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Extreme Universe 2 / Re: Cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater.
« on: January 28, 2012, 10:40:16 PM »
Andy, I don't see a single place here where BFG is blamed for anything. Jason stated this is what happened, we are thinking of changing it. I put this here in the hopes that public opinion will make them think of changing it faster. Also hopefully Unwanted will get a suspension or some other form of punishment for exploiting the system. I believe that the emergency Vacation is a good idea and a decent policy to have, however you should not get out of vacation mode earlier than normal, and if you are caught exploiting the system there should be punishment.

As for whining and crying, huh? Re-read the post please, comment on applicable items, and don't go hotheaded over something you think I maybe meant based on how you feel other players may post on the boards.

Matt, I understand. I do not blame you for the player exploiting the system, but I would like to see some sort of reprisal.

Extreme Universe 2 / Cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater.
« on: January 28, 2012, 06:50:46 PM »
So Thursday morning I watched this player (Here's a look at his Heph fleet, note the hydro shortage)

Hephaestus Class Attack Platform The Terminator ‎[X:XXX:XX] has:

* ore: 258,122
* crystal: 6,776,417
* hydrogen: 7,290,495

* Hermes Class Probe: 3,561
* Artemis Class Fighter: 106,811
* Apollo Class Fighter: 48,646
* Dionysus Class Recycler: 1
* Poseidon Class Cruiser: 9,128
* Athena Class Battleship: 7,783
* Ares Class Bomber: 355
* Hades Class Battleship: 4,424
* Prometheus Class Destroyer: 11,243
* Zeus Class: 1
* Hephaestus Class Attack Platform: 1


As he killed another Heph, launched a colony to the slot and proceed to scoop up the nearly 1 bil DF. I was playing from my phone from work, and started probing him like crazy while waiting for my FRS to return. The FRS returns about 10 minutes after the DF goes away, I go to the probes section and proceed to launch the attacks.

Except he had just entered Vacation mode.

No big deal, I know within 10 minutes of when he entered so I know within ten minutes of the quickest time he can exit (Today at 20:30 Game time).

I began gathering allies, figuring with enough of us we can get the res from the colony and maybe the heph if we get super lucky.

Yesterday I went to the system to drop a MAC into place right next to it. To my utter shock the Heph and colony that were in Vmode are GONE!

I sent the following message to BFG Support, and got the following reply.

Me, Jan 27 16:31 (EST):
Good afternoon.
Yesterday at 20:20 game time I saw a player ranked #149 named the unwanted kill another players heph with his own, drop a colony to the slot and harvest the DF. I knew he was overextended once I probed and saw his fleet, and made a play for the res he had just harvested. Before I could launch the attack, at 20:30, he entered Vacation mode. I marked the time on the alliance board and began getting people together for an assault. Today I decided to look for someone to help nearby, opened up my espi reports, clicked to the system with the Heph and colony in V mode, and to my astonishment neither is there. Since v lasts for 48 hours ansd I knew almost to the minute when he entered I do not understand and was hopong you could shed some light on this. The only way he could have got out of vacation like that is by writing in and one of you letting it through, unless I am missing something?
In effect this is cheating on his part. Please help me understand what is going on.

The Reply[/b
Jason, Jan 27 17:00 (EST):
Sometimes when a player has an emergency and they write in we will put their account into V mode for them. When we do this it doesn't have the usual 48 hour restriction before coming out. This is something we are considering changing however.
Blue Frog Gaming Support

So to recap, The Unwanted kills a Heph, know's he's in trouble with the res because he cant get it all to the heph from the colony in one go, and will either have to defend the res on his colony or his heph with his limited fleet, and someone is homing in on him. So he waits to collect the res from the DF, then email BFG and asks for an emergency Vacation Mode. They oblige, and he comes out sometime in the next24ish hours, transfers the res without harrassment, abandons the colony and sends his Heph to his nearest planet.

I call BS. This is blatant cheating with the aid of BFG.
Just thought you all should know about the latest way to FRS when you can't hold all the resources you have.

General Starfleet Discussion / Re: Planning Starfleet moving forward!
« on: January 20, 2012, 12:47:51 AM »
You want to keep current players, and attract new ones, by creating a new universe and implementing dozens of changes. May I point out that that was the point of opening Extreme Universe 1? It was intended as a test uni for changes, major and minor, before being added to the larger normal universe. Why not use it or X2? It would make a lot more sense than making everyone start from scratch, and I know I am sick of starting from scratch personally.

As for getting new players, why don't you limit the number of ships any player may have at one time? (And here come the trolls and insults- I won't be reading any more posts on this board based off of past experiences with the people who reply.) If you limit the number of ships then fleet composition because more important. You would have to focus more on what types of fleets you want to destroy with yours, and it would give newbies a fighting chance to catch up to the ship numbers everyone else has, instead of constantly getting beaten down by people who literally have a million more ships than they do. It would promote group attacks and defends, and would probably earn BFG more money (Fleet max caps means research would play a bigger role, scientists more often purchased, large amounts of credits paid to finish techs before a crucial big battle, etc). It might also be necessary to limit the number of defenses any one planet can have built as well.

A big downside to a new universe is that your current players have to choose between years of hard work in their current universes and the possibility that you might come up with a cool new ship to play with. I personally have a hard enough time with the 5 current uni's i do have, and am considering giving up at least two as it is just to get more time to hunt in the ones I already have.

Please at least consider what I have said here, especially about using an existing universe to test out the ships in and then porting them into all uni's. There is no worry about disturbing the "balance" of the game, because the game has no balance. Just who has been playing the longest and devoting the most time to it. If it truly were balanced, new players wouldn't rage quit all the time because they have no hope in hell of defending themselves.

As a side note, the few NPC's I find that I can hit make it way more fun, they typically do not have many ships so instead of thinking about battle on the scale of thousands I get to think of it in terms of dozens, and obliterating a force 4x the size of your attacking fleet because their ships do not Rapid FIre on yours and yours rapid fire on theirs is a lot of fun.

Support Rulings / Re: Player admits to having cheated, is cheating again.
« on: December 17, 2010, 11:13:19 PM »
Just as a note, Red Fury has changed their name to Lady Deathstrike, possibly due to this thread.

Support Rulings / Re: Player admits to having cheated, is cheating again.
« on: December 15, 2010, 04:09:18 AM »
Hey look, another player brazenly admits to cheating multiple times in an open forum. Thanks BFG, guess the rules really don't matter!
Delta, you used to warn us Red Rider was a spy account all the time, seems kinda odd that you claim to not believe in them now. Double accounts is double accounts, and is quite clearly stated to be cheating in the rules. End of story. BFG either needs to admit they dont give a rats butt, or delete multiple accounts when found. Period.

Support Rulings / Re: Player admits to having cheated, is cheating again.
« on: December 14, 2010, 07:39:16 PM »
Agreed, doesn't mean he should get away with it though.

Support Rulings / Player admits to having cheated, is cheating again.
« on: December 14, 2010, 07:13:40 PM »
I'm sure you're all aware of the Poetic Justice account that was sold a few months back. During that time he had another account, The Guardian, which he used to infiltrate my alliance and has since become his main acount. These two accounts were operated in tandem for several months, yet BFG says they are not the same player since they log in from different IP's (cause you can't change your ip address right? right?...)
A little while ago one of my buddies was talking to The Guardian. This is a copy of the relevent data.
Lord Hyperion*  Please pass on to those you trust  2 days ago  
To: Andreas Reaper
To All Starfleet Extreme Players:

Beware of a know cheater. Save your alliance from being cheated. Pass this on please.
I am Lord Hyperion* formerly of Guardians of Truth and Light and now solo member of Solitary Confinement. When I was a member of Guardians our hive in G14 was attacked by a cheater known as Poetic Justice, then of JYD (Junk Yard Dogs). He planted a second mule account in 14 and is named The Guardian. I had a feeling it was his second account but was never 100% sure. Tonight I am. Below is the conversation I had with him over the past few hours. I have been unmercifully flattening his planets for the past several months and when he asked me why he did not know, this is the conversation. Please don't let this cheater into your alliance as he will do the same thing to you that he did to Guardian and several other alliances. I also am certain that his "main account" that he had in the wings after selling Poetic Justice to Pressagio della Morte of SwarmEx is in the vacinity of 14. I will let all of you draw your own conclusions as to who it might be.

Lord Hyperion* re: about 4 hours ago
To: The Guardian
Because you are a mule/dual/double account cheater. You planted yourself here in 14 and assuredly laughed when you were admitted into Guardian while your main account decimated many players. I was a sucker for letting it happen but the whole thing made me a much better player. As long as I am playing I plan on making it as difficult for you as possible to use this account as your next in line for ebay sale. Sadly I have reached my 6 attack limit for the day so am unable to continue the fun. p.s. when you log into your main account and this one at the same time it is so obvious its borderline pathetic

The Guardian re: 4 minutes ago
To: Lord Hyperion*
lol, this was a 2nd account for me when I was Poetic Justice. I created this account with the purpose of selling Poetic Justice and starting over, which I did. Now this is my only account.

Lord Hyperion* re: 2 minutes ago
To: The Guardian
Well you can spin it whatever way you want but the the truth is you cheated. You used a second account which you intentionally placed in 14 for the purpose of cheating your way into Guardians and gathering info all while your main account, Poetic Justice came to 14 and did your damage. And we both know the truth is that is how you play the game. Its your pattern of behavior. But I believe what goes around comes around. It's kinda like, poetic justice, don't you agree?
The main account in the wings is indeed there, it's name is Red Fury. We know its the same player since several of us have moons in system and can see all the feeding between the two accounts.

To add to the crapload of cheating he's already done, and gotten away with, once we started farming the hell out of his feeder account to at least slow it down or make it unprofitable, a "new player" appeared in the same solar system, and with barely enough tech and not enough mines to produce it all anywhere near as quickly (happened within a day or two) suddenly filled up all the remaining slots and then immediately went into vacation mode. That "new player" is Juliette (vn) #5,462

Here is the complete correspodence with BFG on my part.

Jason, Dec-13 16:35 (EST):
He claimed that he started up that account and sold his other account. It appears that this is what happened as they do not log in from the same Ip address. While he may have been playing both accounts for a short time in violation of the rules, it does not appear that he is currently playing multiple accounts.

Blue Frog Gaming Support


Reaper, Dec-13 16:28 (EST):
he wrote a letter to one of my buddies admitting to it. I know you keep records
of messages, look at messages beteween Lord Hyperion* and The Guardian from a
few days ago where the guardian blatantly admits to double accounting and using
that account to infiltrate Guardian alliance.


Jason, Dec-13 16:14 (EST):
It seems unlikey that he is playing these accounts as they log in from different ip addresses.

Blue Frog Gaming Support


Reaper, Dec-13 15:20 (EST):
Respectfully, they are. He has also created a fourth account and used it to fill
up an ss so we could no longer put macs there. He automatically went into V mode
as soon as the system was filled. Look for yourself at extreme universe 1 system

Jason, Dec-13 14:56 (EST):
After investigating it does not appear that these accounts are being played by the same person.

Blue Frog Gaming Support


Reaper, Dec-13 00:19 (EST):
Double accounting, player The Guardian was double accounting with the former account Poetic Justice, then he sold the account and then i believe he is now double accounting with Red Fury, whom he is building mass arts for and then smashing them against him to give the Red Fury a moon.
I would ask that none of this 3 day suspension crap happened. Instead please have him choose one account and then you guys delete the other please

BFG needs to either get rid of their rules entirely, or start punishing people for breaking them. The rampant cheating is getting very old, and the absolute indifference from BFG support does not help.

Off-Topic / Re: Starcraft II
« on: October 04, 2010, 05:08:27 PM »
yea well, Maruaders suck. Give me back my bats. And my Gols. take away the little buggies with flamethrowers lol

Off-Topic / Re: Starcraft II
« on: October 04, 2010, 07:30:47 AM »
Random question
I bought the game, being an avid Starcraft fan.
Was extremely dissappointed with how they turned the campaign into a WoW feeling experience.
But was excited by the Goliaths ability to shoot Air and Ground at the same time.
And horridly dismayed playing two multiplayer matches where I could not build them, or the firebats.
Is there some sort of weird Tech thing I'm missing, or are they campaign only units?

Cool. I was excited, but apparently because I don't know how to take screenshots and I dont include names or attackers number of ships, its not real to you. Funny thing is, I'm A-OK with that. Whether you believe it to be real or not, I've still got the res and the DSP, and if you want to look at who has rank slot 302 in Extreme, you'll see my name. Kindly stop hating on the thread, I'll just delete it as soon as I figure out how to. Screw sharing things with you guys, with the exception of the cool people like ASM and a few others, I don't think I've ever gotten positive feedback.

Btw Vastet, the results of the battle are clearly posted below the espi reports. Someone around here has a tag that say; Reading - Even second graders can do it. I think you might want to ponder such words of wisdom.

As for your snide sidekick remarks and buddy taking me on as a charity case Kip Shiller, it's true, I could not have hit the target by myself. Neither could he. It took our combined fleets two attacks to destroy everything, hence the two waves. Yes I have a smaller fleet. Is it much smaller? No. But hey, you're cool. Keep being a jerk to the little guys of the world, it's getting you far!

Mgr Pwnage, yea I'm surprised as hell we got all the debris too. Took almost 7 hours of continuous harvesting with my 600 and the roughly 1200 my buddy had. Flight times were forty-five minutes each way, since it was a MAC attack we were lucky to score plenty of in system slots.

If there is something confusing to you all, beyond my refusal to tell you what my fleet or my allies' fleet is composed of, which seems to be the primary reason for complaint, ask a direct question and I will answer it. But if you're just going to whine because I'm not telling you exactly how many ships I had, deal with it. Once again, the thread will be deleted as soon as I figure out how.

Good for them. Once again, if the mods choose to do it, then so be it. Thankfully, you don't have to understand. Just do everyone a favor and get your kicks elsewhere.

If they choose to close my thread because I refuse to name my partner or my target for fear of retribution or people picking on my target then so be it.

we did grab it all. I'm going to end up with the lions share of it.

it's been 8 hours and the player still has not logged back in. We noticed a fraction of his fleet was FRS'd and returned, and we've left that and the res on all the planets. Just barely finished cleaning up the debris field about half an hour ago

Battle Reports / My first Heph kill/175mil DF Field with two attackers.
« on: October 03, 2010, 01:27:33 AM »
One alliance member and myself made this hit today, well within range of Farva's moon AND Heph platform. It went off without a hitch, I just can't believe it. The overall DF was 105mil Ore and 70mil crystal, biggest hit I've ever seen, and the only significant losses were several thousand Arts. The player was dumb enough to think himself invincible and did not FRS. We planned this hit for a week. It was a member of the S.S Alliance. At the end of the strike, his overall rank doubled. Mine dropped from about 420 to 302.


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