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General Starfleet Discussion / looking to get back in to game am I mad
« on: November 06, 2015, 07:21:54 PM »
So the other day im sitting at home and remanising about playing this game, so I logged in to the forume and read over the post.

It made me realise I miss this game and thought why not give it another go.

So I was thinking I would like to go in to a fast uni with active players.

Any suggestions where to start off? 

Seems like a few new features to learn about might give someone a chance to kill a fleet of mine 😁
Any help will be appricated.

Kind regards


Extreme Universe 2 / Looking for an account
« on: August 22, 2011, 07:20:21 PM »
Hi My friend is looking for an account in x2

Nothing fancy, no need for a fleet just some decent field planets with some ok mines so he can start off.

Please pm me here.

General Starfleet Discussion / ranked 102 account for sale in x1
« on: April 27, 2011, 03:05:32 PM »
I have been asked to post this on behalf of a friend who is having trouble getting on the the forum.

please pm me if you need any info or what your offering for the account I will pass all info to the seller and get back to you asap

Top account for sale.
Overall: 102 Steve Morris 5,363,553
RS: 55 Steve Morris 4,009,420
Fleet: 160 Steve Morris 69,266

8 planets all pumping out a nice daily amount of o/c/h 1 planet has a moon
Planet Ore Prod   Crys Prod   Hydro Prod
 Mo # 68098    25781    10114
 Mo #    68098    25781    12076
 Mo #    68098    25781    15792
 Mo #    68098    25781    11998
 Mo #    58415    25781    11742
 Mo #    58415    25781    9982
 Mo #    58415    25781    8965
 Mo #    58415    25781    10609

To save you adding it up

Hourly Ore: 506,052
Hourly Crystal: 206,248
Hourly Hydro: 91,278
Daily Ore: 12,145,248
Daily Crystal: 4,949,952
Daily Hydro: 2,190,672
Daily converted total: 25,871,848

The account comes with a nice fleet and every ship unlocked.

Fleet on heph:

 Laser Tech 14
 Armor Tech 15
 Weapons Tech 15
 Shield Tech 15
 Particle Tech 13
 Jet Drive 13
 A.I. Tech 12
 Energy Tech 11
 Espionage Tech 14
 Pulse Drive 10
 Plasma Tech 9
 FTL Tech 9
 Expedition Tech 8
 Warp Drive 10
 Advanced Research Communication Network 6

Off-Topic / Any one playing pocket empire on android
« on: April 15, 2011, 06:43:57 PM »
please help me I am so god damm lost in this game almost like sfc but a lot harder to work out?

Universe 2 / Can some one explain?
« on: April 14, 2011, 06:49:15 PM »
Ok, so 3 heps me and my buddies have been chasing they did not know this till tonight we kept our distance, enlisted the help of a moon and waited bang one hep does a deploy to and from his hep 4h 2 buddies to gd but we have the fleet to cover them as well.   so the big guy launches and invites us but we wont join in till the last few min, I gd the big guy and my other buddy waits to gd or attack one of the other heps to stop there gd if we cant take it, the losses wore acceptable and the dino wore set up.

ok so last 5 min I go to join and I get a message you cant attack this player what that's not right I check he is s with my buddy has no idea but lets the attack ride my and my other buddy and me are  now pissed we could not join we wait, just before the attack lands I check and he is no longer s how the hell is that possible???    

and he moved his fleet last few sec so the attacker only got his hep (pussy thing to do it u ask me) I dont have screen shots as I did not make it in to the attack but any ideas how this is possible?

Battle Reports / Shadow proclamation moon lock ninji
« on: February 23, 2011, 11:10:15 PM »
I just had to post this epic fail on a hades member.

so I moved in to the targets ss with a buddy with a lot of ships, we landed but the target was on-line for over 18 h, so I decided the best way to get him was a ninji, my buddy was away but I worked out that alone I could take him but with a lot of losses but overall profit for me and a lot of dsp.

I set my bait up probed him every 2 h leaving a few ships on the planet, leading him in to a force sense of security, then I dont probe him for a few hours I scanned around and found a low ranked planet and attacked him with 100 athenas and 50 pos, on the return I am under attack 220 proms 268hades 604 athenas 705 pos.

the lock was a few sec late but I timed my frs all my ships and res to land 30 sec before then I could frs my cargo and dinos and a gaia to get home and boom.

 two3sur led an attack on Deano[x] at :( [].
The following emerged from battle after 6 rounds:

*****Attacker: two3sur*****
Poseidon: 0  (Lost: 705)
Athena: 6  (Lost: 601)
Hades: 8  (Lost: 260)
Prometheus: 37  (Lost: 183)
** Resources lost: 59,925,000 ore, 33,500,000 crystal, and 8,055,000 hydrogen.
** Destroyed Ship Points Gained: 41,468

*****Defender: Deano[x]*****
Hermes: 3  (Lost: 24)
Artemis: 928  (Lost: 4862)
Apollo: 22  (Lost: 59)
Charon: 1  (Lost: 10)
Poseidon: 516  (Lost: 440)
Athena: 500  (Lost: 120)
Hades: 222  (Lost: 17)
Prometheus: 50
** Ship Resources lost: 29,690,000 ore, 10,633,500 crystal, and 1,145,000 hydrogen.
** Total Resources lost: 29,690,000 ore, 10,633,500 crystal, and 1,145,000 hydrogen.
** Destroyed Ship Points Gained: 101,480

The attacking side failed to acquire any resources.
26,884,500 ore and 13,240,050 crystal are now floating at this location.
There was a 20.0% chance that a moon would form from the debris.
However, no moon formed.

I see that the tot was a loss but I am happy with the amount of dsp I gained.

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