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Feature Suggestions / PLUTO CLASS MINING SHIP
« on: December 11, 2011, 02:38:57 PM »
If this has been suggested, or something like it - I didn't notice.  I looked through the ship ideas.   As a preface, this gives new resource generation, and new ships to blow up.  You can fleet save it - but if you do, it doesn't generate wealth for you.  If you leave it out - someone may blow them up, but it might be worth it...   People will build tens of thousands of these.....  It'll be a game changer, but nothing unbalancing.   

Plutos Class Mining Ship
Description: An almost harmless ship, which generates low resources for the planet it orbits.
Construction Cost: 3000 , 1000, 1000.

Hull Integrity: 400
Weapon Power:5
Shield Power:10

Rapid-fire For + Values [Nothing]:
Rapid-fire Against + Values [All Fighters+3, Cruisers+5, Capitals+10, and Zues+200]:

Cargo Capacity: 50
Fuel Consumption[1000]:
Base Speed:12500
Engine Type [Jet]:

Building and Research Requirements:
Laser 10, Armor 5, Jet Drive 3, Energy 9, Plasma 5

Other Features:

Generates 15 ore per hour
Generates 10 crystal per hour
Generates 5 hydrogen per hour

Off-Topic / An interesting message someone posted....
« on: January 16, 2011, 09:46:06 PM »
So, someone tells me they can't reach the message boards:

So I tried to log into BFG boards....


You have been permanently banned from this board.

Please contact the Board Administrator for more information.

Reason given for ban: Being a douchebag

A ban has been issued on your username.

Does that look right?  Is that really how the moderators ban people, and the reasons?  I know the moderators are not paid for their jobs, but - isn't this a little unprofessional?

Battle Reports / 2 Hephs in 1 Day
« on: December 22, 2010, 12:32:16 AM »
Watching all the Exiled Hits - makes me jealous.  I decided I needed to look for something to blow up today.  I noticed that my neighbor had an undeployed heph and was running missions all day long.  

Mayhem, Davo, and Myself are sitting around in his system - wait for him to launch another set of missions and... we launch.  He comes on 2 minutes before we land and relaunches missions... but doesn't fleet save.  He claims he doesn't bot, and that the attack wasn't visible on his iphone.  Either way, his heph - in my pocket.

Randall Vollen led an attack on Graham Tucker at Avalon [xx:xxx:xx].
The following emerged from battle after 4 rounds:

*****Attacker: Randall Vollen*****
Artemis: 9464  (Lost: 536)
Apollo: 576  (Lost: 24)
Athena: 2897  (Lost: 29)
Ares: 845  (Lost: 12)
Hades: 986  (Lost: 11)
Prometheus: 1292  (Lost: 10)
** Resources lost: 4,587,000 ore, 2,271,000 crystal, and 495,000 hydrogen.
** Destroyed Ship Points Gained: 38,077

*****Attacker: Mayhem25*****
Artemis: 1427  (Lost: 73)
Poseidon: 199  (Lost: 1)
Athena: 1430  (Lost: 20)
Hades: 1097  (Lost: 3)
** Resources lost: 1,229,000 ore, 500,000 crystal, and 47,000 hydrogen.
** Destroyed Ship Points Gained: 38,077

*****Attacker: Davo White*****
Athena: 1488  (Lost: 12)
Hades: 1058  (Lost: 7)
** Resources lost: 750,000 ore, 460,000 crystal, and 105,000 hydrogen.
** Destroyed Ship Points Gained: 38,077

*****Defender: Graham Tucker*****
Hermes: 0  (Lost: 55)
Artemis: 0  (Lost: 150)
Atlas: 0  (Lost: 5)
Apollo: 0  (Lost: 455)
Charon: 0  (Lost: 2)
Hercules: 0  (Lost: 674)
Dionysus: 0  (Lost: 52)
Poseidon: 0  (Lost: 2)
Athena: 0  (Lost: 206)
Ares: 0  (Lost: 20)
Hades: 0  (Lost: 8)
Prometheus: 0  (Lost: 126)
Zeus: 0  (Lost: 2)
Hephaestus: 0  (Lost: 1)
Missile: 0  (Lost: 4000)
Laser: 0  (Lost: 100)
Pulse: 0  (Lost: 50)
Particle: 0  (Lost: 50)
Decoy: 0  (Lost: 1)
Gauss: 0  (Lost: 10)
Large decoy: 0  (Lost: 1)
Plasma: 0  (Lost: 60)
** Ship Resources lost: 55,872,000 ore, 43,940,500 crystal, and 14,420,000 hydrogen.
** Total Resources lost: 67,682,000 ore, 47,600,500 crystal, and 16,240,000 hydrogen.
** Destroyed Ship Points Gained: 10,444

The attacking side acquired 2,661,407 ore, 1,596,504 crystal, and 1,776,981 hydrogen.
Some of the enemy's defenses were rebuilt.
18,731,400 ore and 14,151,450 crystal are now floating at this location.
There was a 20.0% chance that a moon would form from the debris.
However, no moon formed.

Unfortunately, I sent Dios to ATTACK and not harvest.  We got 90% of the DF instead of 100%.

Sitting around waiting on dios to come back...  we're anchored with our harvesters and I oracle a guy 30 systems up with a heph.  I notice he's attacking G52.  I pray he doesn't notice that he's attacking G52 and I start to grab people for the GA.  

Few hours later, we're situated and here we go:

Brian Alicie led an attack on _Darth_Sidious_ at T.A. Executor [xx:xxx:xx].
The following emerged from battle after 5 rounds:

*****Attacker: Brian Alicie*****
Artemis: 1314  (Lost: 824)
Apollo: 587  (Lost: 250)
Poseidon: 783  (Lost: 133)
Athena: 855  (Lost: 53)
Ares: 176  (Lost: 10)
Hades: 552  (Lost: 24)
Prometheus: 634  (Lost: 23)
** Resources lost: 11,617,000 ore, 5,535,000 crystal, and 1,121,000 hydrogen.
** Destroyed Ship Points Gained: 111,475

*****Attacker: Joan Seneca*****
Artemis: 6230  (Lost: 3770)
Athena: 931  (Lost: 52)
Hades: 1148  (Lost: 61)
Prometheus: 1268  (Lost: 56)
** Resources lost: 18,840,000 ore, 9,790,000 crystal, and 1,755,000 hydrogen.
** Destroyed Ship Points Gained: 111,475

*****Attacker: Davo White*****
Poseidon: 344  (Lost: 56)
Athena: 1402  (Lost: 86)
Hades: 1016  (Lost: 42)
Prometheus: 483  (Lost: 21)
** Resources lost: 7,510,000 ore, 4,412,000 crystal, and 1,057,000 hydrogen.
** Destroyed Ship Points Gained: 111,475

*****Attacker: Randall Vollen*****
Apollo: 1053  (Lost: 447)
Athena: 2742  (Lost: 155)
Hades: 956  (Lost: 30)
Prometheus: 1249  (Lost: 43)
** Resources lost: 13,137,000 ore, 6,792,500 crystal, and 1,095,000 hydrogen.
** Destroyed Ship Points Gained: 111,475

*****Attacker: Mayhem25*****
Poseidon: 88  (Lost: 11)
Athena: 1367  (Lost: 63)
Hades: 1046  (Lost: 51)
** Resources lost: 4,585,000 ore, 3,062,000 crystal, and 787,000 hydrogen.
** Destroyed Ship Points Gained: 111,475

*****Defender: _Darth_Sidious_*****
Hermes: 0  (Lost: 2078)
Artemis: 0  (Lost: 4000)
Atlas: 0  (Lost: 1989)
Apollo: 0  (Lost: 2000)
Hercules: 0  (Lost: 2000)
Poseidon: 0  (Lost: 2000)
Gaia: 0  (Lost: 7)
Athena: 0  (Lost: 1018)
Ares: 0  (Lost: 374)
Hades: 0  (Lost: 820)
Prometheus: 0  (Lost: 701)
Zeus: 0  (Lost: 13)
Hephaestus: 0  (Lost: 1)
** Ship Resources lost: 296,218,000 ore, 205,666,000 crystal, and 55,495,000 hydrogen.
** Total Resources lost: 296,218,000 ore, 205,666,000 crystal, and 55,495,000 hydrogen.
** Destroyed Ship Points Gained: 91,095

The attacking side acquired 705,207 ore, 405,412 crystal, and 2,435,127 hydrogen.
105,572,100 ore and 70,577,250 crystal are now floating at this location.

I haven't worked all the numbers - but I'm pretty sure we're up for the day :)

That's 2 Hephs, and 15 Zeus' in a day.

New Player Corner / Newb Question from not much of a Newb
« on: November 06, 2010, 12:18:04 AM »
When you attack a moon - will you hit the satellite on the planet below?  I would guess no - but when you harvest a DF on a moon, you do harvest the DF around the planet (it's one and the same).  

I'm also guessing no since it would show on the probe report.

Just curious.  I forget the last time I attacked a moon...

Feature Suggestions / Request - Deploy more than 1 Heph
« on: November 05, 2010, 11:52:58 PM »
I've kept up on most of the suggestions, and I didn't see this previously.  I've made mistakes before - I'm sure to make them again, I apologize if this is a duplicate.

I would like MULTIPLE Heph deployments to be available to players.  As the game maturates, It will put more risk on us the players - but also make us more mobile and able to hunt in multiple areas more effectively.  I'm sure it won't help most people immediately, but being able to build multiple hephs would go a long way to making players more mobile.  I would rather have 2 or 3 Hephs with smaller fleets, than 1 heph with a mega fleet - it's personal preference, I'm sure others won't agree - but I would like the option.

Thanks for reading!

Off-Topic / AdBlock Plus Blocks Leader Boards
« on: November 03, 2010, 08:48:21 PM »
So, I installed AdBlock Plus (, since I was tired of advertisements on BattleCalc (Oh yeah, screw their revenues!!  If they didn't put advertisements so close to the submit button, I wouldn't have bothered - anyways...)  Everything was fine and dandy until I went to check my position on the leaderboard.  (I'm vane like that)  Anyways - Adblock plus blocks the leaderboard.

Anyone use AdBlock Plus that can help me with the filters?  I'm using the fanboy default filter on firefox....

Thanks for the help - and the flamers are free to flame me for blocking the ads, I know it's how battlecalc generates revenue to keep their site up, but frankly - it just got to be too much for me.

Best Regards!

Original Universe / Changes to Trade - Why?
« on: October 29, 2010, 03:31:40 PM »
I noticed the recent change in trade.  You have to accept the trade at the planet to which the trade is being sent.  Why is this?

Originally when I first started this game, Trades could be sent to and from different worlds.  It was really nice, because if I wanted to trade for something in one place, receive the payment in another place it was possible.  

They changed it months ago such that when you initiate a trade, you can't specify the destination of where the trade is received other than the planet that is selected when originating the trade.  However, the receiver of the trade request could still dispatch their trade ships from a different location than where the accepting resources were being sent.

Yesterday I noticed this changed.  Trades are now exactly between 2 planets.  If someone sends you a trade request, you must fulfill it from the planet to which they are sending the trade.  

I don't know why they made the change, and I would like to ask what benefit to the game was this change?  It was annoying when they made the first change, however this second change changes how I trade.  I used to be able to buy resources from players from my homeworld, and receive them on a MAC near my heph - now I can't do that, and it requires that I have enough resources at my heph MAC to make the purchase.  Sometimes I buy upwards of 20 million in a resource from players, and I don't always have the resources at the MAC.  

Has anyone else noticed this?  Does it make sense why they made the change?  Was someone abusing it?  Is this an inconvenience for anyone else?

Best Regards!

Original Universe / Game is stuck
« on: September 27, 2010, 12:33:39 AM »
Anyone else have attacks that are stuck????

Battle Reports / The Story of "The Ox"
« on: September 25, 2010, 08:52:42 PM »
Months ago, I when passing through some mid-upper galaxies, I came across "Admiral Ox" of Unimat0.  At the time, I tried to attack him a few times, he tried to ninja me or would move his stuff and say something clever like, "you'll never get me, nah-nah-naaaah-nah-nah" all the while swishing his tail at the flies encircling his bovine-sized forehead.  I learn that he's mostly a farmer and that he's on like 25.5 hours a day (If it were possible).

People told me that he "botted" or "multi-accounted" or whatever people say when they can't catch someone.  I wasn't vested in hunting this guy, I was just looking for easy targets (This was back before moons, or near the introduction of them...)

Fast Forward to a week or two ago.  The OBK Hunting party I was with in the upper 50's returned home to deal with some pirates (Interesting that when we're pirating away from home it's ok, when people pillage in our back-yard it isn't... but I digress...), we were looking at our next challenge when one of our fringe areas start reporting a MASS buildup of Unimat0 Fleets.   People report Ten's of thousands of ships moving in via oracle.  We are 2 days away at the best - and we're doing other things - but we decide to make the trip over a week and see what's going on.

Lo-and-behold it's Admiral Ox and his Merry men from Unimat0.  They've come to play - and they think that because they brought 100k ships between them that they can farm active players the same as inactives.   This was their First mistake.

First thing that happens, OX continues probing OBK.  Ligman from OBK asks him what's up - Ox gives a vague answer and tells him he's not going to attack him.  I see the conversation on the boards, and figure - guy's starting out slow, He's attacking alliances like Sto-vo-Kor or some other crappy alliance that doesn't FRS.  The next day, I'm talking to Ligman in chat, and he's like "Ox is attacking me."  This continues their mistakes.

Ligman Ninja's Ox's 200 Athenas and 1k Arties.  Ligman is a nice guy, so he PM's OX and asks, "hey, why didn't you slow probe."  Ox's reply is something like, "I got lazy - you taught me a lesson.  I'll slow probe in the future." What did Ox learn?

Few days later - I'm in chat and Ligman's telling me how Ox attacked someone (ShadowT? Deridex? not sure who) and got 600 of his Poseidons's Ninja'd. Another minor mistake?

Now, 2 days ago - I'm in chat and one of the OBK officer's Terrance's wife Nadine is being Attacked by Ox (Who has previously stated multiple times that he doesn't want any trouble from OBK), Bob of ISS (Who is on Nadine's Buddy List), and Kimbalicious (Yeah, we thought she retired).  First - side note - Kimba isn't Kimba.  We have *no* idea who is the new Kimba, but she/he/it doesn't play nice, I've seen some of the story circulating of stuff she's pulled - OBK has a general warning of avoidance on this player.  

Ligman, Mayhem, Terrance, and Myself rush to Group Defend Nadine.  Now there is speculation that Kimba was playing both sides - that Kimba wanted Terrance and Ox to go head to head and clean up the DF.  I can guarantee that Kimba didn't know that Ligman, Mayhem, and I would be online.  (I came on 2 minutes before the attack had to be sent..  So it was dumb luck that I was able to join)  We also have moons in system and had another OBK officer 10 systems away with an Oracle and warpgates.  Regardless of whatever Kimbah had planned, Ox should have been smarter.   But Oxen aren't renowned for their intelligence.  Have you not learned your lesson yet on hunting actives OX?

So he starts crying that he was tricked - that we work with Kimba - and his leader starts crying about it too.  Listen Ox - learn to play the game, We don't work with Kimba, Learn to take responsibilities for your own failure to play the game right.  You were a top 100 player and didn't slow probe.  Go back to farming in G52 or suffer the consequences of being a shitty player.

Here is the battle report - Ox - We're coming for the rest of your fleet.  When we're done with what you have left - We're gonna hunt your friends, and your friend's friends.

Original Universe / Is the moon trick legit?
« on: May 02, 2010, 05:50:14 AM »
Everyone can guess what I think of the "moon" trick.   I want to know what you think.

Original Universe / Activity Scripts?
« on: April 27, 2010, 09:42:25 PM »
So.  I've noticed that there are people that seem to log-on for a few seconds and then no more activity.  Or, some stuff will shuffle around, but if I attack they don't do anything, except log on and off every 30-35 minutes.

What's the deal?  Why don't people just FRS instead of having their dog lick the mouse every 30 minutes...

Original Universe / Ore Production Values Level 29-30
« on: April 23, 2010, 11:16:22 AM »
I'm about to do the upgrades to L29 and L30 Ore.  I'm doing the cost benefit and I see something *VERY* wrong with the in game numbers.

It has an increase of about 4,000 between level 29 and Level 30 -- BUT -- the production per hour if I do the math myself is only about 2k.  Can someone validate which is correct.  This impacts which mines I upgrade and when.

Original Universe / Error "Cuz"
« on: April 07, 2010, 05:55:19 PM »
So.. I was trying to attack -- and check out my error...

Battle Reports / An End to an Era. Ode to Darth Paulidius
« on: February 28, 2010, 10:16:45 PM »
First, I would like to say that it does not give me any pleasure knowing that Darth Paulidius is retiring.  He is a skilled player, he deserves the kudos and compliments in all that he has achieved.   I hope that he does not retire, and will return to SFC.   Hopefully, he doesn't harbor a grudge too great against me either.

This story begins a week or so ago.  Darth Paulidius came to our galaxy looking for a new hunting ground.  My name is Randall Vollen, I am the current Leader of OBK and a representative of the GXX Coalition.  Paulidius began his reign of terror by immediately destroying one of my allies.  The Watchmen as they are called were formed by JediPrime of KBF.  They assisted in our galaxy by keeping peace and maintaining order.  

One at a time the Watchmen fell.  These men were not your average players.  They are experienced gamers all of them are Veteran Klingon Black Fleet members.  Darth Paulidius knew he was stronger.  He was online more often.  If their fleets were not saved 100% of the time, they were his to be had.  The game was unplayable for many of them.  Some dropped into (d).  Others defied him, but they were not safe.  Austin Jarvis and Matt Grey were continually probed, prodded, and antagonized.  They were alone and Paulidius knew it.

My people reported being probed, I told them to keep their fleets saved -- but I knew in my heart that there was nothing stopping this force.  Darth Paulidius was the Hammer.  Nothing, No one could touch him.  He had thousands of ships -- perhaps even ten thousand ships.  There was no home for us it seemed.

During this time Darth Paulidius joined our Facebook group, challenged the members, kept a kill count, and taunted us.  I held my tongue.  I watched, with both fear and anger boiling inside me.  How could someone treat other people in this manner.   Who was he to tread on us?

I had a plan.  I knew of an award that every raider wants.  Every raider wants to kill a Zeus.  There are so few of them, and those that have them -- normally do not have the fleet to protect them.  The reward was overwhelming to Darth Paulidius.  He wanted that Zues, and he wanted it today.

I hinted to him that I knew where he could fine one.  I hinted that it was for me to destroy.  I told him that I had a plan to attack it.  Darth Paulidius found the Zeus, but not because it was hiding.  It was the bait, the Zeus belongs to my ally.  It was left along side 10m resources to lure him in.  I offered him my fleet to attack, and together -- we attacked.

Immediately I slowed the attack as much as possible.  I maxed out the time -- ordered my online players to defend our ally.  Defend Her at all costs.  I sent part of my fleet (proms and hades) with Darth Paulidius.  I sent the rest (Pos, Artemis, Athena, Hades) to defend my ally.  At the last couple of seconds, I withdrew my attacking fleet.

His fleet was:

Atlas: 863
Hercules: 119
Artemis: 1059
Apollo: 278
Poseidon: 144
Athena: 458
Hades:  142

Ships remaining after he attacked:
Athena: 8
Hades: 4

The attacking side failed to acquire any resources.

There now float 13,039,200 ore and 6,400,500 crystal in this orbit.
There's a 20.0% chance that a moon will form from the debris.
However, no moon formed.

I will post more images.

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