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General Starfleet Discussion / Wiki for Hired Guns
« on: July 31, 2019, 02:28:39 PM »
The Wiki has a lot of mis-information for those who play Hired Guns, and missing even more.  So, figured I'd start a site with a very familiar layout/feel to help people who like the idea of a much more complicated game, but needing some sort of idea of how to play the game (or get started on the game).  It's admittedly a 'work in progress', but if you're wanting to try out Hired Guns again, it already has a plethora of information available, more than enough to get you started.  ;) 

It is undoubtedly the most difficult of all the universes to play, and really only for the better players, so this far more expansive tutorial will help you get started without you having to fudge around with the complexities.  :P

Hired Guns Universe / New WIKI for Hired Guns
« on: July 31, 2019, 02:09:44 PM »
Hey all, am an old player who has recently "returned".  When I last played, Extreme 2 had just come out, and never even heard of things like Eradeon, Territories, etc... so took an interest in this much newer version of the game.  It was not easy getting started... the wiki is so crazily off and lacking in info for this universe that it's no wonder there's fewer than a hundred players.  But, as I go through the learning process, I'm also recording my knowledge in an easier to navigate webpage of my own... it's still a work in progress, but I do strongly recommend it to anyone wanting to (re)join this universe. 

I still have to add some things like mapping out the Alien Space Dock, and the high importance of the Triton in this universe, but as I starting polishing it into perfection, thought I'd see if anyone wants some input into the site.  You'll love the highly recognizable layout, and easy of navigating.  ;) (it will thus surprise nobody that my moniker in the game is... Zylphyr)

Advise and comments are welcomed and appreciated.  :)

Bug Reports / 9223372036854775807 - Max Number of Defenses
« on: December 10, 2018, 09:39:35 AM »
People who spy on me get a more accurate accounting of my defenses than I see from my own Defense screen, since my screen has a cap of 9223372036854775807... adding more defenses doesn't change this number.  (Undoubtedly due to the 64bit cap:,223,372,036,854,775,807)  Could someone be so kind as to fix this please? 

Feature Suggestions / Abundance of Resources
« on: January 15, 2016, 08:48:14 AM »
Throughout SciFi Genre, one of the main reasons for the colonization of other planets is to 'mine' for resources, due to them draining planets dry of those resources.  Starfleet Commander has the purpose down, but not the cause...  People in the game build worlds, and these worlds are endless fountains of resources, making recolonization a moot point.

I propose the following...

First off, planets need a maximum -total- amount of resources.  Once that limit is reached, the world has dried up on that resource, and production drops to 0.  They can be pre-warned of this by having the production value dwindle bit by bit once they are within 10% of the maximum.  This can be a number decided by total field-size, or a static number.

The problem is that, it's annoying to start all over on a world...  So, the next step would be to build the Kronos World Ship!  A Gaia, just so much more...  When it lands, it insures that you start with at -least- 200 fields, and because you're dropping an industrial sized city on the world, your Capitol is already 10, and you have a level 1 Foundry.  I can hold 5 million in starting resources (enough to get Foundry to level 2 right away if you want).

The cost would be phenomenal of course, not only the cost of a level 10 Capitol and level 1 Foundry (1,500,000 Ore, 600,000 Crystal, 300,000 Hydrogen), but the cost to move the 5 million (another 1,000,000 Ore, 1,000,000 Crystal) and the ship itself making the cost a minimum of 3,000,000 Ore, 3,000,000 Crystal and 1,000,000 Hydrogen.  And people will likely need to build multiples of these to insure they get 300+ fields on a planet...

And the option to not re-colonize remains there, and a strong option since your ARC-Net will suffer if you go killing off a colony to rebuild.  This results in a bigger dependency on raiding, for those that prefer raiding, and colonizing for those that are really more turtle than raider types.

General Starfleet Discussion / Oracle
« on: February 25, 2010, 09:12:20 AM »
The new Oracle, I have a ton of questions about....

Ok, obviously, it's the anti-ninja, no more using Ninja tactics, or getting hit by them.

It also seems to remove all secrecy of what ships you have if your homeworld is attacked, especially if you try to ninja the attacker.

Does it show times?  Ie: Do you see if that ninja fleet will actually be there before your ships hit?

Does it show where the ships are going to or coming from?  Ie: if we setup an attack platform somewhere, do we have to be careful not to give away our homeworld location?  If so, that almost requires 2 platforms to keep the location of your homeworld secret...

Kinda get the feeling this Oracle could be a game-killer......

Extreme Universe / Engineer Bug
« on: February 02, 2010, 09:07:53 AM »
Level 1 Solar Array
Level 2 Ore Mine

24 of 24 Energy Used
0 Energy Needed

Ore Mine Level 2
+10% Geologist Mining Bonus
Produces ore, the fundamental building block of society
Capacity: 100%
Production: 179 of 185
Energy 24 of 25
Insufficient Energy

One place thinks I need 25, the other thinks I need 24.  Things aren't adding up the same in the 2 spots.

Feature Suggestions / H.E.R.A.
« on: December 22, 2009, 12:58:40 PM »
After pounding a person that attacked me, using a Ninja maneuver, I came to a realization that, if the pilots had any brains at all, they'd have fled after the 1st round.  They lost half their fleet, and didn't even destroy one of my Helios Satellites in the process.  By round 3, a single Helios was all I'd lost, and his 56 ships were already being harvested.  Maybe an extension of the A.I. tech is needed.... I present the H.E.R.A tech.

Requirement: A.I. : 8
Hyper Electronic Ruse Analysis

Every level reduces the percent of losses you take (vs your opponent) before deciding to flee and thus save your fleet.


Level 1: 80% greater losses.  Ie: if your loss percent minus your enemy loss percent is 75% (You took an 80% loss, he took a 5% loss), you auto-flee after the 1st round.  

Level 2: 70% greater losses.  

And a curved diminishment from there to a max of 25%?  

Something (hopefully something even better than my suggestion) that lets you get the hell out of dodge when you stand no chance at all.  Should only work on the 1st round me thinks, and ONLY if you're the Attacker (Defender has no where to flee to, he should have fleet-saved).

Original Universe / 67 Fields
« on: December 17, 2009, 12:07:03 PM »
Back when I started this game, before I understood much of anything, I colonized a planet with 67 fields.  I didn't know about abandoning and re-colonizing at the time.  It has 12/15/12/16 Ore/Crystal/Hydro/Solar currently.  

Would you recommend I re-colonize and lose all my buildings/resources?  Should I focus entirely on 1 resource on the planet instead of all 3?  And most importantly.... why to any answers (because nothing is more annoying than an assumption I should just take a person on their word of "yes" or "no" :P)?

Alliances / Say NO to Merging! Go Elite!
« on: December 17, 2009, 09:49:44 AM »
I've received enough requests about merging my Alliance with other (usually weaker) Alliances, that it's got me thinking....

Us small-fish Alliances are kinda stuck.  Who wants to join the small guy?!?  I mean, if you're joining for protection, join one of the big bastards (and hope they don't go to war with another big bastard).  Aside from the initial influx at creation, my Alliance gets maybe 1 request a week, if I'm lucky.

But... who wants to merge?  I mean, you lose your leadership position, your Alliance, and become a grunt in some other Alliance which is likely full of weaklings anyhows.  So... I've come up with a better idea....

I'm thinking us "small fish" (no Offense to Empire, Star Wars, etc, but this is for us small guys :P), should create a new Alliance that does NOT replace our current one.  The idea being to build an Alliance of "the best of the best".  Pooling from the hundreds of small Alliances, we form a protective barrier around them, not only because they all Ally through us, but because we pool only the "best" of each Alliance.  People ranked in the top X (x being a number like 2000 or 5000 or 1000).  Anytime a player in one of the small-fish Alliances reaches that level, they can apply to join (we look at their position in the Leaders chart), and if accepted (which they will be if they're in that percent and a member of an allied alliance), they leave their old Alliance and join the Elite Alliance.

All the small alliances stay, keep their theme, their rules, etc, but become a point to advance from for their members, with a goal in sight should they be more interested in being a top-dog instead of a protectee.

If you're interested, message me.  I've also PM'd a few Alliance Leaders.  Hopefully this is an idea we can expand upon soon as a group.

Original Universe / Why Build Defenses?
« on: December 15, 2009, 01:28:44 PM »
Ok, I've brought this up before, and got some answers... but I still don't get it.  

Everyone knows that the only defense in the game is Fleet-Save and Ninja, so why build defenses?  

If you don't keep your ships there, they're just gonna get destroyed by bigger ships, and you -might- get the debris field.
If you keep your ships there, you're just gonna get wasted by a bigger fleet, plus generate a debris field, plus the defenses get destroyed.

Ok, there's like a 70% chance that they don't get destroyed I heard... both times that I had a planet with defenses get attacked, all defenses were completely destroyed by the 6th turn thanks to Fleet-Saving.

Ok, you might generate a debris field, but likely nowhere near as good a field as to recover losses for defenses right?  Not to mention, most of us Fleet-Save when we are unavailable to launch a timely Harvest that comes in 1 second after the attack....

I'm building 8 Plasma Cannons on my main world, with a Large Decoy, and reinforced with 16 Prometheus Ships and 16 Hades Ships, plus a ton of minor ships....  Gonna try to make it work for me and see how it goes, but was hoping someone could show the effectiveness (or how to use) the defenses?  Is it best to use a certain combination?  Should I do 4:1 Missiles:Plasma to save my Plasmas?  Anything actually work with defenses?

Alliances / Asgardians of Midgard
« on: December 14, 2009, 02:16:03 PM »
If you're an Alliance leader, and interested in expanding your NAP to include other small Alliances, feel free to PM me.  

If you can handle actually roleplaying a bit, and developing an nordic-ish empire, and are looking for an Alliance, feel free to PM me.

We're about 30 strong now, but are noticing that us roleplaying types aren't the majority here.  :P

Battle Reports / Fluid Strategy
« on: December 07, 2009, 09:13:02 AM »
I thought I'd post the first attack against me.  The guy (rank [edit]XXXX[/edit] at the time) didn't know I (rank [edit]XXXX[/edit] at the time) had Prometheus Ships (12) and Hades Ships (12), because they're always doing missions.  So, he sees someone nearly 1/3rd his rank with 8 Athenas, 8 Ares, and a handful of Poseidons.  Easy pickings....

He sends 2 fleets.  First is a couple of Prometheus supported by Athenas.  Enough to take care of the small stuff my planet seems to have.  2nd fleet is a bunch of Hercs with some Athena and Poiseidon support tagging along.

First thing I do is when my Prometheus return from their mission, is to send them on a Deploy to the planet at 10% speed so that they arrive mere seconds before the onslaught, so he never backs off.  I want the battle, and the spoils, so I play possum.

I don't want his Prometheus ships to harm my Hades (2x fire), so I hide those a few minutes later in a similar Deploy, so they appear after the 1st onslaught, but in time for the 2nd assault (over-kill really).  

I then send ALL my non-attack ships, with the exceptions of my Hercs, and my Ares (not so good in a fire fight) to return after the fight.  I want him to see a lot of resources worth plundering, so my Hercs have to go last.

Next up, I time my Dyons to appear 1 second after the 2nd battle because most people set their Dyons to appear 5 seconds after the battle.  I want to beat him to the spoils.

Lastly, mere seconds (4 to be precise) before the battle, my Hercs launch with all my resources... just to be safe

Then I sit back and wait for the battle-report.  It's a massacre.  Both battles are only 2 rounds.

I see immediately that my paranoia had me over-compensate.  Never having been attacked before, I thought I was going to lose some ships...  

I lost 9 Artemis, and 3 Apollos in the fighting.  
He lost 2 Prometheus, 8 Athenas, 5 Poseidons, and 10 Hercules.

Actual Battle Reports:

General Starfleet Discussion / Sticky Terminology?
« on: November 13, 2009, 06:44:00 PM »
Any chance someone could sticky the terminologies used here?  I can't find "ninja" on the Wiki (there should be a page for it since everyone talks about it), and all the ninja threads I find here are bad battle reports.

Could someone tell me what a Ninja is?  Is that where you keep your ships out of orbit and then bring them in to either protect last-minute, or to attack the attacker with or something?

Feature Suggestions / Harvest Load
« on: November 13, 2009, 01:06:28 PM »
Not sure if this is a bug, or potential for a better feature.

I saw a guy with 27,000+ resources orbiting his planet, so sent in a Harvestor, with Cargo Support (Couple Atlas).  

I see that my Harvest comes back with only 20,000 and I check, there's still 7,000 in orbit....  o.O

Guess a harvestor hasn't picked up the technology to store into other ships yet (something that, assuming the missions are considered thematic, other ships do with relative ease).

That a possible future improvement?

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