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Battle Reports / Re: Anubis #7 against Tekon #15
« on: September 03, 2017, 06:29:26 PM »
Nice hit, any back story to share?

Feature Suggestions / Re: Let's brainstorm...
« on: September 10, 2015, 02:30:25 PM »
Lots of storm here some brain but lots of storm. I really could care less how many changes and improvements and NEW, NEWER, NEWEST ships and misc other.

I have a photo of a hit in the early days of SFCx with an inactive rank 26,000+ in the same SS of my first big DF creation. In the last 5+ new univ's about 2300 players begin the game and half go inactive in the first 30days and 90days about 300 really play and 500-800total maybe poke about.

2 things different about X1's start-up that have created imbalance. No pay to play escalate- A new univ releases and 3hrs later you can clearly see 2-5 players at the top arm wrestle on who's wallet can win. Moons in X1 came out 4mo after the game started.

If! And I mean this as solid gold of my time trade. I will never take BFG serious again unless the lopsided wallet is fixed! I have paid for my stay but refuse to pour into the cash register to advance through token buys at start up. I will not take SFC(xyz) new univ serious unless BFG finds a way to have 10,000+ players.

Fix please: No token buy for the first 30days of new univ's
Fix please: Have the free start for those who don't care to spend cash for a game. Have a $20, $50-100 package to start for added values to play experience.
Suggestion: No moons for the first 45days. No crash to make a moon, just build a Lunar Gaia that you send to the slot occupied by the moon. Balance on who gets a moon and when in luck needs fixed.

Marketing department at BFG getting 10k players to commit to the new univ is recommended. Many games I've played when announcing a new server give a month-ish notice. Networking, marketing, referring and advertise to achieve the 10k or more players.

Universe 3 / Re: Hep Docks
« on: May 02, 2014, 02:35:35 PM »
no moons = no docks no oracles or warp gates

Universe 3 / Re: The Triton
« on: May 01, 2014, 06:57:45 AM »
my opinion of the Triton in Uni3 is simple, nope you dont need them.

Uni3 has plenty ability to make ships at will vs Guns were the foundry and certain SY is hidden behind the Coke machine at the end of the hall make a left then thru the exhaust vent go to 7 1/2 floor pry the elevator door open...(literally) Triton in Guns makes getting a few ships out of battle nice.

captures a few ships
demoralize your enemy as they watch their ships make you stronger mwauhhh
fodder kinna
fast as your fast caps

need 100ish Tritons to get 1ship in battle
have little-no cargo or power
dro hogs (both launch and any losses in the battle re-builds)
brings home the most popular ship in battle ie. 500 Tritons and caps attack npc with 5000Arts 3000Atlas 100Athena 10Hades you bring home 3Arts and 2Atlas

Original Universe / Re: Lunar Dock
« on: July 18, 2013, 07:24:15 PM »
I would like to report Matt H forum account must have been hijacked cause I didn't know he had this kind of humor :P

Feature Suggestions / Re: need new defense
« on: July 15, 2013, 04:11:02 PM »
I agree a moon D is a good idea, I dont build D myself because its called Starfleet Commander not StarD Commander... just say'n

im still playing but not like the old days, summer is to precious to play full time. I will gratz the hit but take it easy on the AA slander, its old hat from a book that you missed a few chapters to flip to the end. I know the bonding with AA you missed but c'mon we IS good people all the same.

Lighten Up Francis

AA and Empire became friends after you left x1. Big war between Bodge and Co vs AA, Empire sided with AA. Been hand and hand eversince.


General Starfleet Discussion / Re: Boris and Bob ... seriously people!
« on: April 04, 2013, 05:46:30 PM »
WGW in my style of play im not the fastest to high rank and left before npc's were any size to contend with a real fleet.

I was done with tourni2 mainly to stay competitive in the ranks to hit real players you had to hit npc's almost non-stop then making less opportunity to pvp. Also making players less hungry to attempt a hit on real players. No real thrill of the hunt on npc's to keep an interest long term in fact 2months is my npc hitting ceiling. I poked around sfcx2 to see if I could replicate your success I lasted all of 3days before I said why. I've played most every version to start(I did start sfc2 and gave the account away) and don't care to do it for only 1k players. I'd do it for 25k or 10k even but not 800-1000 players. This leads me to my first question sub section (a)-sfc² byline article 5472) of the Bush/Cheney no npc left behind motivation factor.

You find satisfaction in a top rank from npc's hits?

What ratio is pvp hits to npc's?

I'd rather have the npc's to start instead of the missions like in tourni2 but beyond newb and established colonies game gets old if more then 50% npc'n. My $.02

General Starfleet Discussion / Re: Boris and Bob ... seriously people!
« on: March 25, 2013, 04:07:16 AM »
wgw your story is a good read and all but my troll says why? challenge accepted aside playing a pvp with nearly all npc required to get to top 10 ranks is not fun IMHO or not so humble troll really. I could go get a job in the real world for an optimal paycheck, or accept fake job making a shit ton more but in Monopoly money. meh Congratz

kinda curious who hiramjim is ingame? :)

Dr. Spiff

(1) the ratio is important.  I *will* hit sats if there are like millions of undefended res.   The more res, the less I care there happen to be sats.  BLAH BLAH

(2) again, on intent.  *I* think of sat bashing BLAH BLAH

I think sat bashing means different things to different people because there is a grey scaleBLAH BLAH

And BTW I really need just a bit more ore to start a foundry and there was 750k and, to me, nothing else.   A freebee.
Now, your response of 16000 hades hitting my 75ish sats with 50 plasma, 75 gauss and the usual variety of other D was CLEARLY sat bashing and harassment.  I know, you did it as a vigilante and you have a rationalization.   Your story is weak.  Why did you turn around the fleet and do it twice?  That isn't a lesson (have you not heard an eye-for-an-eye-makes-the-whole-world-blind?) that's vindictiveness.  And you only sent me the message to indicate why you were doing it on the second pass when I asked why you were doing this [The first attack might have gone through without you noticing me online, or my "I'm here" probe or "I'm here" PM etc.  Second one it was clear you had something else in mind.]  Why not send the message the first time if you wanted me to know you were doing this as 'good guy' defender of the anti-sat-bashing-gaurdian-angles?
"The Chicago Way" is a way of doing business. I learned long ago xXx doesn't care about the sats only the message. Send my sats to the hospital I send yours to the morgue. I turned the other cheek in the early game and this late in the game an NPC doesnt hit back, thats the difference Spiff. Spending 3 paragraphs for your justification and call a retaliation in less then 2 sentences weak... sure does mean different things and if you want to sat bash based on a science review board schematic pffft you shouldnt be hitting player and considering them free, NPC's is free!

PvP Sat bash will get you-
1) turned cheek
2) Eye for an eye
3) Chicago Way
4) 7 Fold unto thee
Common sense or Biblical thats my schematic

I did have a plan for Cmd C but the players I knew at Empire for help moved on or left for rl, plans been dead for more then a month.

Lastly this thread is about a great hit by xXx turning Love's Heph into a DF, not bash or retaliation or cheating. Good ol SFC food to the victor!!!

1st yes I Sat bashed and Sent a Message hit on Dr Spiff in retaliation for his 1Helio bash.

This was not a planned retirement I was going for a guessed landing of a Heph that xXx and Co. made the same calc. (best guess on why 4 enemy hephs in same system) Although I did plan to retire soon I was gonna PISS off xXx as best I could, unleash a solo heph "The Chicago Way" strategy... however due to the Pope news that morning my schedule was adjusted and missed my landing by about an hour.

This was a Good hit and nothing more then xXx in the right place at the right time. Zero accusation, all congratulation is owed to the attackers.

Dude WGW your lame, coo-coo for coco puffs and a freak of SFC nature. I just watched a movie where the lead character is spatting out misc facts and BS at the same time... the supporting character turns and says "I cant tell if your really f'n dumb or really f'n smart". WGW I suggest you create your own game thats pvp and perfect to a fault, I'll be first in line with a cost close to what I spend on 1yr of xbox live and the cost of a typical game!

Season Two Archive / Re: uh oh...
« on: January 12, 2013, 04:30:21 PM »

This is a problem for both BFG and Brian C himself, seeing as this is the sort of behaviour that brings disgrace to the game and is bad for business. From Brian's perspective, well, lol he doesn't like the tag of being a sat killer but a sat killer is all he is from what I have seen.

I see ships on a BR that should be fleet saved and you seem to have a view that may make BrianC a sat basher, the lowly of low. When its clear to me any ship that can be Fleet saved is hit... its a hit. No margin of DSP sat to ship ratio or DSP curve. Dead Hades is a hit not a sat bash

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