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General Starfleet Discussion / Re: Contacting Attackers
« on: January 15, 2010, 04:00:16 PM »
I don't like contacting attackers as it lets them know I'm around which makes it harder to drop defenses in at the last second and annihilate the attacking ships.  :twisted:

I'd keep it even if it only had 40 fields. Until you have all 9 planets what does it hurt to keep a terrible one around? The low level mines pay themselves off very quickly anyway, and you can ship the goods off to a better colony later on. When you get up to 9 planets then you can worry about abandoning the small ones.

Quote from: "ThatOneGuy"
Stop right here. BFG is not a charity. It is a business. If all the people who don't pay left tomorrow, what would happen? Nothing. SFC only exists because of *those who pay*. All the rest (the vast majority) are just dead weight, they contribute nothing to BFG except hassles and work.

SO... you mean nothing to them. They would be much better off if you quit. The only reason they don't throw you off today is because 1) You MIGHT pay someday and 2) You might advertise for them.

You probably imagine that (1) and (2) are HUGE, that you are some kind of valuable asset of the company. You are mistaken. There are tens of thousands of people just like you, and together they make up a very small part of the success of SFC.

This is patently false. Non-paying players do something very real... They provide people for paying players to play against.

Especially when you're talking about a business model which revolves around micro-transactions. If everyone pays for the tactician, and the admiral, and all the other things then no one gains an advantage over anyone else and suddenly it starts feeling like you're not gaining anything by paying (or clicking surveys, or whatever). But, when paying gives you a small but real advantage over a good chunk of your opponents it feels like it has value.

The trick is having it remain a small but real advantage. It can't be so good that everyone feels obligated to buy it, as you then lose everyone unwilling to pay. Heck, Farmville is showing that it doesn't even have to be a real competitive advantage.

But even then, would Farmville have been nearly as successful as it had if it didn't have all the freeloaders? The freeloaders were the viral marketing. The freeloaders are the friends of the people who pay, they're what builds the community and keeps it together.

As far as the actual links go they bother me, but they bother me because they've very obtrusive. The colour choice and the fact that they're underlined but no other text is makes them stand out as obvious ads. Marketing research has shown that you get more people clicking links (and therefore more people buying) when they're not obvious ads. Making the links a tamer colour and removing the underlining would reduce a lot of the annoyance factor because that would integrate them better with the page.

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