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Support Rulings / Re: Planet moves and their uses
« on: February 27, 2015, 01:59:10 AM »
This is being looked at.  When BFG finishes their review, we should hear something..  I'll be checking in for updates. 

Support Rulings / Re: Planet moves and their uses
« on: February 23, 2015, 09:58:15 PM »
BFG did rule it is not a bug..  Considering the game mechanics, I understand.  But, it is a game design flaw that needs to be fixed..

Support Rulings / Re: Planet moves and their uses
« on: February 22, 2015, 07:13:49 PM »
The best way to remedy this is to prevent the scans of the moved planet to see attacks that completed before it was moved into the slot.  This is fair to all involved and prevents credits to pay for immediate DSP.  I'd like to see what side of this you would be on if you killed a heph and lost your fleet this way. 

Support Rulings / Re: Planet moves and their uses
« on: February 22, 2015, 04:14:17 PM »
I have enjoyed my time in Frozen very much.  I separated my fleets in the attack as necessary because it was a group attack and I had to leave enough available slots for others.  I did use 3 slots and that's why I still have a partial fleet :) 

Nard, your argument about using different moons is funny.  If you didn't get the speed fleet, you would have locked the next most profitable fleet.  So, you still paid for DSP.  That is all I need to know about you and your bought stats.

Anyways, the other debates are fine and valid on the forums as posted by Angel.  But, this specific issue is really someone paying directly for DSP even if a second party is involved with the scan and sends the screenshot as could be the case here.  Any decent player can execute an oracle lock using that information easily.   So, I'm asking for this to be fixed and it looks like several players here and more in game agree with me.

Support Rulings / Planet moves and their uses
« on: February 21, 2015, 11:04:02 PM »
Has anyone ever heard of a planet move into a destroyed heph's vacant slot to use as an oracle lock for the returning fleet?  Give Nard credit for knowledge on that maneuver.  I believe it violates the intention of planet moves and brings about an unfair advantage.  When you destroy a heph, you can vary your fleet speeds so it's difficult to calculate the return time and get a lock.  But, in this case, the attacker that destroyed the heph gets punished by someone paying to destroy their fleet.  What does everyone else think?

exactly  :P

Congrats nice hit...  BTW, you guys only killed Snipe because we were bored..  The only reason the p ran out was because I hadn't played in a month and was tired of putting money into a dead Universe.  So, happy retirement for me :)  I'll live on in other Universes away from Bob and all the posers that joined him lol..   :P

General Starfleet Discussion / Re: Planning Starfleet moving forward!
« on: January 22, 2012, 03:11:28 AM »
The original Universe does need to be updated badly.  Newer players need the ability to build up quicker and more protection to understand the mechanics of the game before they become targets to all of us.  I played Stardrift Empires and had to give that game up due to time constraints.  I learned several things from the newer format there and also from my game play in the original universe.

1.  A heph that can be deployed and undeployed would be a great asset to those that have one.  This would allow us to warp it around, but not have it immediately available because of the time it will take to redeploy it. 

2.  Warp gates should not be changed.  To most of the experienced players these gates are very useful, but they also take out many newer players.  The one hour warp gate cooldown makes the player use skill to get the warp correct the first time or wait an hour. 

3.  The mine production rates need to be ramped up.  Some of the heavy hunters in the game will argue this.  But, in order to keep newer players and allow for others who have been hit to rebuild faster, this must be done.  I would use the mine production rate in Stardrift Empire.  It was fun to be able to build up that quickly.  It is painfully slow for a player to build up their account in the original universe for any player under a 2K rank.     

4.  The 24 hour cooldown after moving a planet needs to be applied to inactives as well.  You have to give the surrounding players a chance to take it out without a top 100 player moving their moon and planet in to take out a large inactive.  This isn't a knock on the top 100 players, they are ranked in the top 100 for a reason.  I just think this gives some of the local players a shot to get a target and balances the game a little. 

5.  The new player protection needs to be updated badly.  It could be easily extended to 250K resource spent points or more.

6.  Put time limits on diplomacy mode where your production goes away.  < 1 week - 100 percent production, < 2 weeks - 50 percent, < 3 weeks - 25 percent, 4 weeks and longer make it 10% production.  Maybe this will help motivate some players who live in diplomacy mode to come out and play once in a while.  This also gives players a chance to take a short break without being penalized. 

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