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Commander Kopciuszek was very gracious in defeat, I hope for a quick rebuild

Wasn't sure if thans were gonna make it, spotted her with 38 min timer and she normally doesn't leave that long of a window

The attacking side acquired 0 resources.

Darth JT (ATTACKER) lost 718,823,555,800 RSP and gained 10,689,513,484,440 DSP. (less)
  * Contributed 33,490,857,070,800 RSP to the battle.
  * Lost 474,694,801,000,000 ore, 217,003,337,600,000 crystal, and 27,125,417,200,000 hydrogen in damages.
  * Acquired 0 ore, 0 crystal, and 0 hydrogen in plunder.

  * Lost 271254172 of 12638059272 Thanatos Class Destroyers (12366805100 remain).

Commander Kopciuszek (DEFENDER) lost 21,110,980,665,065 RSP and gained 718,823,555,800 DSP. (less)
  * Contributed 23,653,693,919,883 RSP to the battle.
  * Lost 13,171,395,236,526,000 ore, 7,074,934,699,582,000 crystal, and 864,650,728,957,000 hydrogen in damages.

  * Lost 617727112476 of 617729469880 Hermes Class Probes       (  2357404 remain).
  * Lost            3 of            3 Zagreus Class Recyclers   (        0 remain).
  * Lost  99999618377 of 100000000001 Dionysus Class Recyclers  (   381624 remain).
  * Lost  29999885513 of  30000000000 Carmanor Class Cargos     (   114487 remain).
  * Lost   6646514922 of   7606024283 Thanatos Class Destroyers (959509361 remain).
  * Lost            0 of           10 Zeus Classes              (       10 remain).
  * Lost            2 of            2 Missile Batteries         (        0 remain).
  * Lost            2 of            2 Laser Cannons             (        0 remain).

4,093,827,011,255,700 ore and 2,187,581,411,154,300 crystal are now floating at this location.

I believe this to be a record solo hit but I'm not sure

Feature Suggestions / Alien Ship Build Time-Hired Guns
« on: January 10, 2014, 09:17:21 AM »
Many players have suggested that the alien space dock needs a way to speed up ship builds, particularly for when you want to build hep/Z/thanatos

How about an alien build tech or maybe one for each alien race (Krug Build Tech, Reverse Engineering Urcath Tech, and Seeker Ancient Knowledge Tech)?
since the different alien species have different levels of advancement with the seeker being most advanced and the krug being only just better than human ships, give the krug the largest increase since it would be 'easier' to build their ships faster.

example levels
20% per level for Seeker (@level 10 approximately 10% of cost and SY based build time)
25% per level for Urcath (@level 10 ~5.6%)
30% per level for Krug (@level 10 ~2.8%)

I personally like (45% Krug, 40% Urcath, 35% Seeker)

For those that like math, the formula for the build scalar would be
x is the percent/100
n is the alien tech level
b is the build time based on cost and shipyard level (with droids if present)

Foundry (construction) at level 10 is about .1% so the planets will still be advantaged in ship building but it would make the building of the big ships more bearable (and in the hep's case able to be completed before a territory expires)

The longest lifespan I've seen for a dock is around 200 hrs
I believe 545 hrs would be the time for the hep to build at SY 10 (no droids)
10% of this is 54.5 hrs, much more reasonable (using the Urcath tech outlined here)

(before I get yelled at for suggesting to actually build a hep with a level 10 SY, I was using level 10s as examples)

Alliances / War with the Titans!?!
« on: December 06, 2013, 07:10:26 PM »
We are looking to go to war alot this uni, if your alliance would like to go to war with us pm in game or post here we have 3 main stipulations

1. Your alliance must have at least 10 members
2. Inactives don't count, we will be booting ours
3. lets keep it clean, it is a game and we want to go to war with alliances that want to have fun like us!

If you'd like to join us in our war efforts, apply.

Happy Hunting all!

Season Three Archive / Tournament 3! The Good, The Bad, and The....
« on: July 12, 2013, 07:35:22 PM »
... Lack of Sleep
IMHO the uni was good and I wouldn't mind playing in another like it
@ BFG, Please, just wait until I finish my Thesis :)

The Good

-loved the speed
-For me, it ended with me wanting it to last longer (+1 BFG)
-the Territories, nearly unlimited resources meant quick rebuild times and the bonuses really helped, I lost nearly my entire combat fleet  2x and still finished with a decent fleet, altho no where near what it would have been
evidence of this is Winnie The Pooh having the top fleet in the game despite Wesnalk killing off everything but the thanes on a nearly daily basis WTP Fleet rank #1 with 3,740,865 ships (+1 WTP)

-rewarded the time put into the game, some unis (particularly slower ones) I feel like I've put alot of time in, but have only completed 1-2 attacks with harvests, this one you could hit out of system with Zeus if you really felt like it

-high arty count on territories make the Poseidon more effective

The Bad

-with the exception of a few players, no one really even probed anyone else or hunted
in SFCO I remember logging into seeing 20-100 probes in my inbox depending on how long i was away
the most I remember having in this uni was 10 during war
this is evident by the DSP Score (this from 1 hr before close of uni & I know he added to it)
#1 Wesnalk 45,347,748 DSP
rest of the players in the uni 45,811,592 DSP (+1 Wes  he'd probably think this part is good)

-The Territories
The were so lucrative that the almost compel you to just concentrate on them when it is clear that you can hunt and hit them if you pull the fleet off of them

-drowning in C (at least it is a precious commodity)

-Some players who went (i) in week 1 (but just toggled their account from being deleted or would be deleted in the next few days) were still a decent distance above about half the players in uni

the things keeping me awake ... but not tonight

-new players are not getting the help they should from the player community, back when I started playing in SFCO a much larger player offered help and advice when he saw my account get created a few systems away from him, evident by the complete lack of growth in the lower ranks, I try to get a few new players into my alliance but I want to go to war, cuz its the most fun to me at least, perhaps a training alliance like in SDE would be helpful, altho I'm not over there anymore to find out if it is still there or helped new players stay in the game

Feature suggestion: exclude list from war for lower ranked members, they don't generate war point and they are prevented from attacking, probing players in the warring alliance
Both leaders must agree on the list of players that do not participate in the war
(If others like this I will put it in feature suggestion)

Territories- something is off with them, I can't quite figure out how I'd want to change them tho, I like the growth potential but dislike it takes players focus off other players, which i think is the spirit of the game, maybe something where if an alliance holds 1 for 8 hrs it becomes their territory and can then warp ships between territories they control


Alliances / The Q vs xXx WAR #2
« on: July 09, 2013, 05:54:24 PM »
began at 1300 UTC today

100,000,000 pts
Inactives: FALSE

I will say one thing if it ends 24 hrs I will be surprised! lol

Good luck to both sides

Additionally no new members (we have 1 member pending admission that will be allowed if he/she desires to take part in war, I have pm with arya's ok b4 war started)
I tried to get no pmode but they didn't give it up...

Alliances / WAR!!!!!
« on: July 03, 2013, 05:04:09 AM »
The Q is looking for War!

PM me in game or post here to arrange.

pt total: just pick so it will end before the tourney does
inactives: no, we want to compete with active players

we will agree on a no p-mode war and have no objection to multiple wars

Alliances / The Q vs xXx War
« on: July 02, 2013, 11:12:25 PM »
[WAR] xXx
2,500,000 pts
Inactives: FALSE

lasted  about 5 hrs!

To: JT0117
Date: 2013-07-02 22:54:13 UTC
The Q has triumphed over xXx. The war is over. Normal peace-time rules of conduct have been re-instated.

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