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Trading Post / Ore and Crystal for Hydro?
« on: March 16, 2016, 05:31:31 AM »
I have up to 2 Billion in Ore and 1.5 Billion in Crystal available for trade in G2, for hydro if anyone has any available for trade.

I also have at least 2 Billion in Ore available for trade for hydro in G5.

Thanks BvR

Trading Post / Crystal for Hydro?
« on: December 16, 2015, 05:56:09 PM »
I have 4 Billion Crystal that I can trade for equivalent in Hydro!

What is up with SFC NOVA? Are other Uni's having the same problem?  Nova is taking forever to refresh. 
Other programs are working fine.  The only problem I'm having is with SFC Nova. 
I have the same problem whether using scripts or without. 

Is it server issues again?

Nova Universe / all servers down for bfg? cannot get any game to load.
« on: February 06, 2014, 06:35:46 AM »
So what's the story here?  Didn't BFG just have the game down for server maint last week?  Now the servers are down right in the middle of doing things in game.   >:(

Hired Guns Universe / Can we have a better build tree for the territories?
« on: December 19, 2013, 03:19:10 PM »
I do not understand how you can have a build tree that you cannot possibly follow in these territories.
Empusa Class Fighter   
Production Link (level 3)
Shipyard (level 1)
Krug Weapon Tech (level 3)
Krug Shield Tech (level 2)
Krug Armor Tech (level 2)
Krug Quantum Drive (level 2)
Space Dock Territory
Mantus Fighter   
Production Link (level 1)
Shipyard (level 1)
Krug Weapon Tech (level 1)
Krug Shield Tech (level 1)
Krug Armor Tech (level 1)
Krug Quantum Drive (level 1)
Space Dock Territory
Erebus Fighter   
Production Link (level 6)
Shipyard (level 1)
Seeker Weapon Tech (level 6)
Seeker Shield Tech (level 4)
Seeker Armor Tech (level 4)
Seeker Dark Energy Drive (level 5)
Space Dock Territory
Vortex Fighter   
Production Link (level 2)
Shipyard (level 1)
Urcath Weapon Tech (level 2)
Urcath Shield Tech (level 2)
Urcath Armor Tech (level 2)
Urcath Anti-Matter Drive (level 1)
Space Dock Territory
Magnon Fighter   
Production Link (level 3)
Shipyard (level 1)
Seeker Weapon Tech (level 3)
Seeker Shield Tech (level 1)
Seeker Armor Tech (level 2)
Seeker Dark Energy Drive (level 2)
Space Dock Territory
Curetes Class Cruiser   
Production Link (level 4)
Shipyard (level 1)
Urcath Weapon Tech (level 4)
Urcath Shield Tech (level 3)
Urcath Armor Tech (level 3)
Urcath Anti-Matter Drive (level 2)
Space Dock Territory
Typhon Cruiser   
Production Link (level 6)
Shipyard (level 1)
Krug Weapon Tech (level 6)
Krug Shield Tech (level 5)
Krug Armor Tech (level 3)
Krug Quantum Drive (level 4)
Space Dock Territory
Pallas Class Bomber   
Production Link (level 13)
Shipyard (level 1)
Seeker Weapon Tech (level 13)
Seeker Shield Tech (level 11)
Seeker Armor Tech (level 9)
Seeker Dark Energy Drive (level 10)
Space Dock Territory
Moros Battleship   
Production Link (level 5)
Shipyard (level 1)
Urcath Weapon Tech (level 5)
Urcath Shield Tech (level 4)
Urcath Armor Tech (level 4)
Urcath Anti-Matter Drive (level 3)
Space Dock Territory
Cirrus Cruiser   
Production Link (level 10)
Shipyard (level 1)
Seeker Weapon Tech (level 10)
Seeker Shield Tech (level 9)
Seeker Armor Tech (level 7)
Seeker Dark Energy Drive (level 8)
Space Dock Territory
Ares Class Bomber   
Production Link (level 7)
Shipyard (level 1)
Urcath Weapon Tech (level 7)
Urcath Shield Tech (level 6)
Urcath Armor Tech (level 5)
Urcath Anti-Matter Drive (level 5)
Space Dock Territory
Hades Class Battleship   
Production Link (level 9)
Shipyard (level 1)
Krug Weapon Tech (level 9)
Krug Shield Tech (level 8)
Krug Armor Tech (level 7)
Krug Quantum Drive (level 8)
Space Dock Territory
Thanatos Class Destroyer   
Production Link (level 13)
Shipyard (level 1)
Krug Weapon Tech (level 13)
Krug Shield Tech (level 11)
Krug Armor Tech (level 10)
Krug Quantum Drive (level 12)
Space Dock Territory
Zeus Class   
Production Link (level 15)
Shipyard (level 1)
Seeker Weapon Tech (level 15)
Seeker Shield Tech (level 14)
Seeker Armor Tech (level 12)
Seeker Dark Energy Drive (level 13)
Space Dock Territory
Hephaestus Class Attack Platform   
Production Link (level 14)
Shipyard (level 1)
Urcath Weapon Tech (level 14)
Urcath Shield Tech (level 13)
Urcath Armor Tech (level 10)
Urcath Anti-Matter Drive (level 9)
Space Dock Territory

But yet there is no way to research the required techs in order to build these ships in this territory.  What is the point?  Not to mention, by the time you can even get the required levels to build anything the bloody timer runs out. 

I'm getting more and more frustrated with this version as I go along.  I have not played sfc conquest so I'm not up to speed like some of you who've played it before.  I can completely see how for complete sfc novices why they would get frustrated and leave..  The tech trees do not make any sense.  I've played multiple versions of sfc, so I'm not a novice.   But I'm telling you, the tech tree and requirements do not make any sense and are way out of porportion to the capabilities to reach them.

Nova Universe / What is going on with nova?
« on: December 18, 2012, 09:10:03 AM »
I keep getting messege saying webpage not available.  Yet I have no problem getting yahoo or other websites loading up.  Was in the middle of doing something when it suddenly took forever to load, then nothing.

What the hell is going with the colony field slots in this game?  So far I have sent 8 gaia's at a colony location in slot 8.  The best field count I got was 173.  173???  ARE YOU FRIGGIN KIDDING???  of all of my planet locations the best field count that I have been able to get is 190!!!  WTF???  At least when I played that googy sfc spinoff StarDrift Empires I got at least a couple of 200+ field count planets and at least one 300! 

So far I'm not all that impressed w/Nova gents.  And now with the UI change, my impression has dwindled even further.

Nova Universe / RE: The new layout
« on: August 22, 2012, 02:12:39 AM »
I prefer the old UI to this one...   Yes at least the user scripts worked in the original layout.  I like the fleet calculator feature that I had with the scripts.  It made assigning the correct number of cargo ships for res transfers much quicker and easier.  I also loved the script that quickly auto max calculations for rez when performing fleet saves and/or rez transfers.  now all of these nifty features are gone because the UI has been changed. 

You know, you say that you read the posts in the forums but yet you won't put in the features that makes game play quicker and easier.  And when some enterprizing individual with the talent comes up with a user script that improves the game, instead of adding that aspect to the game you change it so the scripts no longer work. 

I used to play SFC U1 and all the others.  Now I remember why I quit playing them.  Because of this stupid crap. 

You think that you are improving the game. In reality, you are not.  You are only doing what you want and to Hell with what the players want.

Ok, an inactive pops up and I'm attacking him/her.  Then suddenly the attack icon goes grey, so now I cannot attack that planet anymore??


Look, I can understand having a bashing rule on active players.  But on inactives too??  That's stupid!  If I beat everyone else to the particular inactive then why can't I keep hitting that planet until it's bled dry???  

If this is the case, then SFC is truely getting stupid, and I will quit.  

Or mebe if I whine enough about it they will reverse their policy???? (that last part was a sarcastic statement)

New Player Corner / If this has been asked b4 I'm sorry....
« on: February 15, 2010, 08:16:40 AM »
If this has been asked b4 I'm sorry, but I'm not about to wade thru hundreds of thousands of threads and posts for something that could be a FAQ question.

Does IPM attacks count towards the maximum number of attacks within a 24 hour period for bashing purposes?

If not.

Why not? Since it destroys defense like a ship attack.  Someone could send countless endless attacks (literally bashing you with IPMs while his fleet rolls in unmolested).  Not giving the defender the opportunity to even rebuild.

Feature Suggestions / Warp/FTL Fleet Carriers for Fighters...
« on: December 26, 2009, 06:11:00 PM »
Warp/FTL capable Carriers for the fighters.  
Most modern fleet carrierss can carry up to 70 -100 aircraft of all types.
So why would not a space borne carrier carry at least half or more?
Have the carriers be loaded just like ore, crystal, and Hydro.  
Then when the ship attacks, it unloads the Fighters to join the attack, then reloads them again at the end of the attack, minus any that are lost in combat.

General Starfleet Discussion / This may sound like a stupid question but...
« on: November 25, 2009, 11:14:32 PM »
How do you take over occupied homeworlds??
If a homeworld has no defense but belongs to someone, how do you defeat them and take over???  
Do you have to send a Gaia Colony ship there??

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