some ships are still operable, but damaged. Why not have some ships lose warp, weapons or shields like in virtually all sci-fi space games. Allow players to have weapons that might neutralize a portion of an opponents tech. Also... NPC's are useless. They play to the advantage of medium to large players and discourage ship to ship battle. Perhaps they should only be available to those building up to a certain rank and then no longer available to hit.

Introduce new species regularly and resources you gain by defeating them. If you must have NPC's why not have a new lifeform arrive in your galaxy or near your alliance hub or base and threaten the region and it requires team effort to eradicate the threat. When PVP is not available we could still be fighting reasonable AI. The current NPC's are not intelligent at all. Its a mere matter of how much fleet or defense they have, but they do not really do much but take away a territory.

I'd love the idea of an alliance controlling a territory or area and having planets being able to be taken over and the controlling faction reaping the resource or tech reward from that area like I have heard exists elsewhere. I love the idea of making it harder for top players to attack low ranks. Not sure how to achieve that without the existing RSP ranking.

It should not take 1-3 months to get up and running and 6 month to a year to be a top player. Many who play also have a life and a career so the advantage goes to those with endless time to play. Worm holes would be cool. In the PC or Console gaming world its true that someone who has a lot of time might become a champion at FIFA or Madden or Quake, but a new player should not need to invest months to get up to speed and lose it all in one hit.

Missions... here is the idea that is completely underused in virtually all SFC games. The missions are static and boring and require you to run them over and over again in the beginning of the game. Why not have them play a much laarger role from beginning to advanced. In my mind mission gameplay would consist of maneuvering one's ship to approach enemy ships or planets and assault them in the areas where various systems and ship's shields are vulnerable. It might require several players to work together. It may also consist of achieving various other objectives specified in mission assignment, which are provided at the beginning of each scenario. This can include interacting with various ships, aliens, planetary bodies, and other objects in space, depending on the specific assignment. On these missions you may lose fleet or gain bounty and resources or technology that you steal. This is where Droids become useful. You could drop a force off in an area to maintain control, setup a base and shipyard and send resources back to any of your planets or an alliance base. More difficult missions would require an alliance contingent to work together to gain control of a region and its bounty.

Pirates could interfere with your missions.

Each mission has a certain amount of objectives, like mining certain resources, capture, protect or destroy certain buildings, build specific colonies at the Colony Site, which have to be completed in order to complete the mission.

PVP is great, but having a complex mission system might allow for a player to grow rank based on achievement as opposed to just battles where he who has the most fleet wins. In other words, a smaller fleet with higher tech and bounty could outsmart or out tech an enemy and have a chance to be a better rank.

That's it for now.

Here's the hit that pushed us over the edge, but it was a team effort.

The Brotherhood has won the war! less than a minute ago

Date: 2014-11-06 04:07:42 UTC
The Brotherhood has triumphed over Dark star A New Hope. The war is over. Normal peace-time rules of conduct have been re-instated.

Ship Points            Ship Plunder    Total Score    Enemy Score    Winner
2147483647    2147483647    2149631130    2149631130    The Brotherhood

In the attack from Rebel Base ‎‎‎[3:257:15m] on Wormhole [?:?:?] ‎‎‎[3:223:9]:

The attacking side acquired 15,705,227,571,993,000 ore, 15,705,227,571,993,000 crystal, and 15,705,227,571,993,000 hydrogen.

DarthNosaj (ATTACKER) lost 36,885,495,517,156 RSP and gained 692,017,533,545,771 DSP. (less)

* Contributed 1,285,746,406,942,060 RSP to the battle.

* Lost 26,907,827,746,103,000 ore, 9,977,667,771,053,000 crystal, and 0 hydrogen in damages.

* Acquired 15,705,227,571,993,000 ore, 15,705,227,571,993,000 crystal, and 15,705,227,571,993,000 hydrogen in plunder.

* Lost 756293891764 of 4000000000000 Atlas Class Cargos ( 3243706108236 remain).
* Lost 564338665835 of 21162440115701 Athena Class Battleships (20598101449866 remain).

Spikey Tempered(2) (DEFENDER) lost 761,476,694,751,003 RSP and gained 36,885,495,517,156 DSP. (less)

* Contributed 761,476,694,751,003 RSP to the battle.

* Lost 371,730,155,450,591,500 ore, 374,582,840,565,843,500 crystal, and 15,163,698,734,568,000 hydrogen in damages.

* Lost 7 of 7 Charon Class Transports (0 remain).
* Lost 15 of 15 Zagreus Class Recyclers (0 remain).
* Lost 1020998341649 of 1020998341649 Dionysus Class Recyclers (0 remain).
* Lost 69640116719 of 69640116719 Poseidon Class Cruisers (0 remain).
* Lost 18420000000000 of 18420000000000 Carmanor Class Cargos (0 remain).
* Lost 26 of 26 Gaia Class Colony Ships (0 remain).
* Lost 100000000000 of 100000000000 Hades Class Battleships (0 remain).
* Lost 1 of 1 Zeus Classes (0 remain).
* Lost 1003000000004 of 1003000000004 Missile Batteries (0 remain).
* Lost 7 of 7 Laser Cannons (0 remain).
* Lost 2212000000000 of 2212000000000 Particle Cannons (0 remain).
* Lost 5 of 5 Pulse Cannons (0 remain).
* Lost 1 of 1 Decoys (0 remain).
* Lost 1 of 1 Large Decoys (0 remain).
* Lost 382747393885 of 382747393885 Plasma Cannons (0 remain).

191,648,780,690,039,712 ore and 182,557,443,260,151,200 crystal are now floating at this location.

Alliances / Re: War
« on: June 30, 2014, 06:54:49 AM »
Snafoo... weren't you wearing the Pirate tag until you got booted and then you readopted the tag? I am confused by that.

I have to distrust a guy who talks crap against the team that booted him along with the rest responsible for a lost the war... especially for a guy claiming to only care about fleet and has only a #234 fleet rank and DSP at #200. Me thinks you talk the queens BS.

I see that 1) Pirates at least accepted a war with the #1 alliance and that takes some balls and 2) I also noticed that they are down by about 12 players including you so the leaders story of a purge after the war loss seems somewhat legit. How they did it is there business. It sound like sour milk for you.

Alliances / Re: War
« on: June 06, 2014, 05:52:39 AM »
Isn't it funny that Andrea Nard drops the AA tag overnight and then picks it back up the next day to run attacks in the war? That is the ultimate way to FRS during war, right. There should be a rule about that the same as no attacks for 24 hours after a planet move, right? Just an observation.

Universe 3 / Re: Siko Killas
« on: April 29, 2014, 02:15:21 AM »
Ever notice how the Sickos all come in and out of P at the same time?

Battle Reports / Re: Phatboy & Nightmare [AA] Vs Sally Saturn [Plunder]
« on: October 19, 2013, 04:02:23 AM »
Yeah he mentioned it was possible due to his assignments and he also knew AA was actively hunting the account since the original owner quit. I think she had some disagreement and quit the uni and went back to X2 and there were some bad feelings. It was a good hit.

Battle Reports / Re: Phatboy & Nightmare [AA] Vs Sally Saturn [Plunder]
« on: October 18, 2013, 11:33:13 PM »
Yeah - good hits on a sitting duck.

The new owner of that account is deployed in Afghanistan and the marker dropped. Guess he was doing more important things.


Conquest Universe / Re: Conquest Territories
« on: July 03, 2013, 10:27:50 PM »
Isn't the responsibility of describing how the game works the responsibility of the developer? Or is SFC considered "open source". If so... I would venture that it would be done and other improvements would be done.

If it was in the hands of another gaming company it would have been ready at launch.

I am sure you guys get tired of hearing of the complaining, but we are PAYING customers so we should have the ability to make legitimate suggestions and requests and not have to be told "do it yourself instead of complaining". Imagine of your Electric company told you to produce your own power? Or is Comcast told customers to string their own fiber? Again it comes down to an attitude from the BFG powers that be that suggests its a invalid request that you do what should have been done before launch. It's not for me... I have it figured out but many others keep asking the same questions and we are a few months in since Conquest started.

Conquest Universe / Re: Conquest Territories
« on: July 03, 2013, 09:20:41 PM »
I still have yet to see a proper update in wiki explaining territories for those that want to know all of the ins and outs. I know Matt H said he would see about getting the wiki updated, but it has not happened.

Conquest Universe / Re: Conquest Territories
« on: June 21, 2013, 12:27:07 AM »
Thanks for the reply. I will pass it on to anyone who asks.

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