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Battle Reports / Re: Warwolf595 (T1) VS Pale Rider (IPA)
« on: September 21, 2015, 12:57:18 PM »
I am not desperate to make a deadline for T1 to go to war.. If they are cowards and need to make excuses and reasons to hide like moving then so be it but we are still here.. I get my DSP fair and square.. What you call suicide is called GD . if your T1 PLAYERS hate you that much to die off to NEMESIS then maybe war with you and T1 is better left for dead.. Not our fault he wanted to leave T1 and your leadership so badly he would rather die at the hands of your NEMESIS.. I HAVE hit all the players he is hitting.. IPA tried to put a bounty on me for hitting them so much.. Ask Kenneth.. He was the one putting it out..and THAT IS BECAUSE I hit them TOO MUCH but do you see ME bragging over them? Do you see me tagging my account with names of players that I have taken Billions from? (I HAVE too BTW) I give the players the respect and do not try to humiliate them any further.

I RARELY come into this forum but was toldof your reply so I needed to look.

I don't waste my time with idle chatter when I have already proven myself.. Who are you for me to need to prove myself to you? You are just another victim in waiting.. No worries.. Your turn will come.. Be patient and take a number, get in line.. It might take a while for you are NOT first on my list.. There are MANY more important targets than the Ox to get to first.. I don't post to the forum.. I don't brag.. I have integrity and do not try to insult the already humiliated player when my DCS rolls through..

Lol.. Devious Cleaning Services.. Where I clean off the colonies of unsightly resources and shiny new fleets that may be distracting to pilots flying by.. It is a community service I provide to all for free. And to some lucky enough participants, DCS may even leave a colony warming gift of a bright and shiny new moon to let them know that DCS WAS HERE

One Day when talk matters, I will be here to see a response but overall.. your talk and response to me does not matter..T1 does not matter. I came to you with an offer to engage in War thinking you and your team would want PvP action but I see you do not have it in you and hide behind excuses. I guess I would too being afraid like that. I have lost all respect for you after the comments you said. I was even standing up for you before your posts here and giving you respect inside my alliance. Now I wonder why I even tried to do that.

Battle Reports / Re: Warwolf595 (T1) VS Pale Rider (IPA)
« on: September 18, 2015, 02:41:19 PM »
WOW.. look at all the SH*T talking and NO ONE can back it up.. Pale Rider got taken BY ME a few weeks ago in G1.. I have hit EVERY ONE of the tiny alliance of IPA.. so much so Kenneth was whining to a buddy of mine to "how much to put a hit on the Devious1 to take him out of the game?" yet they are 10x better than us.. and you warwolf think we have a big head are too small to play with.. you took over a friend of mine's account. I wish you were at my rank.. it is too bad she let you have that one.. she was more aggressive than you.. Duckie has played with me in several alliances and is a good player.. Even in Nova for a bit.. I love it when someone runs their mouth but has yet to even interact with me.. Nemesis has a big head.. LMFAO.. ask Duckie about me ..she will tell you.. I do not talk much.. I only speak when I get fed up of all the B*LLSH*T that is going around.. I respect your team leader Ox and T1 but that does not mean I respect you for you have to earn it. All I see from you is a flapping lip in the wind and a few reports of players that get hit regularly.. that is no challenge.. show me a hard to hit target that you caught then maybe I would be impressed.. bring a decent TGE player down or an Exiled player down but IPA? Pale Rider is mad he got booted from Nemesis so of course he is gonna say IPA is 10x better.. what else can he say? "oh yes they are great but they don't love me anymore?" yeah.. big heads.. accept our war offer then to shut our mouths.. there IS an open invitation.. Ox put it on your boards.. Tech Nine will join JUST FOR YOU even!

Nova Universe / Re: Public apology
« on: September 18, 2015, 12:53:34 PM »
Tech nine, come find me in Nova and see about joining Nemesis if you are really interested in continuing your inter-universal feud.. I am his arch-rival and NEMESIS but I am not in his range. He has a very good team so you will have to be skilled quickly or they will make you look like a fish out of water easily.. But you know me, I can fix all of that very easily.. just come and find me.. Nemesis awaits if you so choose to join in Nova

Alliances / Re: Afraid?
« on: September 18, 2015, 12:48:36 PM »
Tech nine.. Maybe you should come join us in Nemesis and face off against your good ol' pal again in T1.. Like I have said to all other alliances which have yet to step up.. We are here and WAITING.. But I see.. it IS lonely at the TOP..  :o

Alliances / Re: Afraid?
« on: September 18, 2015, 12:45:45 PM »
If you are asking ME.. I am the Leader of NEMESIS in Nova

Nova Universe / Re: Public apology
« on: September 18, 2015, 12:44:15 AM »
Tech 9, what are you doing here? LOL.. How dare you offer players to join my alliance from T1.. I would not take them.. ALL must clear me.. Just like in Eradeon where I led there as you know, I lead Nemesis here in Nova. T1 is a great alliance but if he can't get along there, then I would not take him into my alliance either.

The only thing I know is that Nemesis is so feared now with me in charge (That MUST be it..nothing else has changed) that no alliance has accepted my open challenge of war.. and it has been read more than a few times now.. Afraid?? must be..Public apologies are never needed.. actions speak louder than words anytime

Alliances / Re: Afraid?
« on: September 18, 2015, 12:22:56 AM »
You are RIGHT!! After taking their hephs (10 and counting now), and over 23M thans (too many Thans to truly keep track of.. I DID try at first) in a hit for 4.5B in DSP for the LATEST one (which THEY posted in the Battle Reports themselves.. I don't brag like that..seriously) and for over a year taking the fleets and getting MY DSP up to #26 from mostly the top 5 alliances they STILL won't go to war with us.. but when they hit OTHER members they will BRAG and BRAG and BRAG, if you ever notice all the big named players with all the names of players that they have gotten.. you NEVER have seen my name on their lists.. I wonder why?!! They are afraid to confront their NEMESIS, the thorn in their side? will they bleed too much to continue?

All I ask is to do what you are supposed to do in a WAR GAME.. GO TO WAR!! Is that too much to ask for?.. I have even gone against my OWN code of Honor and posted in the forum which if you see my record this is now my 2nd post for I stay out of chatting. I do not like to talk, actions speak louder than words but when the enemies hide in fear of you, sometimes you HAVE TO CALL THEM OUT..

Alliances / Afraid?
« on: September 17, 2015, 08:13:33 PM »
All the top alliances like to talk smack about Nemesis but none of them will go to war with us.
Let all the alliances know that we are here and ready.

Be the best or keep quiet and stay out of the way. It seems that when it comes down to it, they can talk the talk but not walk the walk..

Yeah run your mouths on lucky hits.. one ship is just that.. one ship.. the rest of us are still here.. Nemesis is here and waiting.

No P mode.. No resource drops.. unless of course you try to hide in P mode for 7 days at the end of a war.. OH YEAH  ;D .. NO P MODE.. willing and able.. I can see that the real teams will stand up and all the talkers will once again BOW DOWN to their true kings their NEMESIS

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