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Alliances / Re: Empire Newsletter, Vol. 2
« on: November 25, 2009, 12:38:59 AM »
Quote from: "Nobunaga"
Also,  if you were to spend as much time learning how to fleet save as you do running your mouth on the boards then maybe you wouldn't be hit.

Such a keyboard warrior.  Glad to see at least here you have found such success.

Original Universe / Re: Happy Thanksgiving From the Empire
« on: November 25, 2009, 12:34:26 AM »
Quote from: "LassasinoSilenzioso"
Dear Facebook Universe,
     Thanksgiving is upon us in the US of A. For some of our members, this means a few days in "Diplomacy Mode" to enjoy time with their families. But before you exhale a sigh of disappointment (or relief) please be rest assured that many Empire Welcoming Centers will be busy through the holiday to provide for you the service you have come to expect from the mightiest alliance in the game. So please, feel free to leave your fleets and resources parked in your planets so that we can do what we love: moving them for you. Think of the relationship between us and your fleets as the Christmas tree in Dr. Seuss' "How the Grinch Stole Christmas." We are the Grinch and you are the little girl girl looking for a drink of water. The Christmas tree is your fleet. We are merely going to "take the tree back to our workshop to fix a light on one side." Of course, if you expect our hearts to grow three sizes and return everything back to you... It might just spoil your holiday.

     So Facebook Universe, as you gather around the table with your loved ones to feast on Turkey or Roast Beast, remember that the Empire Cares, and while you dine we will be working hard to keep your planets pollution free. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

l'assasino silenziosos
(the Silent Assassin)
Jr. Diplomacy Liaison for The Empire

You guys are really sad.  Just give it a rest.  We know you guys like to play SC.  You guys seem to get off pretending to be funny.  It comes off pretty sad and pathetic.  Just play the game and stop being so sleazy.  People hate you guys.  What makes this hate even worse, is that they not only hate your alliance, but they hate you personally.  Nothing, nothing on you guys have said on these forums have been helpful or enlightening, they have merely been to provoke and grief.  It is one thing to to say "man I hate those guys, they destroyed my fleet" and another to hate you on personal level because of your sleazy demeanor on these forums.  I understand you can't publicly be this sleazy (unless you are in politics), but do you have to bring it here, really?   Have fun and be thankful this hate doesn't go outside the game.

Stay douchey (not really)


Excellent troll job.

Feature Suggestions / Re: New Defensive Structure
« on: November 18, 2009, 09:53:23 PM »
Quote from: "Nobunaga"
Quote from: "Ogre"
hmm. I love it. but I would vote against it. Just gives the big guys a new toy to mess with us lil people

Yes because we can hurl our planetary defenses through space at you and have them fire.

No wonder no one likes you.  Instead of using sarcasm, or being a ... just don't answer and let someone else answer his question.  *see laggy's response to this question*  

There is an incredible amount of information on this forum that is useful to new guys like me, but it it difficult to scroll through when you troll like this.  One can't help but to go shrek on your ...

Alliances / Re: Empire FAQ
« on: November 17, 2009, 10:32:23 PM »
Quote from: "LunarAvenger"
LOVE THIS FAQ! this is awesome!

Serious question, How does the empire select one of us? Do I have to pull off the greatest attack/raid on someone or just be high ranked?

I think just just being a dick is enough.

Alliances / Re: Empire
« on: November 17, 2009, 10:29:34 PM »
Quote from: "magictcg"
I guess in the empire if you can't cut it they cut you
Worse the cannibalize you.  Instead of helping you, they drop you and right after that, ~Snip you.   It's like joining a gang.  They have seen too many episodes of "lockup".

Alliances / Re: Empire Diplomacy Liaison and Friendship Ambassador
« on: November 17, 2009, 10:24:05 PM »
Quote from: "Rob Ross"
Hello everyone -

My name is Rob Ross and I am the Diplomacy Liaison and Friendship Ambassador for The Empire.  We bid all of you greetings and salutations.  I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself so that all the other Alliances knew who the proper representative was to initiate diplomatic discussions, non-aggression pacts, and cease-fire agreements.  The best way to communicate with The Empire in these matters is to message me in-game, as I only check the BFG message board infrequently.

As you probably know, The Empire has officially declared war on every Alliance in the game.

Since we have declared WAR on every Alliance, and consider ourselves under constant attack from every Alliance, we view the bashing rule as no longer in effect against any member of any other Alliance except for at the sole discretion of our members (or, at the explicit direction of Blue Frog Gaming).  We can't make your Alliance formally return the Declaration of War with us, and we understand some Alliances have difficulty with things like forming complete sentences, writing messages, etc., so we've removed that burden for you.  You're more than welcome.

We here at The Empire understand your defeat at our hands might be difficult for you at first.  We're not insensitive or a bunch of a-holes.  It can be difficult at first, knowing you are inferior to us and just can't take it anymore.  I'm here to make your surrender to us and/or your going into Diplomacy mode as smooth and painless as possible for everyone.

About surrendering to us- we will gladly and happily accept your surrender at any time.  Your surrender requires two things.  One, a transfer of 25 million units of Hydrogen to a member of The Empire (please contact me to arrange the details), and Two, a message here on the BFG MB that you have surrendered to The Empire, acknowledging your defeat and capitulation at our hands.  Once these are both complete, The Empire will cease all hostilities against your alliance for a period of 60 days.

Of course, there's always Diplomacy mode.  We recommend all players who see one of our Empire Welcome Centers within 50 systems or so enter Diplomacy mode.  It's really for your own good, in the long run.  See, we've gotten a bad reputation here of grinding up other players' fleets and taking them home in our harvesters.  And while that's true, frankly we're doing you a service, removing all that pollution from around your planet.  Going into Diplomacy will also allow you the time to save up the 25,000,000 hydrogen for your surrender, so it's a win-win for you, really.

Since we're not looking for diplomatic relations, non-aggression pacts, and cease-fire agreements with anyone, please note we will not be contacting your Alliance in these matters.  But we will happily receive them, because we so very much enjoy reading them.

Thank you for your time in reading this message.  I'm sure it has been helpful in your understanding of your place in the Universe.  And remember - keep those mines and shipyards churning!  We'll be by soon.  It's nothing personal, we just have kids to feed.  Have a Nice Day.

Rob Ross
Diplomacy Liaison and Friendship Ambassador for The Empire

Ha.  Glad these guys have somewhere to vent their RL inadequacies.  Sometimes people have to feel powerful somewhere.  Good luck with that kids.

General Starfleet Discussion / Re: And I gazed in horror...
« on: November 17, 2009, 02:46:28 AM »
Quote from: "Admiral_Cain"
Quote from: "LunarAvenger"
taxes go up to 75% these days... I have a life... I can fleet save to some distant galaxy if I am going to be gone for half a day.

Uh..some people who have lives have to be gone for much more than half a day, on short or no notice. One of my group members is about to start basic training in the army, and have very rare and irregular internet access (if at all), so if there were no Dip mode he would have quit the game altogether. This way, he can still come back after he finishes basic training, and having his mines collect at 75% power (with storage) is better than at 0% from vacation mode or quitting the game.

I'm not saying that Dip mode is needed by most people who use it, but just that some people do legitimately need it due to life issues, and that fleetsaving isn't a substitute for everyone.

I just passed the bar exam, so when I start as a lawyer in a few months I may have to use Dip mode in the week and just come out of it for weekends, since my hours will be unpredictable and even though I will have Internet access it would look really unprofessional if anyone saw me playing SFC at work, or on my Blackberry to fleetsave in a meeting that runs over schedule, or in a court hearing that runs late.

This is true for many people where the access to the game is limited to say, days off.  The easy thing to do would be to just quit.  But this game is fun and attacking people and being attacked is part of the game.   What sucks is when people call you weak and call you names because you cannot play 24/7.  

Congrats on passing.  Huge accomplishment.

News, Updates, and Information / Re: New Building: Foundry
« on: November 17, 2009, 02:35:43 AM »
Quote from: "Nobunaga"
Quote from: "Armadillo"
This new feature further widens the gap out between the people at the top and the people who are newer to the game.  Any upcoming features going to help balance things out again aside from group attacks?

Yeah.  New feature is called quit.  You can always try dip, but you wont gain, just fall further behind.

Try quitting.  Then you wont have to worry about it.

Wow. Just, Wow.

Alliances / Re: Holiday Peace
« on: November 16, 2009, 10:29:43 PM »
Quote from: "Nobunaga"
Quote from: "Scottay"
Nobunaga you know how to run and hide and go to diplo as fast as anyone and just play starfarm, or does that not count?

Oh yes,  I am always hiding in diplomacy.    If your refering to twitter,  hmm   maybe its because I didnt have the time for it.  Now I dont even play it.   But I will log in now.  Just to make sure I don't go (i)  send all my resources from all 8 planets to alliance mates ranked below me, then set all mines at 0.  Thanks for reminding me.  Wouldn't want you to get any of the resources.  One of these days you might just learn when to shut your mouth.

You wonder why no one trusts you or your "empire".  Douchey-ness at its best.  You had a chance to prove you weren't and you pull from a cease-fire?  I'm new, but to read the comments from you and your people shows you guys are dicks.  Keyboard warrriors at their best.  I laugh, because it's sad.

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