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Extreme Universe 2 / Whats your highest mine...?
« on: October 20, 2016, 04:10:29 AM »
Currently have a lvl 75 hydro mine...

having played in all but uni 2 i can say that each uni has its own feel and play style

for i like taking my time building up my mines on a single planet and then repeating the process until all my planets are of a similar level and each can support themselves in case of heph sieges bc im not into def or off just transports and swarms so i have to watch all of my system pages regularly

but youre corret w/ the starcraft ref... alot of people start of that way... but the only difference w/ you analogy is that unlike starcraft not everyone is starting the game at the same time so those waylayers arent as far behind the curve as most would like but im my opinion this game wouldnt be any fun w/o said waylayers b/c it would get pretty bored pdq and just mining like in warcraft is a fkn joke

if i were to say anything besides the fun im having i wish we could get a new ship for swarm fodder... something between probes and arties would be awesome... fast but weak as hell but you pay for what you get lol

wow and i thought i was doing good w/ my planet building plans

mines 27/24/21
solar 29
capital 15
foundry 5
shipyard 15
research 15
storage 11/10/9

but i agree that regardless of the number of gaia it takes... dont settle for anything less of 200+

ps. its a wonder that im even ranked as higher as 1400 w/ my planet counts but i do say having 5 planets w/ 300+ is nice b/c i dont have to worry except that i wish i could finally get a moon already lol

General Starfleet Discussion / Re: Probes/Builds/Fleets getting stuck?
« on: January 25, 2010, 02:20:54 AM »
This is the Bug Report I just sent to Blue Frog.

As of 0800 PST all forms of Fleet, Building, Research, Shipyard, Defense, and Factory activity are stuck in a try again later loop.

Right now my fleet (5 Artemis, 5 Atlas, and 2 Hermes Class Ships) (on return from a mission to my colony) are sitting on my home page (and all other pages that show progress bars) continuously saying try again later. Along with my fleet, my defenses that i started building, and an incoming espionage from another player in my system (whom has been sending espionage continuously for about 3 days now) are likewise trapped in a continuous loop saying try again later.

Ive tried several methods to reset them over the hours. From simply logging out of the game, to completely restarting my computer.

Thinking this might be a problem with my system, I also opened the game on my laptop in a different browser but found the same problem.

All activity on all my planets has stopped and no furtherance in the game can be made save constructing buildings and researching tech and then waiting until they finish their progress to push the complete now button when it reaches 0 credits so that it brings up the credit confirmation prompt, where it will then forcibly remove that particular activity from the home page and all subsequent pages.

What measures can be taken or made to reset or break these try again later loops?

It is now 1735 PST (01:35:00 Game Time).

And all my activity is still stuck and thats 9hrs after it started. And i havent been sitting on my browser waiting. I turned off my computer and laptop and disconnected them from the internet. This is really pissing me off.

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