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Feature Suggestions / Menoitios, Lightning Fast Raider
« on: April 30, 2010, 05:12:33 PM »
Name of Ship/Defense:  Menoitios
God of violent anger, rash action, and human mortality.

Description:  A very fast, but weak, raiding ship.  Designed to attack inactive players, and/or to follow up when a Hermes probe reveals a very weakly guarded mining colony.

(edited/updated, thanks to LunarAvenger for his revisions...)

Construction Cost: 1500 Ore, 1500 Crystal, 5000 Hydrogen

Hull Integrity: 300
Weapon Power: 25
Shield Power: 5

Rapid-fire on: Helios x2; Charon x2; Hermes x2
Rapid-fire Against: Zeus x250; Hades x60; Poseidon x15; Apollo x7

Cargo Capacity: 1000
Fuel Consumption: 50
Base Speed: 25,000
Engine Type : Warp

Building and Research Requirements:
Warp Drive level 1
FTL Tech level 4
Energy Tech level 6
Shipyard level 3

Notes:  It is intended that this ship will allow Warp-capable players a faster turn-around time for raiding inactives (ie, attack-and-return within 30 minutes).

------------- original version -----------------
Construction Cost: 500 Ore , 1500 Crystal, 8000 Hydrogen.

Hull Integrity:  200
Weapon Power: 20
Shield Power: 10

Rapid-fire For + Values [Good Against]: none

Rapid-fire Against + Values [Bad Against]:  Zeus x250;  Poseidon x200; Hades x100

Cargo Capacity:  1000
Fuel Consumption[In Hydrogen]: 10
Base Speed:  200,000
Engine Type : Warp

General Starfleet Discussion / Oracle can scan (n) (N)
« on: April 26, 2010, 08:18:51 PM »
A friend of mine is working on a tutorial on how the Oracle works, so he's been taking a lot of screenshots and showing me stuff.

As I was looking through the galaxy screenshots, I noticed that he can scan planets that are (n) (lower-newbie protection) and planets that are (N) (higher-newbie protection).

... oh, and yes, my friend is still under 5000 build points.  And he's in extreme.

Anyway, I was thinking about the implications of this ... it would mean that a player under newbie protection (under 5000 build points) can act as scanner against high-level players (ie, those above 25000 build points), and essentially act as coordinator for his alliance mates and buddies.  And while he wouldn't be able to give too exact of a coordinated strike; it's better than nothing.

It's almost like letting the diplomacy mode players use the Oracle on non-Diplomacy-mode players.

Extreme Universe / Player Population
« on: April 26, 2010, 03:33:44 PM »
I got this from a friend ... Number of players above X build points  (roughly)

Extreme Universe

3/6 (45 days since server start)
players above 00100 bp: 14900
players above 05000 bp: 05000
players above 10000 bp: 03100
players above 50000 bp: 00500

3/25 (64 days since server start)
players above 00100 bp: 15900
players above 05000 bp: 07400
players above 10000 bp: 05000
players above 50000 bp: 01546

4/26 (96 days since server start)
players above 00100 bp: 12800
players above 05000 bp: 08400
players above 10000 bp: 06400
players above 50000 bp: 03200

General Starfleet Discussion / Re: latest news!
« on: April 23, 2010, 02:22:45 PM »

I do have a feature request, and I'm actually not sure if you've already done this:

Can you include wildcards (?, *) in the search?  If I was looking for all variations on "Legion", for example, I'd just type in "*leg*"

General Starfleet Discussion / Wow! Lottery! Newbs with Athenas!
« on: April 01, 2010, 06:56:59 PM »
See it here
Quote from: "Matt"
We're revamping the daily login bonus. Now instead of a trivial amount of resources, you'll get a lottery ticket for each consecutive day you have logged in, up to 10 tickets, for each of two lotteries.

Daily lottery.
1st prize: 20,000 credits.
Runner Up prize: 10 Artemis Class Light Fighters (which will be added to your homeworld).

Weekly lottery.
1st prize: 100,000 credits.
Runner Up prize: 2 Athena Class Battleships (also on your homeworld).

There will be 9 Runners Up in both lotteries.

Quote from: "Matt"
I didn't realize what day it was, but it's no joke. And yeah, even the rankest newb can get a couple Athenas this way.

Assuming it really isn't a hoax ...


General Starfleet Discussion / Multiple Trades = LEGAL Pushing ?
« on: March 22, 2010, 09:11:28 PM »
Taken from the Loans thread

Mark Jaques asked a question of BFG and got Some Answers ... one of which is:

from Markjacques6
There is some one in the forums wanting a loan of a friend that is a higher ranker but isn't sure if there was some way of paying is friend back when he can. Is there any way that this can be done?

from John Hunka  of  Blue Frog Gaming
The only way that it can is by doing multiple favorable trades within the required ratios. By doing several trades back and forth, you can effectively "give" resources this way.

Does that mean that multiple favorable trades is a legal method of transferring resources to the higher-ranked player?

For example, using 2 trades:

Trade 1:
Lower Ranked: gives 20000 Ore
Higher Ranked: gives 10000 Hydrogen

Trade 2:
Lower Ranked: gives 10000 Hydrogen
Higher Ranked: gives 3334 Ore

Essentially, the 10000 Hydrogen is passed back and forth; but the Lower Ranked has a "net loss" of 16666 Ore, and the Higher Ranked has a "net gain" of 16666 Ore.

I had thought that doing this kind of multiple trades is actually considered pushing; but it seems John Hunka is saying it's legal??

Are multiple trades like this the LEGAL way of pushing?

New LIMITS on Group Attack/Defend

The number of players that can participate in a Group Attack or Group Defense has been changed.

A maximum of 6 fleets may participate in a Group Attack.
A maximum of 6 fleets may participate in a Group Defend (this does not include what is already on the planet).

Blue Frog Gaming

Let's discuss.

(edit to add: )
I've tested the "new feature" recently (in the last 2 hours).  It's actually 7 fleets, not 6.

Extreme Universe / (Announcement?)
« on: March 15, 2010, 04:08:56 PM »
Just got this message in-game.

In the next couple hours we will be moving the off-Facebook domain from to If you are logged in during that time and find yourself unable to play, you will be able to access it by going there.

I went to the site ... and ended up in Facebook.

I want to keep my off-facebook login!  Hopefully that's the way it is supposed to work...

Anyway.  Just letting you guys know.

Cuz ... in-game messages are not that helpful when you're not in-game.   :lol:

General Starfleet Discussion / Re: Is it just me...
« on: March 08, 2010, 04:52:06 PM »
Quote from: "codename_B"
Or is there a new login screen for extreme?

It is not just you ... they added that with the maintenance thing today.

I find it funny they say "A Virtual Universe with 300k Players".  There's barely 23k accounts in Extreme... and about 1/3rd of them are inactive.

Extreme Universe / Maintenance March 8 ... what's new?
« on: March 08, 2010, 03:48:56 PM »
Aside from the fancy new login screen on ...

Anything else new?  Bugs fixed?  Quirks un-quirked?

General Starfleet Discussion / Oracle change was choice C, not B
« on: March 07, 2010, 01:42:49 AM »
From Matt's Oracle Poll thread

Quote from: "Perseus"
Why would BFG listen to the minority of players?

Ironically ... I think they did.

Before the change, Oracles can see all fleet tasks on the planet, with the sole exception being recalled deploys.

The change announced on March 5 was
Oracles now see recalled deploys, and no longer see harvest missions. They also cost only 5k hydrogen to use.

The poll was (this was a little bit later on March 5):
How would you change the Oracle?
A -- I wouldn't.    18% [ 17 ]
B -- Block Harvests 59%  [ 57 ]
C -- Block Harvests but show recalled deploys. 14% [ 13 ]
D -- Block outbound deploys. 9% [ 9 ]
Total votes : 96

If you look carefully, they implemented choice C.

If they picked choice B -- which was the "majority" choice, the recalled deploy would still be invisible.

Now ... I'm not sure why BFG decided that having the recalled deploy visible makes the game balanced.  Perhaps they thought that they can make up for the "nerf-to-not-see-Harvests" by giving the Oracle a "minor adjustment" to see the recalled deploy.

Unfortunately, I think they simply made it more difficult for the player who's trying to "escape" the Oracle.

What do you guys think?

Feature Suggestions / Flagship/Hero
« on: March 05, 2010, 03:41:00 PM »
Intro.  Science Fiction novels and stories are rarely made about generic no-name ships.  Star Trek had the USS Enterprise.  Star Wars had the Millennium Falcon.  Firefly had Serenity.  Babylon 5 had the White Star.  Farscape had Moya.  Battlestar Galactica had Battlestar Galactica.  Lexx had ummm ... Lexx.  

So, let's give each player a chance to make his game experience epic.  Give them a chance to be their own hero in their epic space battles.


Each player can only have one active Flagship.

To promote or rebuild a Flagship, you need to have a Headquarters built.  The presence of a Headquarters on a planet allows the Flagship to be deployed there.

A Headquarters of any level can be used to promote an existing ship to be a Flagship.  The level of the Headquarters is the upper limit for rebuilding a destroyed Flagship of the same or lower level.  Leveling up the Flagship occurs while the Flagship is at the Headquarters of the same level.

Flagships gain levels through destroyed ship points they earn by participating and surviving in battles.

Each level grants 3 points, which they can use to customize the Flagship.  Each point is a 10% bonus to a choice of Hull, Shield, Attack, or Speed.  Alternatively, you can also spend a point to increase an existing rapid fire rating by 1.  Alternatively, you can also spend a point to give the entire fleet a +0.1% bonus to either Attack or Hull

When a Flagship is destroyed, it can be rebuilt in a qualified Headquarters on any planet the player owns.  The level of the Flagship being rebuilt increases the costs of rebuilding it.

Flagships start out with the same base statistics of a normal ship, plus 3 custom points for being at level 1.

Optional Stuff
-- Allow the player to rename the Flagship.
-- Grant the player +1 Fleet  (The Flagship has a built-in Admiral)
-- Alien Invaders for the Hero to fight!
----- either as an end-game scenario; or,
----- as a seasonal event

------------ EXAMPLES START HERE ---------
For example:

Player Cody Banks has unlocked Artemis, Apollo, Atlas, and Hercules.  He has built a level 1 Headquarters on his Homeworld.  He also has an Artemis and an Atlas on the Homeworld.  If he had an Apollo built and on the Homeworld, he could promote that to Flagship; but right now, he can only promote either the Artemis or the Atlas.

Cody Banks promotes his Artemis to Flagship.  It is now a level 1 Flagship; and it gains 3 points to customize.  Cody decides to put 2 points into weapons (+20% base attack = +10), and 1 point into Hull (+10% base hull = +40).

Cody starts sending his Artemis out on raids, and fortunately, it survives and gains some experience through destroyed ship points.  (I'm not sure how many should be needed for each level-up... but let's pick an arbitrary number.)  Right now, his Flagship has 92 destroyed ship points, and he needs a total 100 for levelup ... 8 more points to go!  How exciting!

Cody spies a target that might earn him the 8+ points he needs to levelup.  So he launches his raid.  Unfortunately, his Flagship is destroyed in the raid; although he does manage to get plunder.

Back at his homeworld, Cody now has the option of rebuilding the Flagship (which has 92 DS points).  Or, he could build an Apollo in his shipyard and promote the Apollo as a new Flagship (with 0 DS points).  He decides to make an Apollo Flagship -- the 92-DS Artemis Flagship remains "in memory" in case Cody changes his mind at a later date.

His new (0 Destroyed Ship points) Apollo Flagship is at level 1 and has 3 custom points to spend.  Cody spends 2 on attack (+30) and 1 on hull (+85).

After a few more raids, and a few successful defenses, Cody manages to earn 100 Destroyed Ship points with his Apollo Flagship.  His Flagship is now level 2!  He has 3 more custom points to spend ... but he needs to upgrade his level 1 Headquarters to level 2.

After upgrading his HQ, he can now spend the 3 custom points he earned with leveling the Flagship up to 2.  Cody spends 1 on attack (+15) and 1 on hull (+85), and he also spends 1 to improve his rapid fire vs Atlas  from 3 to 4.

The enemy ship targets near his Homeworld have essentially "dried up", and Cody now wants to start raiding from his Colony instead.  But before his Flagship can deploy to his Colony, the Colony must have a Headquarters.  Cody builds a level 1 Headquarters at his Colony, and then he deploys his raiding fleet -- along with the Flagship -- to the Colony.

Fast-forward .... Cody's level 2 Apollo Flagship is destroyed while raiding from the Colony planet.  The colony planet only has a level 1 Headquarters, so he can't rebuild the level 2 Apollo Flagship there (but he does have the option to rebuild the level 1 Artemis Flagship).  In order to rebuild the level 2 Apollo Flagship, he needs to rebuild it at a level 2 Headquarters -- which he only has at his Homeworld.  He now has to choose between leveling up the HQ at his Colony, or rebuilding the Flagship at the Homeworld instead.

Cody decides to upgrade his Colony HQ.  Then he rebuilds the Apollo 2 Flagship from the Colony HQ (level 2).

He continues on more raids, and eventually, he earns the additional 200 destroyed ship points that it would take to level-up the Flagship to level 3.  (Total of 300 = 100 for level 2 + 200 for level 3)

Cody also needs to upgrade one of his HQs to level 3 in order to spend the custom points.  His targets around the Colony have "dried up", so he upgrades his Homeworld HQ to level 3.  Meanwhile, his fleet-and-flagship are being deployed to the Homeworld.

Once both the HQ is at level 3, and the Flagship is at the planet with that HQ, Cody is able to apply the 3 custom points.  He's getting tired of having to rebuild his Apollo Flagship, so he spends the custom points on Hull (+30% = +255)


Headquarters Costs
Level - Ore - Crystal - Hydro
1 - 800 - 500 - 200
2 - 1600 - 1000 - 400
3 - 3200 - 2000 - 800
4 - 6400 - 4000 - 1600

Promote / Rebuild Flagship
FlagshipLevel - additional % to ship base cost
1 - 10%
2 - 20%
3 - 40%
4 - 80%
5 - 160%

For example
Promoting an Artemis to Flagship-Artemis (level 1) costs 3300 Ore, 1100 Crystal
Rebuilding a level 1 Flagship-Artemis costs 3300 Ore, 1100 Crystal
Rebuilding a level 2 Flagship-Artemis costs 3600 Ore, 1200 Crystal
Rebuilding a level 5 Flagship-Artemis costs 7800 Ore, 2600 Crystal

Leveling up the Flagship
Level X - Destroyed Ship Points to go from level (x-1) to (x) --- total Destroyed Ship Points
1 - 0 --- 0
2 - 100 --- 100
3 - 200 --- 300
4 - 400 --- 700
5 - 800 --- 1500
6 - 1600 --- 3100

(edit: added the +%fleet attack and +%fleet hull bonus)
(edit2: polishing up some vague phrasing and math corrections, and extended the example to level 3)
(edit3: added my guesstimate on costs; and level-up table)
(edit4: added intro, redid some formatting)
(edit5: added optional items)

A friend and I were playing around with rapid fire, trying to understand how it works (yeah, I read the wiki ... but I just had to see it in action).

Here is one of the reports.

Round 1

Hermes: 2  (Hull 240)

Artemis: 1  (Weaponry 50)

The attacking fleet fires a total of 2 times with a power of 0 upon the defender. The defender's shield absorbs 0 damage points. The defending fleet fires a total of 1 times with a power of 50 upon the attacker. The attacker's shield absorbs 0 damage points.

Round 2

Hermes: 2  (Hull 190)

Artemis: 1

The attacking fleet fires a total of 2 times with a power of 0 upon the defender. The defender's shield absorbs 0 damage points. The defending fleet fires a total of 1 times with a power of 50 upon the attacker. The attacker's shield absorbs 0 damage points.

Round 3

Hermes: 2 (Hull 140)

Artemis: 1

The attacking fleet fires a total of 2 times with a power of 0 upon the defender. The defender's shield absorbs 0 damage points. The defending fleet fires a total of 19 times with a power of 950 upon the attacker. The attacker's shield absorbs 0 damage points.

Final status

Artemis: 1

Created by the Battle Report Bookmarklet (Version 0.1.2)

That last round was interesting.  The Artemis was unlucky in prior rounds with the rapid fire "dice rolls" ... and then goes berserk in the 3rd-and-last round ... 18 successful rapid fire "dice rolls" ... wow!  Talk about overkill!  That pilot had his trigger finger twitching like crazy!

General Starfleet Discussion / Pushing ... and moons
« on: March 04, 2010, 04:30:58 PM »
Can someone -- hopefully someone from BFG -- help clarify Pushing?

The wiki says:
You cannot send resources to a player ranked higher than you. Trading is allowed, but the trade must follow standard ratios and must be completed by both parties within 24 hours.

And could be interpreted to only apply to trade and transport missions.  The Trade missions are already coded to only work within the ratios; and the transport missions don't allow sending resources to a higher ranked player.

So ... are there other ways that Pushing can be done?


The reason I ask is because this entire "Let's make a moon" actually encourages groups of players to help get their group a moon.

Let's say 11 players decide they want to have someone in their group have a moon and share in the costs and benefits.  So 10 of the players build 250 artemis each, for a total of 2500 artemis.  They group attack the 11th player, who has poseidons and other defenses waiting.

All fine so far?

Now the question arises: who's allowed to touch the debris field?

In this particular case, the 11th player who has poseidons is also the only guy who has dionysus ships.  The plan is for him to collect the debris field and redistribute it to the other 10 players -- who are all lower ranked than him.

Did Pushing occur in this example?

General Starfleet Discussion / Oracle: Objective discussion
« on: March 03, 2010, 04:09:13 PM »
Yes.  It's another Oracle thread.  Before you run away screaming, I'd like to invite you to take a deep breath and recompose yourself.

Let's try to discuss this without whining, please.

The focus of this thread will be to discuss the purpose behind having the Oracle in the game.  Let's talk about:

1.  What power(s) is the Oracle supposed to give.
2.  What power(s) is the Oracle NOT supposed to give.
3.  Supporting arguments for the 2 items above.

As much as I value player input, I really do want to hear from the game developers as well.  Why did the game developers add the Oracle to the game?  (Which is just another way of saying: "What purpose does the Oracle fulfill?")

Out of scope for this discussion are:
a. real life scheduling difficulties at playing the game;
b. bugs concerning the game, especially the oracle;
c. how the oracle has changed the "rules" of the game; let's pretend it was there from the beginning;
d. fixes or modifications to how the Oracle works;
e. additions or modifications to the game that would affect how the Oracle works.

(edit) Adding the Screenshot links here, as my signature has become too crowded.

Oracle Screenshots:

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