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Bug Reports / This isn't right
« on: December 30, 2013, 10:32:35 PM »
This NPC should not exist.  Look at the decoys!  I've submitted a bug report.

Encounter Abandoned Cruiser ??[34:276:9e] has:

* ore: 508,984
* crystal: 1,723,077
* hydrogen: 971,640


* Missile Battery: 144
* Laser Cannon: 507
* Decoy: 111

* Armor Tech: 7
* Shield Tech: 7
* Weapons Tech: 7

Feature Suggestions / Re: Lucky Draw
« on: December 11, 2013, 03:15:01 PM »
If they are looking at doing anything with the Lucky Draw items, it would be nice if they all could be traded somehow.  For example, I have Lunar Architect that will never be used because I already have nine moons.  It would be nice to trade him for a scientist or something.  Most of the items already have values in the store, so the trading could be done between players (with a min and max ratio like the merchant), or you could trade in items for say 50% of their value towards other items in store.

"that when I reach the point of having to spend hundreds of Septillions of resources just to gain 1 single level of a mine, that won't pay out a return of investment for the next 22,000 years... I would have to lose my mind and go mental, to think that it's a good investment of my resources. - That's just my personal opinion, mind you."

And exactly what level will take hundreds of septillions of res anyway? Furthermore, if ANY of you were doing ANY math at all, you'd know that ships have ROI too. Inevitably, spending a billion resources on mines has a better roi than on ships. If you have to wait 22k years to see a return, you're still better off going that route than waiting 22m years.

Storage has 0 roi. It saves you real money, but it doesn't ever produce anything. And there's a maximum useful benefit to it. We'll all be dead before a level 80 storage would be useful in any uni save perhaps Conquest. Therefore there is a lot of room to work with, and mines are a practical and effective use for that space.

There are various ROI's in play in this game.  There are the simple direct calculations, like building a mine, where the return (in res) can be compared to the cost (in res) and a time window for ROI can easily be calculated.  If the game was nothing but who has the most res, then this would be the only factor.  Attacks are similar.  The amount of res spent in hydro and replacing losses vs the res plundered and harvested.  However attacks yield DSP too, which figures into your rank, and being efficient at increasing rank is what the game is about.  Other investments, like foundries lead to more efficient rank increases, because you need to convert res to RSP in order to climb the ranks (or at a bare minimum replace RSP lost).

The other ROI is the actual dollars (credits) spent.  Here is where storage come into play.  Storage does increase you RSP, and any RSP spent increases your rank, but it also increases you merchant efficiency.  No one would deny that if you had an unlimited amount of money to spend on credits, you could buy your way to the lop of the leader board.  Since no one has an unlimited budget, credit efficiency comes into play, not just in your own personal finances, but in having an effect in your rank too.

That would be cool if they attacked.  We could set up GA's, warp gate ninjas, etc and obliterate them!  It might add some additional fun, especially for the lower ranks as they scramble to coordinate GA's etc, or just FRS out of the way.  If they attacked randomly, you'd never know when a larger (or smaller) NPC fleet was going to hit you, so people would have to sharpen up their FRS skills again.  These days the risk to a player attacking another player, both in potential warp gate ninjas, or simply wasted hydro due to an FRS, have reduce the amount of PvP, so many people are not as diligent about FRS'ing as they used to be.  The attacks wouldn't have to be very sophisticated, and most of the time might not make any sense if done by a real player, but I think it would definitely add excitement to the game.

I've only had one NPC message since they were introduced.  AFAIK, you receive the message when the NPC spawns off of you AND in the same system as you.  I'd love to see a few more of these, because in-system attacks are always more profitable and anyone should be able to take on a white NPC (same RSP as you).

Um.  Without getting into an epistemological debate, it's pretty clear at this point that the algorithm is capable of this sort of change without manual intervention.

Oh I'm sure it is, it was also able to start creating zero tech NPC's at an astonishing rate without manual intervention, it ended up needing manual intervention to stop it.

I'm starting to see a fair number of lower defense ratio NPC's in SFCO again.  Hopefully they are slowly replacing the larger ones as the NPC's cycle through, instead of being just a statistical aberration.  We'll see.  Now was it the secret algorithm resetting itself or BFG lowering the ratio, I'm sure we'll never know.

Hey laloputz!

You're aboslutely right, I'm the annoying ass that always asks for evidence. In this case I can offer no other proof that I don't spend cash in Nova other than my word.

And it was meant to disprove just one part of his remarks ("Any small percentage of improved efficiency will not offset the need to pay to play competitively" -emphasis mine-). I like to think of myself as a very efficient player, maybe I am maybe I'm not, but I have always been competitive without spending a dime (not to be confused with "not spending creds", which I do with the free offers).

I don't play Nova, so I have no opinion about whether it is possible there or not.  I was referring to SFCO and I still maintain it is not possible to play SFCO and stay in the top 100 without spending money.  If it is then it takes far more time than I am willing to invest and I already spent too much!

I too have capped my SFCO hydro mines at 30 after building one out to 33 and realizing what the ROI was for this.  The cost in hydro equivalent to go from 30 to 33 is 127M hydro.  The gain (at best) is about 4130 hydro/hr (assuming lowest temp. and adding another android for a 4% bump).  The time it would take to generate 127M hydro at 4130/hr. is 3.5 years.  So you are probably better to just take the res and trade it for hydro.

As far as this "secret" algorithm is concerned, there should be an ebb up and ebb down to the ratio of DSP/defenses and I am not seeing that.  It increased substantially overnight about two weeks ago and has not gone back down.  And based on the posts it seems to have happened across multiple uni's, which you would not expect if each uni was running its own algorithm.  I think the "secret" algorithm is more a "secret" constant that BFG can increase when they feel like they need to squeeze us some more.  My guess is the under estimated how many people would start building out hydro storage to minimize their merchant usage.  In SFCO all of my storage is between 18 and 20, and I'm considering going higher, and I'm sure I'm not the only one.  BFG must have noticed their merchant income going down and turned up the defense ratio.

I put $50 into credits a little over a month ago, and I was doing very well with them until this latest change in defense ratios.  I will need to buy more soon (to keep playing competitively that is) and without increasing my storage to 21 or more, I can see $50 worth of credits not even lasting a month. 

It is very simple, I will not continue to pay $50 a month for this game.  Between merchants, and the choice between an eight hour (p) mode or the ridiculous hydro cost of FRS'ing, the sucking sound of credits going away is getting louder and louder.

I don't want to hear form anyone about how it can be done better.  I really don't give a hoot.  Any small percentage of improved efficiency will not offset the need to pay to play competitively.  And whereas I do not mind paying to play, $20 a month would be too much, never mind $50.  $20 gets you 30 (p) modes or 36 merchants, certainly not enough for a month.

And here were go again.  Overnight the typical defenses for similar sized (based on DSP) NPC's in SFCO have gone up 300 - 400%. 

Bug Reports / Re: SFCO lag getting progressively worse
« on: October 02, 2013, 11:28:18 PM »
It's definitely getting worse.  Ship builds are hung for minutes at a time, which is a significant amount of time considering the size of Foundries in use.  I'm running mostly 10's and 11's in SFCO, so everything I build other than Zeus's is build in well under a minute.  When I'm building 18 Prom's a minute, having a delay of a few minutes every 18 really slows down your builds. 

If had a few returning fleets stuck the whole time I was typing this message. 

Bug Reports / Re: SFCO lag getting progressively worse
« on: September 29, 2013, 03:46:35 PM »
Thank you Matt.  I have not experienced it so far today, but I will update the thread if I do.  It was very bad and fairly consistent last night.

General Starfleet Discussion / Re: Hydrogen Question (Total newbie)
« on: September 29, 2013, 03:42:34 PM »
There's no such thing as a stupid question.  If you are interested, there is a complete breakdown of the fuel calculations listed in the wiki.

Bug Reports / SFCO lag getting progressively worse
« on: September 28, 2013, 09:01:58 PM »
I used to accept a certain amount of lag in various activities and I understand that various activities are processed in a certain order based on priority, but lately things are getting pretty ridiculous.  I have had ESP missions that show up as returned in the fleet screen (although they still have the "-" time remaining indicator), while the outbound mission still shows as well, and do not have an ESP report.  I have transported res from my planet to moon, or vice versa, and had the return fleet show up as "-" in the fleet screen while the outbound fleet also shows up as "-" time remaining.  I've had warp mission take over 4 minutes to show up at the destination moon.  It's a good thing I wasn't trying a warp gate ninja at the time!  In that instance I actually submitted a problem ticket, but it cleared up before it was looked at.  For a warp mission to take over four minutes is unacceptable.

Is it just me or are others experiencing this too.  It might have to do with the run away inflation in progress in SFCO, where battles are getting progressively larger and larger, although we now my the LBA (Large Battle Algorithm) in place to try to offset this.

Fortunately, not many people are attempting oracle locks or ninja's anymore, otherwise there'd be a huge uproar.  I wouldn't even think of trying to slow probe something with the way lag is manifesting right now.

For the non-believers. Its not a big one but worth going after because of the zerotechs:

To: lazoputz
Date: 2013-09-12 18:38:03 UTC
Encounter Large Floating Colony [] has:
* ore: 155,988,180 
* crystal: 178,419,856 
* hydrogen: 138,534,955 
Total plunder: 236,471,495 (1892 carm / 9459 herc / 47295 atlas)
DSP: 2,511,168 (33736 Dios / 134942 Zags)

* Artemis Class Fighter: 12,761
* Atlas Class Cargo: 12,189
* Apollo Class Fighter: 6,203
* Zagreus Class Recycler: 4,915
* Hercules Class Cargo: 3,752
* Dionysus Class Recycler: 2,629
* Poseidon Class Cruiser: 2,702
* Carmanor Class Cargo: 2,980
* Athena Class Battleship: 4,744
* Ares Class Bomber: 4,693
* Hades Class Battleship: 4,034
* Prometheus Class Destroyer: 7,917

* Missile Battery: 1,887,557
* Laser Cannon: 1,752,936
* Pulse Cannon: 405,885
* Particle Cannon: 357,977
* Gauss Cannon: 69,107
* Plasma Cannon: 21,451
* Decoy: 1
* Large Decoy: 1

* Armor Tech: 0
* Weapons Tech: 0
* Shield Tech: 0

The chance of your probes being intercepted is 0%

Lazo, was that from SFCO?  I m assuming not since you said it was not a big one, and that's a big one in SFCO.

Gypsy, when you say you've seen plenty of LFC, FC's, were they in SFCO?

My point of reference is SFCO because that's the only uni I play in.  I had heard of zero techs in the forum, but they always seemed to be in other unis.  Then the script failed to run and suddenly we had them in SFCO.  Now we don't again, or they are a less than one in a million occurence.

A zero-tech NPC, given the formula for calculating standard deviation above (as 20% of the median), will be approximately 5 standard deviations away from the median.  Median +/- 5 SDs covers 99.9999426696856% of the area under the bell curve; or, in plainer English, the expected frequency of a zero-tech NPC is around 1 in 1,744,278 (and similarly for the expected frequency of an NPC with double the techs of the median).  I don't know how many NPCs are generated per day, so I can't comment on how often zero-tech NPCs should appear for certain.  I also don't know how long this formula has been in use; what I do know is that since I came back to the game after vacation on August 27th, I've seen 3 "mid-range" (well, I'm ranked in the top 200 and I could hit them...) NPCs with zero techs.  So they do exist...

If they switched to the 10% of median, then the odds of zero tech's would be even lower, so I can accept that I probably haven't ESP'd over 1.7M NPC's.

Thank you Matt and AndyG for the explanations and the math.  Whereas I may not have ESP'd over 1.7M NPC's, there have certainly been many more than that done in SFCO on whole, so that easily explains why some have been seen, but they are VERY rare.

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