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Is it possible to make the slots showing ship and resources numbers in full now that we are going into the Quadrillions? It is really irritating sending your cursor up and down the numbers to see what's in the slot!

Hired Guns Universe / Messed up attacks
« on: February 19, 2014, 04:10:39 PM »
Twice today I launched an attack on a player, even slow probed to be safe. Attack hit and then fleet, recyclers and screen just hung up and no battle report, no result except 10 messages on Home screen saying I attacked and what res I got, was awarded the Paragon badge over and over. Sent messages to BFG who has yet to reply hours after the incident. The only way I could get my missing fleet back, was to recall, more than 30 minutes after attack hit. Fleet was back but empty handed. I probed again after 30 minutes and sent a second attack, same thing happened, screen and fleet hung up and no battle report or result, recalled again and got ziltch.
Wasted my time and hydro and stonewalled by BFG. They robbed me of my rightful dsp and res, twice

No wonder the game is running empty, I get more white screens now after the downtime than ever before.

So what are you doing about this BFG?????????

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