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Feature Suggestions / Help Create your Dream Tournament Universe
« on: July 01, 2012, 07:16:59 PM »
So I know that after almost getting excited about playing a new Tournament Universe that after reading the proposed layout for the tournament, that given the way that the tokens and beginning strategy of the game work, that I won't be playing this one.

However, I thought that perhaps, in this thread, players could list the things that they would want to see in a Tournament Universe that they would actually play.

Here are my thoughts:
1) the current proposed speeds and building mine ratios are good - +1
2) No moons for the tournament uni
3) have everyone start with a full fleet at the beginning of the game.  Have all buildings start at level 10 generation and the techs should start from 0 as usual.
4) have no ships/massive res bonus' available in the tokens for sale.  However, as BFG does need to generate cash, still have the droids, admirals, planet moves, etc for sale as those functions don't affect the leaderboards the same say.
5) have the point system for building/res spent calculate differently on a point for build ratio rather than a res spent ratio.  This would make the focus of this Tournament Universe be about hunting/surviving/ship building versus mine building.
6) Have no NPC's in the game at all
7) have no missions for res, but instead have the missions generate badges only or unlock accomplishments that do have rewards.
8) have a 3 strikes your 'out' rule in the universe meaning that if you lose 50% or more of your fleet more than 3 times than you game becomes null and void (this could mean that maybe the Tourny length gets diminished to maybe 2-3 months tops)
9) charge an entrance fee of $25.00 but for that fee give every new player 50-100k in credits to start the game with.
10) winner of the Tournament and top player in each category would go in a new thread called 'the Winning Hall of Fame' on the boards.

So that is my dream hunter's tourney idea.

For those that are builders, perhaps you would like to see a Tournament that showcases building instead or for other hunters, you might have some better ideas on how a Tournament universe could be created as a level playing field that measures skill.

Either way, I thought that I would post this thread as a start to generate ideas of what players would like to see in Tournament Universes in one thread given the current reaction to the one proposed by BFG.


Off-Topic / OMG!!! He`s Lost IT!
« on: July 01, 2011, 03:01:07 AM »
So I think that Phil has lost it tonight and I am soooo SAD about that.  

He was so upset about not being a mod anymore that he just went and hacked into the game and decided that since all of you people think that he is a cheater, well he might as well just cheat!

See for yourselves what you have done to drive a newly turned 16 year old to do!

Eye spy with my little eye....

`Huston, we HAVE a PROBLEM here

The first person to spot all of the mistakes gets nothing but some fun!


And Happy Birthday Phil

Extreme Universe 2 / Bug with New War Feature
« on: June 29, 2011, 03:15:45 AM »
So I noticed when I was declaring war on the universe this evening, that apparently as an alliance you can declare and accept war on yourself.

I have ticketed this to BFG but just wanted to share.


Support Rulings / Constructive Ideas to address In-Game Harassment
« on: June 18, 2011, 08:42:58 PM »
In game harassment is something that does occur and per some of BFG's new rulings on what is considered to be harassment, I thought that I would start this thread to a) clarify what in game harassment is and b) to focus on some alternative solutions to addressing this issue.

My understanding of harassment in the game (and I could be wrong) would be

 - verbal abuse through in game communications including but not limited to personal threats against the person in real life or their friends, family members, etc.  Racist, hateful, profane or disparaging communications.

 - repeated attacks on a player on a regular and consistent basis for no other purpose than to demoralize the player being attacked.

While I know that BFG has currently changed their decision as to what constitutes in game harassment, I would like to ignore that ruling for the time being and move forward with ways to address what we all would generally accept as in game bullying.

suggestions to are up first!   :lol:  ;)

Battle Reports / White Gold Wielder: Corner Pocket
« on: April 18, 2011, 04:33:52 AM »
So I normally don't post any of my hits on the boards, but this is my largest solo to date so I thought that I would share :)

The total DF for the hit was the original 259 Mill plus the 7 Zues & Heph Kill which was another 29 mill DF for a total Df of approximately 288 mill :)

Total DSP Gained : 819,874

General Starfleet Discussion / Anyone Else Noticed?
« on: February 14, 2011, 11:21:14 PM »
So I went to buy credits for the first time in a long time today...I noticed that the credit costs are way more for the same amount of if it isn't enough that they haven't introduced any new updates but want to charge more for the SAME GAME!!!!!  

w/e....I will go and play games that are better AND CHEAPER....

Extreme Universe / Will you play Uni 2 Extreme?
« on: December 06, 2010, 07:59:14 PM »
So I have heard rumours about BFG launching a Uni2 Extreme version.  Imo this will surely kill the already dying extreme universe that currently exists and considering what is happening with Uni2 vanilla...I am curious who is considering playing this version if it is released this month?

Also...if BFG release a new universe what would YOU, as a game player want to see different in that Uni?  For myself, I have decided that I will only consider playing it if there are some changes.  Things I would like to see in the new Uni2 Extreme version are below and up for discussion, comments and hecklers alike :)

1) make the universe faster...2x as fast as X..makes it harder for people but easier to build up in the beginning.
2) F/S should be changed - it should be built like a GD option with hours...1 hour/2 hours/8 hours/etc.  This would make it easier for new players to FS which, is key when a new game begins.
3) Shrink the more than 10 galaxies..although that is even too much now for uni2 reg
4) increase mine production output by at least 10%  - or increase crystal and hydro output by 15% only.
5) Change the rules - no babysitting, no selling of accounts allowed, no dip mode and publish the rules and the consequences for breaking them so that everyone is on a level playing field.
6) Change the DF to include hydro in the fields - hydro is the ONE thing in space that is OVERLY the becomes such a serious hindrance that it hinders serious gamers.
7) half the hydro costs for deploys versus transports.
8) when someone goes (vi) allow their account to be hit the same way that dip mode players can get hit in reg.
9) keep the (i) (I) players around will keep the smaller players around as well since they won't have to be converted into farms if the farms are available.
10) introduce something NEW...a new ship...a new tech...a new research..just SOMETHING for all of the players too look forward too.

So that is my 10 cents worth of ideas...but I think that given the state of all of the BFG games...that sadly, this too will go the way of the current Uni2 reg but at a faster rate.

Thoughts? Suggestions?  Will you play Uni 2 Extreme version?  Inquiring minds want to know!  LOL :)


General Starfleet Discussion / Take the BFG Survey!
« on: September 22, 2010, 05:33:56 PM »
So I just noticed that BFG has just created a little survey for it's gamers that is released in its new newsletter so maybe if everyone puts their .25 cents in there (as you all have a LOT to say ;)  then perhaps some good changes might be made to this game.  Since this is the FIRST TIME that BFG has been pro-active in actually doing one of these, let's support it with an OVERWHELMING response..k?

Thanks and here's the link!

9 here's another facepalm for all of you to respond to as I have just noticed that I can oracle a heph now...and am curious as to when this changed...I know that I could always oracle it before when it was on a deploy..but now I can  oracle it the same way I can any other planet...I guess I missed the memo...LOL  :D

Feature Suggestions / The Fleet of Fate - The Moirae
« on: August 09, 2010, 01:38:29 AM » how about a feature like this....

Instead of winning silly ships in the weekly lottery...what if you had a chance to win a phantom fleet?  So...if you won, you would have a target (probably a target that you couldn't possibly beat on your own) and once you picked your probe report for that target, a 'phantom' fleet would generate enough ships to win the battle against that target for you. The phantom fleet would ONLY be able to be launched against your chosen target and there would still be no guarantee of actually hitting your target as  you would still need to either catch them offline or as their fleet came in.

This could give noobs and middle ranked players a way in trying to level the playing field against us top players and would also give us top players more hunters as I am sure that some of our targets, would love to have the opportunity to get us back.

The name of this phantom fleet would be The Moirae...the Fates  :D

Note: once the fleet hit or attempted to hit the target, the fleet would disappear back into oblivion and the target would still be able to FRS against the attacker and all other game play rules would apply.  

If the attack hits....then the DF would be the targets losses only as the phantom fleet would not contribute to the DF AND...if you didn't have enough dios to pick up the DF...the phantom fleet will not generate those for you either.

Thoughts? comments? Is something like this even possible from a programming standpoint?  let me know.

PN 8-)

So...rather than all of us arguing, b***ing and whining about wanting change in this game, I had an idea that might be worthwhile to explore.

What IF.....

EVERYONE in this game went into V-MODE for 2 days and two days only.  It would have to be during the week - a Monday to Friday time slot as that is when BFG has their business hours.

WHAT IF...EVERYONE that went into V-mode had a templated letter to submit to BFG as a ticket regarding game suggestions that was the EXACT SAME almost like a petition?

Maybe if it was possible to coordinate this on a LARGE scale...BFG would take notice of the fact that for 2 WHOLE DAYS there was no traffic, no business and no income = their FUTURE if they don't step up to the plate.

thoughts? comments? Shredding?  The floor is yours!

Extreme Universe / Top Players that are Quitting....
« on: August 06, 2010, 12:08:52 AM »
:o So I know that many of the top players are quitting, have quit or are thinking about quitting this game.  While I know that everyone has their own reasons for doing so and RL does come first...I am curious as to why?  So if any of you are willing to share your reasons, that would be helpful as I don't understand why when you have put so much time and energy into a game, to just up and quit it.

I know that if I need a break from the game...I will just go into v for a while and then that way I get my RL break and still get to reconnect with friends when I come back.  Thoughts? Comments? Answers?  Let the trolling begin!  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:

Extreme Universe / Most Wanted List
« on: July 21, 2010, 02:19:12 AM »
So...I thought that I would start a thread about who's on your most wanted can be a personal list, or a list you create with your alliance.  Please only post names and no reasons as I do not want this to be a bashing thread at all.

Extreme Universe / The Future of Extreme
« on: June 02, 2010, 03:24:34 AM »
So...lately I have been running into many other top 100 players in this game who are getting bored and frustrated with this game.  The most commonly sited reason:  Too few players and we are losing more by the day. From what I can tell..including the inactives, there are approximately 10,500 players in X...of those 10,500 players...maybe only 5000 play actively...and of those 5000 players...there are less than 2000 players that actually have fleets that are juicy enough to hit.  

So I started exploring some ideas with some other top players about the reasons for this and began brainstorming some ideas that might help with keeping this game alive and infusing it with some more excitement.    

This thread is merely a springboard or starting point to generate some ideas that maybe, we could pitch to BFG to keep X alive, fun and exciting again.    So here goes:

Most Common Complaints and Reasons (that I have heard) for leaving the game:

1) It's too fast (this..i don't think is a problem if you F/R save and really...who wants to wait 2 hours to farm a planet 1 system away like in Vanilla?)

2) There is no D mode. (this...could be part of the challenge as now we have players in v mode who you can never hit, never become available even when they go I and when some of the newbie's are hit hard...they have no chance to regroup or rebuild.

3) Moons - Top players with moons have cleared out systems and even galaxies in under a week...since there is no combat for an oracle lock, many mid-ranked players are also wiped out just trying to raid or colonize elsewhere.  Also, the turtles now are scared to move since they don't want to lose their fleets.

4) Getting Crushed - yes, they didn't learn to F/R save and yes, they probably might have had a bad attitude as well which makes them more of a target or they didn't have an alliance but, they also, didn't have a chance.  Why?  Because us top players need resources and DSP on a regular basis to keep in the club and when the (I) are disappearing at an alarming rate and not being replaced at the same rate, we do go out and create new farms for ourselves.  Its the only way to really keep on top in the game and so if the inactives in an area dry up we either move or target a player who has the resources we want and convert them into a farm instead.  This point leads back to the D point in 2...but I will come back to that later.

So...I KNOW that there are many more millions of reasons as why people are leaving the game (too time consuming, RL issues, etc) but these are the common game related issues that I am exploring and putting out there since they seem to be the most common.  Please feel free to list any other ones that are also common that I have missed.  

Now, since I not a whiner, the purpose of this thread it to explore some game base solutions that might want to make people re-join, join or stay in the game so I have some ideas (yes, feel free to rip them to shreds - LOL ) and am asking for yours as well.

1) Allow D mode back into the game for 2 reasons...1) at least then the d mode players become inactive, they will be available targets unlike the v moders that we can never touch now and 2) it allows players that have been hit HARD a chance to safely rebuild and re-group.  However, I do think that D mode in X should only be allowed for a max of 7 days in a 30 day period so that we do not end up with d mode turtles like in Vanilla...but, a week gives people enough time for RL issues, or to play the game on a more relaxed schedule that could make the difference between quitting and hanging in there while they rebuild.  Thoughts?  Improvements?  let me know.

2) What if, the players who went into D mode, which, would still have the lose your resources penalty had their resources pooled into a galaxy fund?  This fund would be the collection of 'taxes' from all of those in D mode that would create random BFG planets once a week in various systems in the galaxies where the planet would show up for a 24 hour period only and would be colour coded yellow or something to indicate that it was the GOLD MINE PLANET...where, all of the resources from the D mode players would be split into ships and resources on a Free planet to hit that belonged to NO PLAYER at all.  If the planet doesn't get found or hit in the 24 hour period...then those resources and ships get saved for the next time the planet re-appears and has the resources from that week's D mode players added to it in ships and resources making the hit bigger.  I like this GOLD MINE PLANET idea as it might get some of those who don't like the idea of hitting other people, out to hit something since the planet is free so they don't have to feel bad and might get these people actually excited about playing the game.

3) Develop a combat for the moons...the person who had the idea about the cloaking ship for fleets has a GREAT IDEA and would give mid ranked players a chance against some of us top ones with might be more interesting for us top players as well :)

4) Allow V mode players who go (I) to be hittable for the rest of the active players out there rather than delete their accounts with all of those points and resources going to waste.

5) Create a BFG Rogue Attacking fleet...also, created by D mode resources in a galaxy...the Rogue fleet could attack any player ranked under 500 only...might spice things up for us under that mark, keep us on our toes and level the playing field a bit for mid and lower ranked players.

So that is all for now, your ideas, suggestions and comments are welcome ONLY if you can come up with ideas of your own.....


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