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Bug Reports / Re: npc just disappear!
« on: October 22, 2012, 02:38:27 PM »
And also just relying on memory to determine which are new is just asking for trouble. Yeah, it probably USUALLY works, but we are talking about a repetitive task that you run over and over, looking at the same stretch of systems over and over, each of which changes slightly each time you look at it. It's easy, like REALLY EASY to be mistaken on what you saw the last time you scanned a particular system. An NPC you thought was old may have just moved one spot up or down (not really moved, but the old disappeared and a new one appeared one slot over) and be new. Another thing that happened to me a bit was that when scanning from my phone, sometimes I skipped systems without knowing it. So if I came back later I might see something that I actually just missed a few hours earlier. So it seems new, but is really getting stale already.

As I stated, missions have been replaced with the new quest system (which provides you with significant resources for completing the tasks you should already be completing) and highly profitable early game NPCs which should provide as much or more resources than the missions did.
Grace makes a reasonable point because token purchasers, which you have not limited despite wide requests, have the quest system, plus tokens, while non token buyers just have quests. At least missions would help keep the playing field less unlevel than it already is.

General Starfleet Discussion / Re: NPC activity marker
« on: October 19, 2012, 01:36:29 PM »
I agree, they have always appeared with activity for me too. In fact, it was exactly how I knew if the NPC was new and undiscovered or not. Because the spawn clock and the system clock are about 2 min off. So if I saw a NPC with "15 min" and the system clock was 17 after it was certain to be a new NPC and more importantly, one that no one has probed before, so I'm first.

General Starfleet Discussion / Re: Enc
« on: October 18, 2012, 03:30:24 PM »
I think the new category was because they correctly anticipated complaints about them being in the regular message box. If you see a message you feel compelled to check and see what it is. But if you find it was just an NPC message alerting you to a new message, you might be annoyed, especially if it distracted you in a public setting on your smart phone.

General Starfleet Discussion / Re: Is this true
« on: October 17, 2012, 04:08:17 PM »
Laz, your uni was the only one that was given any warning. I guess X as well. But there wasn't a mention at all of anything coming to Nova until it happened. And then there was no indication that this was going to be implemented in other unis until it hit X2/U2. It was that time that we found out it was the intention to make NPCs uniform in all unis. The comments about all the leaderboard changes were coming from the unis that had no warning. So my comments are related to those unis where a successful strategy is suddenly a dead-end strategy just with the flick of a lightswitch turning on the changes, and no warning. I wouldn't do that to a bunch of gamers if it were my company, and I certainly wouldn't start playing a game if I knew such radical changes could happen making months or years of work junk overnight (it could have easily gone the other way, fleeters being the ones obsoleted, and farmer/miners being rewarded--just because one group is happy and the other group unhappy, doesn't make it right for the game as a whole)

Bug Reports / Re: NPC spawning in Uni2
« on: October 17, 2012, 03:04:22 PM »
unless BFG really expects me to believe they were hit by players that sent recyclers a couple of hours before the attack is launched.
I don't know what the common practice is among players, but I wouldn't be surprised if many players did exactly that. Since the vast majority of spoils are in the debris field, and without debris, the attack is unprofitable, there's absolutely no incentive to getting your fleet there early and have debris sitting around waiting to get picked up. If you get beat by say, that planet below the NPC, you lose your shirt. You have two options, either send your fleet slow so they hit right before the Dios and save hydro, or launch the dios early and that gives you an hour or more of flight time to observe if someone beats you to it before you launch your fleet at full speed to get there right before the dios. A third possibility is someone hit it with Zeus which being slow by nature, they would actually have to slow their dios down to match the Zeus.

But the point is, I'd bet most people are trying to harvest close to the time the fleet hits.

Now, you may have a point if you had data on the appearance of NPCs and could show they are disappearing early, because it sounds to me like most NPCs don't get hit second and third times, so they expire based on time, even when hit. You are saying they are disappearing completely, and that is odd, if it is truly before the expiration time. But I'm always skeptical with "reports" like this on forums, because I don't know how you are gathering your information about when the NPCs actually first spawned.

General Starfleet Discussion / Re: Is this true
« on: October 17, 2012, 02:50:30 PM »
So, since im near the top of the leaderboard, I should not be permitted to play? Or my play should be limited until someone overtakes me? Then why did I waste all my time struggling to get where i am? I started this game late, and through diligent and strategic play, got to where I am, but now you suggest that i stand idly by while you get a "free" ride to the top? ahahahahaahahahahahahaahahahahah
I wasn't going to respond to that swill myself, but since you did, I'll add a couple comments too. I don't actually recall the stated upheaval, at least not in the very top ranks. There may have been a little movement, but certainly not any major shifts at the very top. The point was made about #1 changing hands a bunch, but I don't think that happened as a result of NPCs. In most unis, the #1 player put a ton of distance between him/herself and the rest of the pack as a result of NPCs, because they were in the best position to capitalize the most.

Also, let's ignore the fact that most of the leaderboard upheaval that did happen, actually happened as a result of some players being fleeters and were suddenly given a huge boost in the game, while others were non-fleeters (turtles, miners, etc) and suddenly found themselves unable to attack NPCs anymore because of their previous game strategy. That being the source of the upheaval in most cases, I find it extremely negative. Honestly, who wants to play a game where they have a strategy that is leading to success, and then overnight and without warning, the game changes such that your previous successful strategy is now a virtual coffin. It's ridiculous that this happened. I'm all for games that allow for healthy competition, but the NPC debacle was not "that". It was arbitrary dynamic changes that lead to some being arbitrarily favored and others not. How exactly is that healthy for a game?

Feature Suggestions / Re: Allow harvesting while in P or d mode
« on: October 17, 2012, 03:46:33 AM »
My understanding (never been in p-mode myself) is that as long as your attack fleet is back, you can hop into p-mode at any time. You would only have to wait for your harvesters to actually harvest if you wanted them to pick up debris, but the second they have cleared the debris field, you can toggle p with no worries.

General Starfleet Discussion / Re: Is this true
« on: October 17, 2012, 03:39:29 AM »
In this case i rather see the BFG team take their time in implementing this, great feature that could be ruined easily without care.
Pffffffft. <----- That's soda going all over my screen.

After the last debacle with NPCs and the refusal to back out changes, rather just tweak on the fly... 5 times? 10 times?? I really don't know where you are getting the idea that BFG is careful about major changes like this. Likely they will screw it up and then try to fix it and fix it until it is just tolerable enough for the complaints to die down. Then they will say it's all good.

General Starfleet Discussion / Re: New NPCs
« on: October 16, 2012, 03:39:59 PM »
Since NPCs are supposed to be "like players" but just fake ones, they are emulating those that massively turtle up and have little storage, so they can sit without logging in for days and not worry about being profitable to be hit.

i understand your point about this being a war game, but you only focused on half of the phrase war game. you neglected the game half. who ever heard of a game that you couldn't take a break from? it is a game and it is here for fun. sometimes i think everyone forgets that and thinks they are in a real war!!
I'm not missing that aspect. There were ways to take a break before p-mode, so p-mode isn't inherent to the concept of it being a game. And in fact, p-mode isn't about taking a break at all. It's the successor to d-mode, and d-mode was about playing without being attacked. P-mode is about playing without being attacked. The "I need a break mode" was "v" and that was conveniently eliminated and according to BFG was merged with the concept of "p". Recall in the old game, there was d AND v. Because there was "I don't want to be attacked" mode and "I need a break" mode. BFG simply combined the two concepts in order to make money.

personally, i think anyone who complains about it is just using it as an excuse for failing at their hunting. we are all hunting in the same uni and i have managed to find plenty of targets.
Nah, I've played with and without, and the game is better without. When you look at a uni that over half the top 100 is in p-mode every day, you have to question the integrity of it. The reason I think it's a joke is that this reminds me of those Zynga games where someone hits you and then when you go to return the favor, they are perpetually in the "hospital". Like 24/7. And they only heal themselves to hit other people and then make sure they get hurt enough to end in the hospital and then log off so they remain in the hospital until they log back on. There's a reason people refer to p-mode as p-u-s-s-y mode. Because that's what a lot of people are using it for. Not all of course.

And Ken is right, you don't have to build defenses, you can build the cheap sat power source and forget about having to build some NPP and SA power sources which cost a lot more. And you don't have to worry about people rage nuking you after you take their fleet, because you can hide.

It's not about not being able to find other targets. It's just that it makes the game one big joke that has the name of "a war game". When in war did you hear of countries being able to just declare "neutrality" and thus avoid being attacked for a week, and then redeclare war when more convenient again?

Not to mention with moon destruction, p-mode is used to create a fog of war about the moon, and I find that ridiculous. Even though I'm not a fan of moon destruction, I think the fact that p-mode can be used to effectively stop it is beyond a joke.

as usual - anyone not agreeing with you - seems to be "out of context"..   v mode hell is my interpretation of it - and spot on in my opinion!
you can decide to not agree - but saying its out of context - that just major foobar ..
If that's how you want to interpret it, I can't stop you from looking a bit foolish. Most unis don't have "v mode problems" in the first four months. Ask around, I think you will find most people will agree with that point. Since a tournament is only 4 months long, therefore the likelihood of "v mode hell" is small. This simple logical flow of argumentation is why I said your reference to "v mode hell" is out of context. Let me connect those little dots for you. You refer to something that happens in a mature uni. I call that out of context because a tourney is never allowed to mature into a mature uni, because it ends after 4 months. Therefore, the phenomenon you discuss doesn't apply to a tourney, ergo I call it out of context AND EXPLAIN why I call it that.

Simple enough for most people, but I suppose you'll come back with some rambling accusation again, about how I "usually" do that. Or instead of discussing my style of argumentation, perhaps, you can keep side comments to yourself and stick to the actual topic this time.
as is - the p vs frs - when p is unbreakable - seems like a viable option - until they can implement a better system - atleast how i see it.

but i would also as some has stated - like to see some sort of free way to take a vacation - atleast it shouldnt be mandatory having to pay to take a break - but the 10 days - min max foo - na - make it an option - and lets have v mode hell - if its has to be... people should be allowed to vacation anyway they like.
See, how hard was that to agree that "V" should be an option for folks?

The main reason I suggested a limit on number of days is more for p-mode than v-mode. P-mode has no penalty on the invulnerability you get. V mode does. So if a person sits in v mode, they won't be contending for the tournament for long. But a person can still use p-mode invulnerability without any penalty other than personal financial cost. No early exit is definitely a step in the right direction, but it's not good enough. Agree to disagree on that... But I'm comfortable with my opinion that it's not much of a tournament for a war game when there is paid invulnerability with no real downside other than they will have to piecemeal together p-mode markers in 1 hour increments to completely tailor to the correct scheduling requirements for that invulnerability. All that's been done, really, is changing the pricing a little bit.

Feature Suggestions / Re: new dion type ship.
« on: October 15, 2012, 06:02:37 AM »
As an example, if I have diarrhea and will be on the throne for more than 20 minutes, up goes my ingame crap whilst my other crap is being flushed.
No smart phone? Even that e-reader you will need for that special trip to the throne has a browser ;-).

what would you have instead of p mode then? v mode hell again?
Something like 10 days of V mode, fixed, no more, and minimum use is 2 days. So if you wanted to go on a long vacation and use it all in one shot, great. You want to use it 2 days here and 2 days there, great.

And since we saw so many say when Nova started that they would not play a uni that required money to take a break, in the interest of a tournament that has lots of players, it should be v, not p mode. I might pay for something that gives me a boost in a game, but I'm sure not going to pay to take time off.

And by "v mode hell", I think the comment is out of context. Any uni I've ever played in, it wasn't the first 4 months that was v mode hell. It was long thereafter, when people sat in v-mode for weeks/months at a time. So a 4 month uni is unlikely to end up in v mode hell even if v mode is unlimited. People might use it to quit, but then again, if they want to quit and go scorched earth, they don't need v mode to prevent being farmed. They would just shut off mines and quit or abandon planets.

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