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Feature Suggestions / Trips with Multiple Stops
« on: January 01, 2010, 04:09:38 PM »
Inspired by viewtopic.php?f=4&t=2781

Currently, all trips are specifically between two planets.  I can send a transport from one planet to another, I can deploy from one planet to another, I can harvest from exactly one planet and then come home.  This seems incredibly inefficient; when I go out shopping, I don't go to one store, come home, then go to the next store.  I go to all of my destinations, perform whatever tasks are needed, and then come home at the end.

So, the request is for fleet movements with multiple destinations.  The most obvious is a harvest mission; travel to multiple debris clouds, fill the hold, and come home.  Transport is also fairly easy; I want to drop 1000 resources on this planet, 3000 on that one, 2000 on a third, then come home.  Similar for deploy, although perhaps not as useful.  Even attacks, if you wanted to get crazy about it and risk your fleet attacking several planets in sequence, could be set up this way.

Oh, and make sure that the person scheduling it sets the order in which they want the visits to take place.  Saying "I want to visit these 10 planets, find me the shortest path so I can spend the least fuel" is the Traveling Salesman problem, and I don't expect BFG to solve that one.  Or spend the money on a supercomputer. :)

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