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Conquest Universe / Death to ambition
« on: May 22, 2014, 03:49:48 AM »
At the Dawn of disaster the attempt to motivate humans to a common goal has expired. Their carnal dissertations as hollow as they are will be filled with confusion as it were.
Good riddance to leaches and panhandlers.
If I had all that was thrown away in a design beyond comprehension I would be at the top already.
I would like to thank psmitty for the idea. After his lame posts I came to the realization of fact.
The fact that he has been in this version for the longest and that I have come close to passing him overall is nil. I soon shall with a vengeance.
It seems that an even deeper issue exists. If the Frog has allowed employees to play with advantage in the guise of investors that will not go well with the authorities. It may even end the versions for all time as the smoke from the fire spells deeper deception. I have had years of law yet I am not in the investigative branch.
All I can promise for the future is to kick the teeth out of the vicarious proclaimers and reach the top even for a moment.
I want only to shut the mouths of the braggarts and clear the game for those that struggle to play as they will.
Good hunting

« on: March 28, 2012, 09:26:13 AM »
In all my time in the versions, I have done far more than merely play the game. It has been a very valuable investment of time in the evaluation of mechanics vs. strategy.
3 years in the making, through test and trials, POLTERGEIST has finally manifested into an alliance forged in the example (both good and bad) of all the others.
In the open of the new version, NOVA, various alliances that have graced the game, has given us the well trained, seasoned, and refined talent to form an alliance standing of near max in membership. Precision is the best description of our approach to the game. Continuity is the standard, and tactful aggression is the forbearer of advancement as we embrace the game.
Time will tell, but my prediction is that a new president with be set here in contrast to all the other versions where the same names appear again, and again, with the same old policies. Be it known that we will rival all that has been previously established in the course of SFC, and we will gladly match the competition that has been grossly imbalanced.

(*<G>*) Founder of POLTERGEIST (((-G-))

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