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Original Universe / The last post
« on: June 13, 2012, 11:13:07 PM »
It is time for me to go. I have said it before but this time I am leaving the game for good. I have been here three years, being recruited by Rish when I tipped him off about a big inactive. I told him one day I would lead UNIMAT0 and he laughed.
I am proud in three years NO PLAYER ever has landed a successful attack on any of my planets or moons. I was ninja'd once by Iron Lynx because I got delayed by a distressed client and only got to monitor the attack/debris field two minutes to late. He then became my mentor and best friend ever in this game and sent me resources to rebuild my fleet as he felt guilty. My God we had fun in those days ambushing Hephs as they never thought we were allies. I reached an all time high of rank 9, the highest ever ranked player in UNIMAT0 and also became leader.
I want to thank Iron Lynx form his skill and wisdom, friendship and help.
Elnino, D'deridex deserve thanks for all the fun we had in pre-compression and the continued friendship afterwards.
Greedy scallywag pirate for all the fun and friendship we had post-compression in G24
Got2Btru, one of the most genuine players in the game and a good friend. Shame we could not work together more. Hope you make a full recovery.
Honad Fujiwara for his insight, leadership, and handing me the reins when he left.
Phoenix for all the tip offs.
The Grinch for entertaining me, and I was the one that got away.
Captain Blackbeard for his genuine care and a master of diplomacy.
Kaisor soze, always around looking for targets and making the first moon near one of my planets. I was mad at him that day.
I have always tried to be an honest player and getting suspended recently for basically a retirement party was a blow but the real blow came from the introduction of planet hopping. That was the killer for me. I want to thank WGW for his real genuine efforts to get the decision reversed.
I can leave the game with my head held high, proud and with a very good record.  Although I never crossed swords with many of you, SFCO has held many good memories.
For those of you I worked with and have not mentioned, I apologise, but most of my original friends have left. Some have died in RL. I wish you all the best of luck and a long and prosperous life. After all its just a game, but not like any I have ever played or will again.


Original Universe / your being investigated by BFG message.
« on: March 04, 2012, 09:18:20 PM »
The top players are getting sent this message;
To: excellium
Date: 2012-03-04 20:19:11 UTC
You are currently being investigated for suspicious activity. No action is necessary at this time, but we will contact you again should we need to. Thanks and enjoy the game!

- The Starfleet Commander Team
take a look at ‎[14:62:10] Its crap.

Original Universe / UNIMAT0 is looking for merger/s and new members.
« on: February 18, 2012, 12:36:06 PM »
The game is in a mess. With most of the bigger alliances running with only about one quarter of their members actively participating we think it would be a good idea to have a merger or mergers with some smaller and maybe bigger alliances to get the threads active and make it more interesting. If we cant hit targets then at least we can have a laugh. If you are interested please contact Excellium at UNIMAT. While your at it, look at our recruitment video and have a laugh too.


Alliances / UNIMAT0 is recruiting
« on: February 18, 2012, 12:24:24 PM »
We need more members. I am sure all the alliances are the same but the bigger ones although large in number are small in participants. You dont have to be a fleeter, some experience is good but not essential, d mode is fine if thats the way you play. What we do ask is that you participate in the threads and join in the community with some input. To see our recruitment video go to;
and have a good laugh.
Contact Excellium for application.

General Starfleet Discussion / Now its getting ridiculous
« on: January 10, 2012, 01:46:42 AM »
Many of you would already be aware of my strong vote and campaign against ihoppers. OK subject closed, BFG ignored the vote but i bet they are not now aware of whats going on now behind the scenes.
Before i go any further YES i have relinquished leadership of UNIMAT0 to another member. To many rumours abound these threads. YES, i am leaving but when i leave and how i leave will remain for me to decide and at the moment i am active and still attacking and am aware of whats going on around me. My ALMOST alliance wide mole intel system continues.
Not happy with ihopping the game has degenerated even further. Yes BFG, i now have proof those so desperate for DSP, are not now buying accounts to blow up ships, but outrageously buying the right to blow up the ships and letting the account holder keep the account. 450 dollars was the latest offer to blow up a sub 50 players ships by another sub 50 player. You know who you are as you are a regular poster on here.
This is no longer a game, its a farce.......................................

I would like to know, if anyone has the information.

Original Universe / Waste of time
« on: November 19, 2011, 05:49:49 PM »
I am now seriously thinking my time is up on here. After playing this game now for three years we might as well give it to Kenneth and White Gold wielder as it is clear to me i cant compete with either of them. After spending quite some time stalking a player and playing cat and mouse, he went inactive. 5 mins later WGW turns up just 9 systems away and blows him up.
Up until BFG changed the planet moving id rule, me and WGW swopped places regularly on the leader board.
I am not going to compete on an uneven playing field. Its a waste of time.

Original Universe / Statement on Kevin rhodes from UNIMAT0
« on: November 16, 2011, 10:54:07 PM »
This alliance no longer wishes to have anything to do with this guy. In my opinion he has renamed his alliance referring to another player in an offensive manner as well as stating we are now his targets. I withdraw my pledge for him not to be attacked by myself or other members of my alliance forthwith. He has crossed the boundaries of common decency and respect. Let no one say I have broken any pledges or promises as I have now openly stated my own, and my alliances intentions on the open forum. 

Original Universe / The true kevin rhodes story.
« on: November 13, 2011, 11:12:01 PM »
I dont usually embroil myself in these situations but I think this needs to be explained from the other side and it may answer some questions.
Kevin rhodes was a respected member of UNIMAT0 and had worked hard throughout his membership. He helped a lot of people and although sometimes reckless he learned fast. As a result of this work I made him an officer. This was against the advice of some of my other officers. However as leader i believe hard work for the alliance deserves reward.
I will mention names so everyone understands the scenario.
Dan Larivee was offered the account of my number 2 Got2BTru, as he was leaving. Before he took over the account he put his account into v mode to keep with BFG policy of multi-accounting and for someone lower ranked to maybe take over the account. There were no takers so he then left the alliance. Dan had already told me and another officer with whom he is a long term friend what he would be doing.
Before he took over the account of Got2BTru he put all his ships onto two planets, one in G31 and one in G32.
Dan then told me he would give it a few days to see if there was any takers and then take it out of v mode and just leave it.
This is exactly what he did. As a freelance account I then took advantage of destroying the account once I saw it out of v mode as did the other officer.
I sent 6 waves and at this time I was totally unaware that Dan had left any ships in G31 as i have no presence there. Captain Blackbeard later informed me Kevin had tried to muscle in on his attack. He also done the same to my attacks but i just ignored him as my six waves were in front of his.
I thought Kevin was just mucking about.
There was an incident during this where Dan had supposedly sent 10 nukes at Kevin but I had no part in that and no knowledge until after the event.
Kevin and Dan sending nukes at each other was nothing new and was a regular joke on the threads.
The next thing I knew, Kevin had left and was ranting about being stabbed in the back, surprise attacks, and a whole load of expletives.
Kevin did not talk to me at all at this stage, he was talking a lot to Capt Blackbeard so I sent him a message. He was talking to others in my alliance who were trying to appease him, to no avail.
He then said we were planning a sneak attack on him which basically was a load of crap. if anything quite the opposite.
He formed his own alliance with a player called Q, who was also a previous alliance member and well known for irrationality and outbursts.
All of this time, Kevin was still on my buddy list as i had no reason to take him off. Discussions amongst my officers decided we would leave him alone as he had done nothing wrong. However by now he had two new members JOSEPH SPEC OPS (who had left us to join Kevin and has since returned.) The fourth member was Joe Snyder whom i had previously often probed.
UNIMAT0 have no NAP's with anyone. It is our policy. Only personal NAP's are honoured.
Kevin had immunity as we had decided and as far as i know he has not been probed or attacked by any UNIMAT0 member.
Two days later Joe Snyder left his 20m debris field fleet out and I blew it up. He then went to d mode where  he has remained and has also left Kevins alliance. JOSEPH SPEC OPS returned to us. Q is now quitting.
I am sure a lot of you that know me are aware i am honourable and I don't need to tell lies, exaggerate, or waste my time but this should clear it up for those confused.
Might I also add that Kevin took over Capt Blackbeards account so it is him who owes us a debt as I ok'd it.
Capt Blackbeard took over SRM's account. So Kevin jumped from 2+k rank to around 800 in a day. He has since got it down further.
Kevin remains on my buddy list and i have had no further communication from him.
The destruction of Dans old account was within the rules and Kevin was not kept out of it, he was just not invited as it was Dans account and up to Dan to do what he wanted with it.
I believe this was just Kevin getting upset because he was not involved.
I feel I had to speak up as a lot of what has been said by Kevin is total bullshit.


Original Universe / Another story.
« on: October 11, 2011, 10:43:02 PM »
Seeing as the last one got blocked because everyone started arguing, i thought i would write another story. Its loosely based on a day i had last week.

DAY IN THE LIFE OF A STARFLEET COMMANDER.  (This is based on a real story exactly as it was with a bit of fiction)

The first thing the man done on waking was to visit the bathroom and release the leftovers of the previous night’s beer. Then he had a quick wash and went downstairs. He turned the laptop on.

The commander sat down as the battle computer blinked on. What would today hold in regards to targets? The previous two days had been boring monotonous work with only small raids and farming. The commander hated farming, but it had to be done to maintain rank and continue building what was now a huge force.

The battle computer screen asked the commander to enter his password. Pausing for a moment he ordered the lieutenant to make him a Cappuccino and lit his first cigarette of the day. Then he fed his black dog.

The dog munched his way through his food at his master’s feet; the commander sat back down at the computer and quickly scanned his messages. Two players wishing to join his alliance and harvest reports and returns. No probe reports, no interceptions, and no raids. It had been like this for as long as he could remember. He had a good record; no one had ever landed a successful attack on the planets under his command. Only once had he lost a fleet in a moment where he had sinfully left the computer and not monitored the hit. He had been ninja’d in a Group defend by a top ranking player. He had been foolish that day and learned a valuable lesson. That top ranking player had then become a very good friend and he fondly remembered the Group attacks they had done together with his friend’s huge fleet leading the way. Those were in the days when his fleets were small in comparison. Now he was more powerful than most, including that friend.

The black dog lay by his feet, now used to the routine. His master would scan, and then it was time for his walk across the decks in the holo-lounge of the huge ship.  
The commander switched the computer to the galaxy page of the first planet and started his scan. 30 systems either side to start, and then if that was fruitless he would extend it. The first scans of the morning were always the best. He never knew what was going to turn up as he flicked system after system.

Finishing the first planet scan a message came in from the captain of his Hephaestus class battle platform, Barney. (Named after his dog) “Landing in five minutes”. He acknowledged the message and quickly switched the computer monitor to the system the Hephaestus was landing. It was an 8 planet target system. 7 planets showed no activity, one showed 49 minutes.
Switching back to the planet scans he continued to sweep. Nothing but farms, inactives, and a few active stars showed up, but nothing of immediate interest. Second planet sweep done he watched as the Hephaestus swooped into its target system. On landing the captain immediately sent 10 probes to all 8 planets, plus one moon which may have resources but it certainly was not going to cause a problem with a ninja without a warp gate. Thirty seconds later the reports were back. The moon was baron; one planet had 8 million in resources but 400 plasma cannons, and a grand assortment of other heavy defenses and a few cargos.

Moving swiftly to the other reports, they looked much more inviting. One planet had nothing, a second was not worth an attack, but the rest were all viable. Every planet had defenses but much lighter than the main one with a smattering of ships. There were certainly no big hits but profitable nonetheless. One planet had 4m in resources and the commander quickly gave the order to launch. 5 attacks with heavy Prometheus ships were quickly deployed. He was sure the captain could easily deal with anything in that system.
The commander swiftly lost interest in the Hephaestus as he resumed his scanning. The third planet scan revealed nothing, and neither did the fourth. The fifth planet scan was one he hated. Stuck in the upper reaches of a galaxy, it rarely yielded much, but it had to be done. There were 3 farming planets in-system but he usually attacked them during the day when there was nothing better to do.
One, two, three, four systems and up through the pages he went. The usual d modes, a few poor farms, but again, nothing of real interest. This planet scan was different insomuch as he always scanned to the top of the galaxy which was more than 30 systems. In fact it was 60 systems but active players were sparse up here, with just one planet from a 160 ranked player, 4 planets from a Time player, and a few lower ranked.

34 systems from his planet he suddenly sat bolt upright. There it was 6 planets gone id since his last scan. He quickly used his location searching tool and found one more planet in the next system. He had them all. No debris fields around any of the planets which were always a good sign.
Without thinking and very practiced he immediately sent the alarm to gate fleet command to mobilize the fleet and send it to the moon for deployment. The gate fleet was stationed at another planet so once deployed would be warped instantly to where it was needed. The second command went to the Atlas captains to immediately deploy Hydrogen to the moon which would be used for launching an attack. Then he launched probes at all 7 planets.
This was the part of the job that always raised his heartbeat. This was one of the most enjoyable parts of his role. What were those probe reports going to show?
The first, second, third and fourth reports blinked onto the screen. Nothing! The fifth looked good for resources but where was his fleet?
Resources: Ore: 1,529,194 Crystal: 700,933 Hydrogen: 2,922,731
196 Helios, 4 hercs, and 28 proms with lightish defences.
Then the final two reports appeared. Resources were low, defenses non-existent but the fleet stood there at rest, undefended on the sixth planet.
Hermes 1, Helios 65, Atlas 21, Apollo 800, Charon 7, Hercules 8, Dionysus 3, Poseidon 60, Gaia 1, Athena 40, Ares 10, Hades 30, Prometheus 80 and a shiny little ball, fondly called a golf ball, in reality it was a Zeus.

The commander hated Zeus. Their unpredictable random firepower always made computer simulations unpredictable but with the huge fleet standing ready about to be warped to the moon, one Zeus would not present a problem. It was seconds later that the fleet was deployed on the attack as the commander pressed the launch button. A few seconds later the Dionysus was on their way. 1 Hr 5 minutes later the fleet crashed into the planet annihilating the undefended fleet and leaving the debris spinning in orbit. All that remained of the fleet was dust. The commander sat back satisfied with the maelstrom he had caused and continued with his scanning.

For the next six hours the time was taken scanning, farming, and building. This was the boring part of the job and could also get monotonous at times. The commander used some of this time to walk his black dog on the holo-deck which he loved. The commander made holo-bitches on heat for his dog to enjoy the guilty pleasures of the flesh. The dog did not know they were not real. On the holo-deck there was no clearing up the excreta from the dog unlike planet Excellium, where government regulations and red tape hassled you from morning till night. On the holo-deck any waste was immediately absorbed into the ships recycler plant for re-use.  The commander ate lunch and smoked more cigarettes. There were no decent live targets, only farms, although a few had good mine production so he hit them first. The commander always tried to keep all 15 fleets in action at all times. Sometimes it was difficult.
The morning departed, the afternoon swept on, but nothing appeared on the scans. Nothing appeared on the moon scans either as the commander looked for potential oracle locks. All this time though, the commander was aware that anything could appear at any time. The afternoon neared its end and the commander began yet another whole galaxy system sweep. Today’s rewards were around 15 million so far, half of that from the morning hit. The two previous day’s profits were lower but a hit is a hit and he was pleased to see his destructive forces in action instead of just Atlas trolling the galaxies, farming.

The evening begun and something grabbed his attention from the previous scans in Galaxy 34. System 331 was different from the morning. With so many scans, sometimes the commander’s memory needed a few seconds to figure these things out. Then he realized a player ranked around 1.6k had come out of suspension. It had been a long suspension. He wondered if the player realized it had ended. He turned on his planet location tool and checked for activity. 8 planets, 2 in Galaxy 5, out of his range, 2 more in Galaxy 35, possibilities but would need a cross galaxy attack. 2 in Galaxy 31, again a long way.
He had two planets and a moon in 331 and a Hephaestus stood in 364, nothing showed activity. Probes were sent, atlas captain’s notified hydro was needed and the gate fleet was warped over instantaneously from its moon from this morning’s hit to the active moon.
The first probe report came back and was a huge disappointment, just 170k in resources and not a ship or missile in sight. The second planet report came back and again it was disappointing but hittable. The commander’s heart began to race as he knew this target had a huge fleet and he only had one moon.
He was not disappointed as the probe report blinked onto his screen.

* ore: 0
* crystal: 0
* hydrogen: 727,246

* Artemis Class Fighter: 12,500
* Atlas Class Cargo: 400
* Apollo Class Fighter: 2,000
* Hercules Class Cargo: 40
* Dionysus Class Recycler: 10
* Poseidon Class Cruiser: 1,500
* Gaia Class Colony Ship: 5
* Athena Class Battleship: 1,710
* Ares Class Bomber: 414
* Hades Class Battleship: 1,500
* Prometheus Class Destroyer: 600
* Zeus Class: 9

This was followed by the Hephaestus report;
Hephaestus Class Attack Platform zZz GONE FISHIN

* ore: 121
* crystal: 61
* hydrogen: 5,770,840

* Hermes Class Probe: 1,900
* Atlas Class Cargo: 2,500
* Charon Class Transport: 5
* Hercules Class Cargo: 1,000
* Dionysus Class Recycler: 515
* Gaia Class Colony Ship: 25
* Hephaestus Class Attack Platform: 1

The commander’s heart missed a beat as he sat up staright. He spoke out loud to himself realizing this was a big hit. These were ideal conditions for an attack. No local activity and probably lack of awareness from anyone else this guy’s fleet was sat here alone. The moon was undefended which was good although the resources were poor, and the Hephaestus should be easy with its lack of battleships. The target must have offloaded his main fleet to his moon. However he wasn’t looking forward to meeting 9 Zeus. However, he was looking forward to overtaking another commander for the number 18 rank spot.
Fleet mobilized, he launched on the Hephaestus first, not even checking the battle simulator computer. He knew from experience what was needed to take it out. This would be his tenth Hephaestus class ship he had sent to its doom. The Hephaestus attack only took a small percentage of the huge force sitting on the moon, engines humming in anticipation. The commander knew for the moon attack many crew and ships would be destroyed. He felt no guilt sending ships and crew to their deaths. He had a job to do and he would do it without hesitation.

The battle simulator clicked on and the commander played with many combinations. If he sent fodder, the losses would be obscene. He decided on a Capitol ship assault even though the simulator was almost powerless to give an accurate result with 9 Zeus. The commander’s decision was always the same. Overwhelming force always won the day. Overwhelming force it would be.

He pressed the launch button, the ships jolted forward on their journey to the target.
He checked the landing time. 1hr 11mins.

The commander ordered a diet coke from the ships wench. She obliged immediately, and he lit another cigarette.
He sat back and continued his scans, every so often checking for activity on the targets.
On the target moon the population and crews saw the attack beacon flash showing an incoming attack. People shuddered in horror, realizing their fate was sealed as the huge Borg cube bore down on their defenseless moon, knowing this would be the end. Their commander had fled after being accused of having an affair with Evil-sub Temptress. Evil-sub Temptress had since died in her Hephaestus in a huge battle with Shadowt and Riker.

Five minutes to go and no activity on any planet. Fifteen minutes until the Hephaestus would be blown into oblivion.
The end was quick and painless for the fleet and people on the moon as metal, blood, brain and fecal matter, plastics and a collection of other material exploded into a joint plethora of destruction. In less than a second they were vaporized into space dust as the Borg battle fleet smashed into the moon. All that was left was a huge debris field. The commander summed up his losses. Not as bad as he feared, sometimes you came out on top with the unpredictable Zeus fire, sometimes not. This time is was certainly acceptable.
The commander sat there watching the countdown for the Hephaestus attack. “This should be easy” he thought. The Hephaestus died the same way; all that was left was a slot gap and a debris field where the Hephaestus had once been. A once glorious commander had felt the full force of a Borg cube.

The commander had no regrets, the guy was a cheat, and his fleets had deserved destruction.
A message popped up from Red Emperor, “well done on the hit, he deserved it”. Another message popped up from the commander’s rival in the former rank 18 spot. The commander was now in his place in the intergalactic rankings.
The Dionysus ships glided into the night, far slower than the rest of the ships they would soon clear up the mess before poachers stole it. Both fleets of Dionysus retrieved the spoils and the commander calmly opened his first cold beer of the night, satisfied with his work.

A little later the black dog began to stir for its nightly walk as the last of the fleets returned to their base planets. The commander checked the boards and posted his hits. Two more messages of congratulations from buddies outside his alliance. “News spread fast”, the commander thought as he pressed the final overnight fleet save button.
The man finished his fourth beer as the black dog bounded around his legs. The man picked up the leash, connected the black dog, opened the front door and walked down the street, gently returning to reality.
Let me know if you enjoyed it.

I watched this unfold all week; This is the story of how it went down;
They squared up to each other after avoiding all the big hitters that had gathered all week like vultures for the kill. Evil Temptress, Riker, and Shanti, shanti, shanti.
It was in 28.299 this glorious battle to the death took place this afternoon whilst The Grinch had disappeared, White gold wielder appeared sleeping. Riza was suspended and Scottay had vanished. The trio had moved around all week ducking and diving. More big hitters hid in the shadows waiting to pounce. It was BFG that spoilt the party earlier in the week threatening suspension for pushing for anyone attacking them with higher RSPs which left an interesting scenario. Leaving smaller debris fields as they ground down each others glorious fleets the trio continued to weave between systems 290 and 299.
I sat on the sidelines watching this scenario unfold quietly biding my time and not getting involved.
Carl Blackford from valente moved a colony into 290 followed by 4 colonies from babe ruthless who was stuck in d mode. Then White gold wielder landed a colony and moon, presumably to fill the gaps and stop more hephs landing. But the trio had fled into cyberspace again escaping their fan club.
Last night I spoke with Evil temptress after they spoke with another member of my alliance. I was asked to help with a GD. However nothing came of it and we all went to bed. This morning there was no action and the systems were empty and there was no sign of the trio, except the unavailable slots which by now were so numerous it was confusing as to who was who!!
Then this afternoon game time, system 299 erupted into action as I watched the trio land within minutes of each other. Shanti sent huge fleets towards evil temptress.   Evil temptress heph rocked as the ships hit her hull but she lived. A smaller fleet rocked Rikers heph but he lived too.
Evil temptress returned fire with a huge fleet of fodder but Shanti’s heph barely moved as thousands of ships collided with her Titanium hull and her force field held. The debris fields grew from the thousands to the millions. Riker fired on Shanti but again his heph held on barely scratching the surface of the giant ship.
Shanti’s ships returned to his heph refueled and left for Evil temptress once again. It was then I received a message telling me goodbye. Evil temptress was ready for her fate as Shanti’s ships bore down for the final time. 30 mins later Evil temptress was no more. A huge debris cloud filled the system and just void and debris remained where the glorious Evil temptress had once been.
Rikers heph stood motionless as Shanti’s  huge fleet returned, rearmed and left again. Rikers fate was sealed.
Appearing on the moon scan now, was an attack by three valente players bearing down on Shanti.
Shanti’s fleet hit Riker and as Evil temptress had died, so Riker died the same way, blown to pieces, and then there was one.
Shanti’s depleted fleet, still powerful, and still bearing over 6000 capitol ships was returning to his heph once again. I checked the times. The valente fleets were in front of Shanti’s returning fleet and would destroy the heph before his ships, which would now return to nothing.
I watched helpless as the valente GA landed and Shanti followed his friends into the cosmos. Less than a minute later, his fleet vanished into nothing. The moon scan was empty.
The system was silent. Only the gentle hum of harvesters filled the void as the only remaining evidence of three great players slowly dissipated.
I salute you.

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