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Well time for Super Troll to chime in........

For one I love how it was all a big plan has been the theme on this hit... to me it was like the pic below a bunch of monkeys (Nemesis) tossing their dooky at the screen in the heat of the moment, sometimes some of it sticks... Big plan.... hahaha......

We had Haggis with no Hydro on his moon to do anything with his ships, he should have been doing some return hits... we had the "Crazy One" crying about not getting good reports for Olock... A skilled player wouldn't even complain about such things..... in public no less.....

I didnt feel any love or Olocks on me..... so I say the whole hit was "racist" against Foxes.....

Congratulations on having some "Nemesis Monkey Dooky" stick, Ox made one bad choice in the whole hit and he knows what that was. Maybe next time there will be some real ships from Ole Ironhide show up other than "Probes" seams to be the attack ship of his choice...

Swan well done, you have proven that even the "Village Idiot" can catch a fish once in a while....

Seeing you posted the hit I have to troll....... Flux.... (Nice Find Devious)

Nice solid hit by the Nemmy guys..... You didnt think I wouldn't troll you... did you?

Looks like that part of the Driveway got plowed today......  :o

Fast rebuild SnowDogg ask Probey for some rez....

Battle Reports / Re: I Am The Ox (T1) vs Cronus (IPA) 6.3B DSP
« on: June 29, 2015, 02:27:15 PM »
Spoiler Alert: This little Saga in Nova dosn't end up like "The Green Mile" ***There is no Mouseville***

Oh...... and you got one thing right, I am crazy....  :o

~"Dont try and sell crazy here, cause were all stocked up!"~

Battle Reports / Re: I Am The Ox (T1) vs Cronus (IPA) 6.3B DSP
« on: June 29, 2015, 01:31:19 PM »
Any one can type up Skype chat logs and play games, as far as Bob I haven't threatened you with anything... just know how it works and seen this game played out before in Nova..... I am however going to the store to buy a crap load of microwave popcorn cause this is gonna be epic.... we cant wait to chew on your carcass....

Keep dancing little mouse, keep on dancing.......

That is uncalled for.

AS you very well know , We all lost dear Friends over the years...

@lpha I was going to get you this for Christmas so you could study English comprehension in hopes the language barrier would be minimized but now I know that's not the issue.

Your just lacking in basic comprehension... You dont even understand humor when you see it...

Yes you need to complain to:

Warner Brothers
1325 Avenue of the Americas #1
New York, NY 10019

"Thats all Folks!!"

Battle Reports / Re: I Am The Ox (T1) vs Cronus (IPA) 6.3B DSP
« on: June 29, 2015, 12:10:41 PM »
You got booted cause you dont play well with others, that's the bottom line. No straws to grasp at. You wore out your welcome.

You will pretend your awesome and Bob will bat your account around like a cat plays with a mouse and when hes done with you, the rest of us will pick at your Swanny bones. Seen it done about a million times. You will wind up a notch on his computer desk like all the others. At leat we have targets to hit and fun to be had. Cant wait to gnaw at some of your filthy bones when your Swan gets cooked....

Meanwhile we have an ally to build and contests to run, T1 [38 Members of 50 Members total] and growing....

Battle Reports / Re: I Am The Ox (T1) vs Cronus (IPA) 6.3B DSP
« on: June 29, 2015, 07:26:25 AM »
and even though you hit someone this month, and a constant voice on this forum.. you've half of my dsp.. so shhh

you're another ass kissing groupie

P.S. ox was in my range for all of a few days.. at which point he stopped spending resources.. he's barely moved since.. not hard to see he didnt like the attention he got from me during that period

Boohooo, Boohooohooo Ox was in my range for a few days Boohoo, you didn't have the Swan Balls to hunt him...

You offered him a challenge and then you ran away like chump.......

Groupie.... LMAO I would rather be that than, a "Lonesome Loser", have you heard about him???  ::)

Oh you are him!!!! Sorry....  ;D

I am not a DSP slut like Ox is, I play the game for much different reasons than he does. Having achieved what I wanted to accomplish so far in this game. Given away more res than your account is worth and then some, to other players to help them grow and build a strong ally, oh thats right the word "alliance" is not in your vocabulary... You got booted from your last one cause your an a$$... and no one can stand you...

Go sit on your dodo eggs and we can see if they hatch anything worth while....  :-*

they to post every damn hit they got ???

Yup cause we all drink.....

Great hit Kornite!!!

RIP Chris Squire:

Very well done Niki!!! Heph on Heph action!!!!! Go Speed Racer!!!!

Battle Reports / Re: STING (T1) vs Grey Lensman (Exiled) 4.8B DSP
« on: June 28, 2015, 06:52:15 PM »
Very nice hit Sting.... T1 is cooking with gas now hunting Space Pirates...

Looks like another adventure added to the Lensman series....

Battle Reports / Re: I Am The Ox (T1) vs Cronus (IPA) 6.3B DSP
« on: June 28, 2015, 06:39:38 PM »
was in the last 30 days.. as requested :)

now, as you once said, if you're not above me in DSP, you dont have a voice, so unless you're one of the 20 people above me, or you can show more DSP accumulated in the last 30 days.. shhh..

all you look like is a spiteful ass kissing groupie :)

I find your posts pathetic at the very least Swan.... Lets do some "simple math" if you can keep up....

For one you are: 21 Emperor wvt‎ Łňęŕ 5,369,519,442 DSP

Mr. Ox on the other hand, now this is "just for the month of June" has gained 850,917,591,297 DSP in "Posted" hits alone. Now your pathetic DSP that you are "Trumpeting" about will go into his 158 times...

Given those kind of numbers and your lame challenge for Ox to get in your range so you could wipe him out. (which he did) Only thing you have accomplished is to build useless ships that sit and rust and keep you nice and safe from harm.... You will never be a Bob or a Krystyn‎ lvl player so just keep popping your P markers and flapping your "BEAK" making your "useless ships" as that's all we will ever see or hear from you....

Very nice hit Ox, and very best wishes to Profiteer in retirement. Sad to see a good guy go. Enjoy your free time now!!!

Battle Reports / Re: I Am The Ox (T1) vs Cronus (IPA) 6.3B DSP
« on: June 27, 2015, 03:33:35 AM »

Nice tasty treat!!!!

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