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General Starfleet Discussion / Dissapearing Players
« on: April 07, 2010, 11:15:54 AM »
Wth?? A guy went 'iD' near me this morning, he wasn't last night so it was definitely very recent.. launched some attack fleets as he had a lot of re sitting out.

I look later and find no battle report and just my ships returning.. take a look and the player is completely gone?? His planets just free slots now.

So what's up with that? Theres still plenty of inactives about so why has this guy suddenly been deleated? He cant have been inactive for more than 24h and more than likely less than 12.

These are the buildings/tech I got from him on recon so while he wasn't the biggest player he definitely wasn't small.

* Ore Mine: 17
* Crystal Mine: 17
* Hydrogen Synthesizer: 10

* Laser Tech: 10
* Armor Tech: 5
* Weapons Tech: 4
* Shield Tech: 6
* Particle Tech: 5
* Jet Drive: 6
* A.I. Tech: 5
* Energy Tech: 8
* Espionage Tech: 5
* Pulse Drive: 5
* Plasma Tech: 5
* FTL Tech: 4
* Expedition Tech: 2
* Warp Drive: 4

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