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Extreme Universe / SFCX dead
« on: January 07, 2020, 11:39:43 PM »
Man, I go away for a while and check in to see how things are in SFCX and there hasn't been a post since April 2019.   I guess SFCX really is dead, just like Soleimani.

Extreme Universe / No longer in DBD
« on: June 15, 2018, 11:57:02 PM »
In case anyone is wondering, I have left DBD as I find them dishonourable and do not wish to associate with people of that ilk.  I do not intend to rejoin them.  This is not a ploy. 

Got this from TELKAR:

To: StoneAxe
Date: 2018-04-07 20:35:09 UTC
The Amusing thing is, in a back handed way, you have made us more effective. With the oressure that the several of you, Nanderson, Roffen, Arrg5 and Stoned Taxi driver have put on us, we had to talk, amongst and we came up with some ideas to defeat your attempts,

The net result is now we will be even harder to hit, we will grow faster, we will be more efficient in resource management.

I suppose I should be grateful, that you have forced on us the concept of "Necessity if the Mother of Invention"

We will wave at you as we roar past you in the remainder of the year.

Let's see if his vision for the future is better than his spelling and sentence cohesion.   Without major players joining ANH or major players leaving DBD, his vision will be hard to accomplish.

Bug Reports / Heph destroyed by Athena's
« on: November 07, 2017, 09:28:17 PM »
One of our players in SFC-X1 destroyed a Heph today using only Athena's.      I thought it wasn't possible for this to happen.

Is this new?  a glitch?   something else?

NEIL ANDERSON of DBD alliance attacked and destroyed the heph operated by a player named THE OBJECT.

Extreme Universe / Would you like some cheese with that?
« on: January 23, 2016, 12:42:28 PM »
We've all received love letters from other players after a hit.   Thought I'd share some of ours....and our responses.

To: Richard Offen

Date: 2016-01-23 08:27:49 UTC

Are you proud of yourself ... Two attacks on a player who never attacked you. He almost quit the game after the first attack and now we may not be able to talk him out of it. Stick to the top 10, which is where you are and stop preying on lower ranked players.

Battle Reports / UFP Hit Parade
« on: December 02, 2015, 11:50:26 PM »
In the attack from Ancient Enemy ‎‎[1:51:4] on Earth ‎‎[1:51:6]:

The attacking side acquired 426,587,000,641,483 ore, 145,055,992,876,235 crystal, and 888,527,211,138,282 hydrogen.

StoneAxe (ATTACKER) lost 1,593,191,813,760 RSP and gained 4,858,001,608,862 DSP. (more)
Kleine 96 (DEFENDER) lost 7,008,001,608,982 RSP and gained 1,593,191,813,760 DSP. (less)
  * Contributed 7,008,001,608,982 RSP to the battle.
  * Lost 3,632,000,804,090,000 ore, 2,647,500,803,892,000 crystal, and 738,500,001,000,500 hydrogen in damages.

  * Lost 19999999800 of 19999999800 Hermes Class Probes           (0 remain).
  * Lost           1 of           1 Helios Class Solar Satellites (0 remain).
  * Lost 10000400000 of 10000400000 Atlas Class Cargos            (0 remain).
  * Lost 20000000000 of 20000000000 Artemis Class Fighters        (0 remain).
  * Lost 20000000000 of 20000000000 Apollo Class Fighters         (0 remain).
  * Lost        1000 of        1000 Charon Class Transports       (0 remain).
  * Lost  1000000000 of  1000000000 Zagreus Class Recyclers       (0 remain).
  * Lost  5000000005 of  5000000005 Hercules Class Cargos         (0 remain).
  * Lost 20000000000 of 20000000000 Dionysus Class Recyclers      (0 remain).
  * Lost 10000000000 of 10000000000 Poseidon Class Cruisers       (0 remain).
  * Lost  4000000000 of  4000000000 Carmanor Class Cargos         (0 remain).
  * Lost 10000000000 of 10000000000 Athena Class Battleships      (0 remain).
  * Lost  5000000000 of  5000000000 Hades Class Battleships       (0 remain).
  * Lost   500000000 of   500000000 Ares Class Bombers            (0 remain).
  * Lost  5000000000 of  5000000000 Prometheus Class Destroyers   (0 remain).
  * Lost   200000000 of   200000000 Zeus Classes                  (0 remain).
  * Lost 40000000000 of 40000000000 Missile Batteries             (0 remain).
  * Lost 40000000000 of 40000000000 Laser Cannons                 (0 remain).
  * Lost 20000000000 of 20000000000 Particle Cannons              (0 remain).
  * Lost 20000000000 of 20000000000 Pulse Cannons                 (0 remain).
  * Lost           1 of           1 Decoys                        (0 remain).
  * Lost 10000000000 of 10000000000 Gauss Cannons                 (0 remain).
  * Lost           1 of           1 Large Decoys                  (0 remain).
  * Lost 10000000000 of 10000000000 Plasma Cannons                (0 remain).

1,148,068,399,305,000 ore and 664,739,627,181,600 crystal are now floating at this location.

Extreme Universe / Good to see...investing in the future.
« on: September 20, 2015, 07:18:53 PM »
I've noticed that UFP players have been regenerating and growing uncharacteristically fast the past few weeks and can only attribute this to Keen and/or Raven passing res onto lower ranked players.  Given the stratospheric debris levels they must be generating I applaud them for investing in their team mates.    It gets those players into the game more, makes them more active and makes the game more interesting overall.

From a strictly selfish standpoint, it also provides me with more fleets to interact with.

Extreme Universe / Turn-around....gotta love it.
« on: May 20, 2015, 12:19:01 AM »
Seems the guy who didn't care about ruining the rank system by giving probe rides is now begging for them himself cuz he can't gain in rank by himself.      Seems having a WOODy for TTT is just not enough.

hahahahahahahaha........couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

Extreme Universe / What part of a War Game do people not get?
« on: February 22, 2015, 04:06:04 PM »
In the last 24 hrs I've hit two players, killed their hephs and they both quit the game.  Both sent out whiny notes (basically...why'd you kill my heph?).

Given that their hephs were sitting for 4 hrs and 2 hrs respectively with them offline.....what do you expect?

A lot of players are playing this game like it's "Farmville in space" farming NPC's and not attacking real players.  UFP and ANH even had a NAP to not attack each other so that they could continue farming in peace.

This is a war game people......kill or be killed.   NPC's are good sources of res to build your facilities, research and fleets but they should not be viewed as all there is in this game.

Even the bully-boy tactics of the ANH weenie fleets is a step up from pure NPC farming.

Start hunting each other, declare wars, and when you get hit, rebuild and get revenge.  If you can't accept that then go grow some crops and tend to your goats.

Feature Suggestions / More than one heph per player
« on: January 23, 2015, 12:33:02 AM »
No doubt it's been raised before but how about letting us operate more than one heph?

Currently we can run 9 planets and 1 heph.   Total 10 slots.

Perhaps BFG could allow us to swap out a planet slot for an additional heph slot?

We could run 8 planets & 2 hephs ...or... 7 planets & 3 hephs.    Always 10 slots max.

Extreme Universe / Justice served.
« on: August 16, 2014, 04:23:30 PM »
It's been obvious for several months that a few players were multi-accounting none more so than Telkar.

No matter how many people complained or how obvious his cheating was, I guess Matt just doesn't want to kick any more people out for cheating because the number of players is getting lower and lower.

One downside to multi-accounting though is that when a multi-front attack occurs, you can't react fast enough to save all your ships across all the various accounts.   Telkar learned this hard lesson in spades today.

TO THE TOP launched 6 attack fleets at the 5 hephs Telkar controlled and I launched on one of his moons.
2 of TTT's attack fleets were on Telkars personal heph.  First one, all hades, aimed to get there fast and strip it of it's ships with a follow up prom fleet to kill the beast.   Prom attack fleets were sent against the other 4 hephs.

Summary:  TTT's fast attack fleet landed successfully and stripped the heph of its ships.  My Hades fleet hit a much smaller fleet on Telkars moon at exactly  the same time.   TTT's prom fleets were all 5 minutes behind the fast attack fleet and, as is common with Telkar, when a message appears in his inbox, like from a battle or a probe, he pops online 3-4 minutes later.   Big coincidence there hmmmmm.  Anyways, Telkar comes online 3 mins later with the prom fleets still 2 minutes out and he immediately moves his heph.    However, there wasn't enough time for him to get to the other accounts to save their hephs and the attacks on them landed successfully.    4 ANH heph's go poof, all within seconds of each other.  That has to be some kind of record.

There's a lot of very happy people around here seeing Telkar get handed his ass on a platter.  It's been a long time coming.   Cheaters (not mention yappy bullies) never prosper.

Feature Suggestions / hyperlink on heph movement screen
« on: August 15, 2014, 10:26:25 PM »
One of the biggest piss-offs I have is that the coordinates listed on the heph moving screen (the one that shows when your heph is moving from (A) to (B)) are not hyper-links taking you to the GALAXY screen.

I'd like to go to my heph moving screen and then click on the coordinates of where it's going to land and have the GALAXY screen for that system show up.

Feature Suggestions / Transfer ships
« on: August 04, 2014, 12:10:44 PM »
I'd like to suggest the following.........

Using the same rules as transferring resources from higher rank players to lower rank players,   how about allowing higher ranking players to transfer ownership of SHIPS to lower rank players?

Feature Suggestions / SFCX1 - DSP allocation in GA's
« on: May 19, 2014, 12:42:50 PM »
Allocating DSP from NPC GA's is skewing the ranks in SFC-X1.

Several of the high ranking players are attacking NPC's and allowing low rank players (ie 300-400) to ride along to get an equal share of the DSP.  The effect is that these low ranking players become high ranking players (top 10!) in a day or two.

You look at these newcomers rank stats across the board and all their category rankings (Res, Defence, Fleet, etc) are all in the 250-350 range except for their DSP which is #3 or 4.

This is not representative of their true rank and an affront to those of us who work hard for top rankings.

I would like to ask BFG to change the DSP allocation process in SFCX1 to make it fair for all involved.

One suggestion I have is to allocate DSP along ship count lines.   If I send 99 ships and my buddy sends 1 then I get 99% of the DSP and they get 1%.     A slight differentiation on this would be to allocate differing point levels for each ship types (ie Zeus=1000 ship points, prom=600 points, athena=300, artie=50 and probe =1)......thus if someone sent 1,000,000 zeus against and NPC and a probe rode along from another player the Zeus player would get 1,000,000,000 points for every 1 point the probe rider got.

So far, two players in SFC-X1 (Brad Isdal & Michael Duffy of RA alliance) have moved into the top 10 and they don't deserve to be there.  Now ANH is doing the same thing with one of their players, Commander 2Be1Ask1 who has risen from 300+ rank to 15th in a matter of days).

Enough's enough.  This is BS and needs to be adjusted.

Please do something.

Battle Reports / Raven & Keen .vs. Stoneaxe.
« on: April 12, 2014, 01:24:20 AM »
I went into ‎[5:206:0] hoping to attack Raven/Keen/Roseanna's planet(s).

Their hephs landed and they appeared offline.

I planned to take Rosie's heph with hades followed by 400 proms and at the same time take keens heph with 100M proms + another 100M in other capital ships.

I figured Raven would come online and olock me so an hour before the attack I started building probes.....lotsa probes. 1 Billion of the little funers.

Doing this reduced my prom loss from 95% to 70% on the olock by raven.

I put an APB out for another 1.2 billion probes and Sandor and TTT contributed ...ready for this...11 billion.

However, rosie bugged out 5 mins before my heph landed but keen looked i launched at him.

Raven came online and probed me so at 2 mins from attack I recalled ....and she launched 210 million proms....but she was 2 mins behind me. I figured she'd see the probe GD and recall but she didn't.

The results of the battle of ANCIENT ENEMY was this:
In the attack from Maus Mk II ‎‎‎[5:206:4] on Ancient Enemy ‎‎‎[5:206:7]:

The attacking side acquired 0 resources.

Mrs Raven (ATTACKER) lost 23,770,969,375 RSP and gained 5,316,868,763 DSP. (less)
* Contributed 26,368,816,750 RSP to the battle.
* Lost 11,410,065,300,000 ore, 9,508,387,750,000 crystal, and 2,852,516,325,000 hydrogen in damages.
* Acquired 0 ore, 0 crystal, and 0 hydrogen in plunder.

* Lost 190167755 of 210950534 Prometheus Class Destroyers (20782779 remain).

Sandor Clegane (DEFENDER) lost 2,662,607,708 RSP and gained 11,885,484,687 DSP. (less)
* Contributed 3,805,301,936 RSP to the battle.
* Lost 0 ore, 2,662,607,708,000 crystal, and 0 hydrogen in damages.

* Lost 2662607708 of 3805301936 Hermes Class Probes (1142694228 remain).

StoneAxe (DEFENDER) lost 2,654,261,055 RSP and gained 11,885,484,687 DSP. (less)
* Contributed 20,963,785,434 RSP to the battle.
* Lost 1,059,471,338,000 ore, 1,331,930,392,000 crystal, and 262,954,589,000 hydrogen in damages.

* Lost 494804926 of 707157174 Hermes Class Probes (212352248 remain).
* Lost 14726631 of 21046764 Artemis Class Fighters ( 6320133 remain).
* Lost 190528 of 272297 Apollo Class Fighters ( 81769 remain).
* Lost 36 of 51 Charon Class Transports ( 15 remain).
* Lost 1853 of 2649 Hercules Class Cargos ( 796 remain).
* Lost 9486789 of 16800529 Poseidon Class Cruisers ( 7313740 remain).
* Lost 5 of 19 Gaia Class Colony Ships ( 14 remain).
* Lost 3672267 of 16475845 Athena Class Battleships ( 12803578 remain).
* Lost 10447480 of 57765934 Hades Class Battleships ( 47318454 remain).
* Lost 335013 of 2076696 Ares Class Bombers ( 1741683 remain).
* Lost 5482902 of 100779254 Prometheus Class Destroyers ( 95296352 remain).
* Lost 0 of 100000 Zeus Classes ( 100000 remain).
* Lost 0 of 1 Hephaestus Class Attack Platforms ( 1 remain).

3,740,860,991,400 ore and 4,050,877,791,000 crystal are now floating at this location.

she had 20 million proms left so I launched my remaining 95 million proms at her heph hoping I got to it before she did....and I did. When I was 2 mins out Keen launched 64 million proms at my heph. I had already done a BC on this and he lost 20% of his ships and my heph survived so I let the attack on Ravens heph continue. I figured his attack was a deperate attempt to save ravens heph.

Here's the battle report for the battle of MAUS MK II:

In the attack from Ancient Enemy ‎‎‎[5:206:7] on Maus Mk II ‎‎‎[5:206:4]:

The attacking side acquired 89,373,915,567 ore, 86,886,220,829 crystal, and 14,008,793,604 hydrogen.

StoneAxe (ATTACKER) lost 20,235,875 RSP and gained 876,214,445 DSP. (less)
* Contributed 11,912,044,000 RSP to the battle.
* Lost 9,713,220,000 ore, 8,094,350,000 crystal, and 2,428,305,000 hydrogen in damages.
* Acquired 89,373,915,567 ore, 86,886,220,829 crystal, and 14,008,793,604 hydrogen in plunder.

* Lost 161887 of 95296352 Prometheus Class Destroyers (95134465 remain).

Mrs Raven (DEFENDER) lost 876,214,445 RSP and gained 20,235,875 DSP. (less)
* Contributed 876,214,445 RSP to the battle.
* Lost 523,207,753,000 ore, 288,074,271,500 crystal, and 64,937,781,000 hydrogen in damages.

* Lost 963087 of 963087 Hermes Class Probes (0 remain).
* Lost 12001904 of 12001904 Artemis Class Fighters (0 remain).
* Lost 10721 of 10721 Apollo Class Fighters (0 remain).
* Lost 20000011 of 20000011 Zagreus Class Recyclers (0 remain).
* Lost 30000 of 30000 Dionysus Class Recyclers (0 remain).
* Lost 2000000 of 2000000 Poseidon Class Cruisers (0 remain).
* Lost 1810000 of 1810000 Carmanor Class Cargos (0 remain).
* Lost 4001068 of 4001068 Athena Class Battleships (0 remain).
* Lost 1000565 of 1000565 Hades Class Battleships (0 remain).
* Lost 1004953 of 1004953 Ares Class Bombers (0 remain).
* Lost 10785 of 10785 Zeus Classes (0 remain).
* Lost 1 of 1 Hephaestus Class Attack Platforms (0 remain).

159,876,291,900 ore and 88,850,646,450 crystal are now floating at this location.

Unfortunately, Keen called his attack fleet back when it was 2 mins out. I was hoping he'd land as it would allowed me to launch at his heph.

A good nights work. Doubt I'll get all the debris over my heph (7.7 Trillion) as I can only collect 200 billion at a pop.

To her credit, Raven PM'd me and congrulated me on a good battle.

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