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LOL  I think its funny how everyone that isnt involved in a massive hits yells "foul" play.   Yea I bought an account to crash it into non alliance members (sarcasm if you couldn't tell).   Yea that's right plastic aki.  So to answer your questions, BFG is looking into my account.   Second I didn't rejoin CE cause we were waiting for BFG to transfer the accounts.   Third, Exiled was the third alliance to hit me, 6 hours after the first and I dont blame them for not posting any intell on anyone.   Unlike some that need to brag the leader boards say it all for them. 

Universe 4 / Re: How bare-bones is this uni?
« on: March 24, 2016, 02:59:32 AM »
So far its the same as ori.   Of course just the first day.   Will let you know more as the weeks pass.

Good hit and congrats on the winning the war but you forgot a few details.   

When creating a battle report thread please follow the following formatting.

When posting a Battle Report, you must include:

    The ingame names of all attackers and defenders.
    Combat techs must either be given for both attackers and defenders or none at all [Only possible with converted battle reports].
    The complete individual fleets of all attackers and defenders both before and after the battle [Final State] must be shown.
    The resources captured and the debris field generated even if all are zero.
        For both battles with more than 1 wave, the follow up waves can be shortened to just the resources captured and the debris field created.

Sorry but if your going to show/brag about a battle I/we dont want to be teased with it.  :)

Nova Universe / Re: Something needs to change
« on: January 05, 2016, 02:26:57 AM »
Richard you obviously havent played any versions of this game very long or you are a permanent low rank player.   As Krystyn stated for hitting big players, you take out there support ships, you take there hydro, you keep the pressure on and of course you have to keep everything of yours safe.  You buddie up and hunt in wolf packs.   You have fun hunting a larger player

You state,
yeah so everyone else who plays that uni should just be happy being able to go after your support fleet for some hydro. everyone who is anyone  knows hydro is much easier to replace than the entire fleets you would be  going after. especially with  oracles on NPC. not only would people not be able  to attack ships on planets or heps but now people couldn't attack NPC either.

but that is ok i guess, you would get DSP and hey, maybe after  a couple months of them rebuilding they could attack you for some hydro!

You keep hitting the support ships you have a great chance of them being so pissed they make a mistake.  Happened/happens all the time in Ori uni.   Seen it and Done it many times over the years.  After all, war game equals fun or why would you play this game.   If you implement a game plan and execute it regardless of the size of your opponent there isnt anything they can do to get you.  FLS or deal with the consequent.   

Battle Reports / Re: Captain James T Kirk (Nemesis) V Meeeee (CE)
« on: December 12, 2015, 01:49:02 AM »
Nice couple of hits.   Caught me sleeping.  lol

LOL Loki I never made any statement about my dsp.   Everyone knows where it came from.   You posted the battle reports silly.   Opps I mean IS posted the reports.   That was not what the comment was about.   You posted a brag,"Pound for Pound, Ship for Ship, I am the best hunter in the Universe....." and I commented that not all your Dsp was yours Loki. 

Really?   The best?  You took over the account with over 5T dsp so unless my math is off that would leave you.......2nd best? in the Universe.   Unless of course you are still Iron Shadow?

But either way those are some nice hits.   :)

General Starfleet Discussion / Re: Conquest u2?
« on: November 02, 2015, 12:05:36 AM »
BFG has already stated the Conquest is broken and that they wont be fixing it.   This was stated over a year ago.   So not really sure what you expect them to do to/for it now.   They will ride it to the end just like any other uni.   

Im curious to see what changes or additions will be in the new uni Conquest 2.   I for one will give it a shot.   You never know when you will be impressed or just have some plain good old fun.

So very sad that someone would say something like that on a public forum considering that they have no idea who the person is.  Maybe you should stop pointing fingers and do a little research before you pop off with your accusations.   If you had you would of seen the web site (U care) along with Pay pal.  You would of also seen lots of people from several uni of SCFO that have donated that DO and do not know them. 

Look before you leap and learn to apologize when you mess up.   Wise words to live by. 

Nice hit

 per forum rules if you post a battle report it requires: 

3:  The complete individual fleets of all attackers and defenders both before and after the battle [Final State] must be shown.

Original Universe / Re: Atlantis v BASED ON
« on: July 10, 2015, 05:45:20 PM »
LOL  Boomboom.   So your saying your NOT Kevin Rhodes?  The one that has been banned so many times Ive lost track.  Kinda of funny since I just called you that on the nova forum and you responded.   If your going to call the kettle black make sure you arn't the pot silly!   :D

Lol.  Kevin I never said anything about your 75m dsp hit on me in ori.  Not sure how that pertains to nova?    Ori that is chicken dsp.   I won't even thing about launching on that unless at war.   Did notice you didn't think about hitting my neighbor.    You only played nova for as long as daddy did.   

Swan, great hit!   Great idea!  Great set up!  And great execution!   

LOL  in your own mind Im sure it is.  You seem to comment on every board as the no it all of SFC.  I feel somewhat sorry for you, but you do make for a great read.   Keep them coming, as Im sure you will.  :)

Not worth playing but I guess well worth trolling.   LOL!  I guess you got to get your fun some way. 

I love the fact that most of the comments are made by people that dont, havent or never will or could  played Nova.  Just trolling to troll I'd guess or nothing better to do.   :)  Either way keep it up.   I like reading the funny pages and you guys/gals are funny.   

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