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Feature Suggestions / Alliance base
« on: June 10, 2011, 06:04:42 PM »
I would like to see an Alliance base.  A single planet, with a "moon".  It would show in all alliance members as a tenth planet/moon.  
It would behave almost as a NPC, with some variants - one planet, one "moon".  Call the person assigned to manager it the "controller" for purpose of discussion.  The controller, and Alliance Leader would have access to added controls.  It could be included in Officer permissions and designated perhaps.

1. The planet would have warehouses, same as player planets.  
     A. Players can deposit, or withdraw (if accepted by the Alliance leader/controller) using their own cargo ships.  This would solve "retirement parties".
     B. It would work just like a trade, but the resources would just go in or out one way.  
     C. Withdrawals can only be taken up to the amount you personally deposited, if available.  That way if you quit the Alliance, you can take your share with you.
     D. The controller can send existing resources to any player, regardless of deposits made.  This way if a smaller player is destroyed, he can be supported by the group.

2. The planet can build defenses, and can be attacked.  
     A.  It can also be group defended just as if it was a player.
     B.  Instead of res needing harvest, it is deposited into the planet warehouses.  This could operate as an Alliance dio if necessary.
     C.  The planet can't nuke, but it can build silos and ABMs.  It can be nuked.

3. The moon acts as a base for the Alliance.  Your fleet can land there.  It can be attacked and lost.  Transit between that moon and that planet base does not require hydro.

4.  The "moon" is an Alliance warp gate.  A player can warp into it from their own gates, and their fleet can leave when they get there, assuming they have already sent sufficient hydro for deposit on the planet, and it is still available.  A fleet can return to the planet or moon, and warp home.  The res on the fleet drops into the warehouses.  The gate does not have a cool down period, but the player planet will have the normal cool down period.  The moon can't have an Oracle built.

That's all I can think of at the moment - feel free to tear apart, and add to it.  Was just thinking it might be fun.

Battle Reports / Battlestar Galactica Goes Into Chapter 11
« on: November 22, 2010, 07:56:47 AM »

General Starfleet Discussion / Hephalumps Leap-(blue)-Frogging along
« on: November 11, 2010, 07:59:27 AM »
I'm amused at the number of Hephs passing by....on average a new one or two within 30 systems of me in two galaxies.  I thought it was my personal hygiene, but no... I think there is a plan to pillage the locals once you get a Heph.  I've seen them with no Zeus to 12 Zeus, with major fleets to minor fleets.  

Most don't really seem to be leaving much destruction in their path. I thought they were rather costly to operate, and dangerous to leave parked and unprotected, so why are they leap-frogging down strange galaxies where they don't know the skills of the players they encounter?  

I'd love to see some discussion of strategy for using Hephs now that there are {choke} 3k and 4k players operating them.  What do YOU do with YOUR Heph?

General Starfleet Discussion / Don't you just hate it when........
« on: July 02, 2010, 12:31:09 AM » come on to find you have messy probe debris all over the porch? head out to clean it up, but click to a different planet first.... a different Galaxy....

....six galaxies away.  And don't you hate it more when...

You don't notice until much, much later....when it's 10 hours out.  And 14 hours left to go!

{sigh}  I do.

Alliances / Open Letter to briank and DFA Alliance
« on: June 21, 2010, 06:14:00 PM »

So that ALL members of DFA know the status, and so that other interested Alliances on the periphery are also in the loop - I am placing this open letter here so that everyone can read it.


RCP and DFA have been at odds for months now.  DFA expanded to Galaxy 57 between 400 and 499 some time ago.  RCP was formed in Galaxy 57, but more near the center and lower areas.  Most of RCP originally spawned in 57 and came together as an Alliance when the majority of us were only in Galaxy 57 and no where else.  I don't really know where DFA "began" but most of the older players were from 39-40 when I first started playing.  You have several very active players in Galaxy 57, but it is by no means your only area.  We found you to be juicy targets, because those of you who were not in (d) rarely if ever Fleetsaved (though that has improved some).  Two of RCP's more active members moved into upper 57.

When DFA deemed their lower players were threatened, you declared "War" on RCP.  No, not through the game controls, just with extra focus and activity.  Players going back and forth have talked about this "war", with denials, accusations of "you know we're at war", yada yada.  To get it out there on the table, RCP declared war through the Relations area - a formal declaration.  Unfortunately, the Leader of DFA was (d), the went (id) and finally went (Id).  We wondered what might happen if an Alliance leader was removed in a maintenance but never found out, as he came back long enough to pass the mantle to YOU.  Now you are the leader, but apparently the history didn't get passed along with the title.

Our Leader has asked that you accept our challenge or that you declare if you are at war.  With 82% of your planets in (d), one would think it would be hard to fight a war, but it seems you just don't want to do it above board.  Here is what you said to Perry this morning:

"Firstly, I am starting to take offense with how your operate your alliance and the number of messages you are sending about this "war". Firstly you and your alliance know we are at war, you sent us a message abotu a month ago with this confirmed so please do not insult our intelligence by continueing to ask us if we are at war and that we should acknowledge, take this as our confirmation of the fact we are at war with you.

On the note of setting this in the relations section. We will refuse to do this given your alliance and tthe way your members operate. Historically RCP go only after low ranking members, people they can take out very easily, you or your members never target individuals of the same/close ranks or with decent fleets. Given you and your members are very cowardly and the fact we will protect our lower ranking members from this obvious ploy for targeting them we will not accept an official "war" relation."

A typical DFA player has hundreds of defenses, usually including dozens of Plasmas and Gauss before they ever come out of (d) mode.  You have only 2 players under 1000 - one in Galaxy 27 and another in 57.  You only have 2 under 2k, and one has a single planet in 57.  Would you have everyone under 2000 limit themselves to attacking just these four players?  Since two of the four were recently in (d) that would severely limit the activity.  You STILL must not be teaching your lower ranked players to Fleetsave or it would not be an issue.  We'll be happy to do that for you.

You went on to say:

"Furthermore, I would like to take this time to highlight the fact we did not start this war. Steven Hartill attacked Nahani once, following that attack she targeting several new/lower ranking DFA members and then went on a campaign only targeting low ranking members. This is how she climbed ranks so effectively. This then brought about the protection of our alliance and thus eventually came into a full blown war when you and your members moved into 57.

If you would like to stop hostilities we woulc consider this only if you remove all RCP bases in 57.

I assume this won't meet your acceptance but will await your response."

Steven Hartill attacked Nahani -- and HE responded, and found that DFA members did not F/S.  (DFA seems to have issues with gender for some reason, I was referred to as "HE" as recently as last week by one of your members, and Nahani is being referred to as "SHE" - maybe you should ask or just use proper names).  

I can tell you this much - I don't think Nahani targeted just low ranking members.  It was totally the opposite - it was ALL DFA members.  Once he identifed that they didn't Fleet save, they were fodder...but then, so is everyone of every other Alliance who leaves ships out.  For some reason, you lot seem to think that the sun rises and sets in DFA country.  Not so much.  

You have been contacting other Alliances for assistance in this "war".  They need to know that you refuse to push the button.  You are telling them we rape and pillage your settlements, burning homes and eating babies.  This simply isn't the case.  {Ignore that gingerbread house in the forest, that was a gift I was making for my Grandchildren}.  We may remove some of your shells for a later, better attempt at getting to your massive amounts of res, but mostly we go after what we can kill and eat at the time.  When you sit on millions of res, and fleets of hundreds and refuse to put them away at night, it's your own fault if they are removed to our locations for safer keeping.  Simply put, it takes a million hydro to remove the defenses from any of your home planets and not that many have THAT massive of a fleet.

Teach your warriors to Fleet save.  Send the non-warriors deeper into (d) if that's possible, and grow some chest hair and acknowledge that you are at war -- push the button.  How can we target your babies if you are teaching them to play the way you are?

If not, then I hope the Alliances you are reaching out to will see this and realize that you not only DON'T need their help (you aren't at war) but that you would be better served warm with gravy - as a target, because you are hoarding res and unable to fight on your own because you refuse to take the basic necessary steps of teaching your own commanders how to play outside of (d).  Fleet save.  

Unless it has to do with that gender issue - you seem to think Nahani is female...I'm a female....are you afraid of strong females? Are you afraid of a bunch of "little girls"?  I thought it was especially funny when one of yours taunted me with "RCP fights like girls".  Yes, we do.  Like a lot of the "girls" here.  And guys.  

RCP began in Galaxy 57.  We won't be leaving.  If that becomes the only way to resolve this difference, then you need to start looking at all your other Galaxies from the 30s to the 60s - because upper 57 is about to get VERY crowded.

Unless you and yours are afraid of "girls", grow up.  Push the button.  

I will be sharing this letter to you publicly.

Original Universe / Alliance Descriptions
« on: April 11, 2010, 05:22:15 AM »
Is it possible to get an overview of your Alliances?  It's pretty hard to decide what Alliances to apply to, and until you join, it's pretty hard to tell the details.

For Example:

What area in the Universe do you occupy - Galaxy if you don't mind, range if you do.  Like 50s-60s, only up to 20, etc.

What range of players would you say you have - all experts (please don't start challenging one another as we all know that YOUR Alliance is ALL expert and everyone else is Noobs, but hey - some may actually answer this one).  Do you allow new players, moderate ranges, only under #20,000, top 400, what?

How big is your Alliance?  How many officers?

What kind of rules and philosophy?  Profit only, just for fun, serious players only, (d) farmers not allowed, etc.  

Are you currently in any wars (or skirmishes).   If so - with whom?  If not, have you ever been?  Did you win, lose or draw?

Do you have a NAP philosophy (no NAPs, all NAPs considered, only NAPs benefiting us, etc)

Recruiting threads are good but leave a lot to be desired.  I hope you take this as a serious question, as I'd really like to learn how the different Alliances are run.  I really appreciate considered responses.

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