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Alliances / Re: United federation of planets
« on: December 08, 2010, 01:54:16 PM »
Quote from: "Phil Sutherland"
Quote from: "Grummm"
Phil, where are you these days?
Star. I intend to stay a long time  :)
I love it, probably one of the best alliances. Its not overly large, has lots of skilled players, etc.

Haven't you said that about the last seventeen alliances you joined? Before you did something stupid and they kicked you out?

Maybe you'll last more than two weeks in this one.

Off-Topic / Re: Because we're all kids in the sandbox
« on: December 07, 2010, 10:47:50 PM »
Dude, that's AWESOME! That is so my new profile pic on multiple social networks. :D

Quote from: "Mona Stangley"
OH ya? What about ODB's most feared players fleet then?
ooooops I forgot....he got ninja-ed.  :o
Actually the rest of the dream team doesn't appear to be on the top 100 in fleet either? Hmmmmmmmm  :?

Also Hooochy..You are totally right about me...I like attention...and I do have a dirty mouth...but I am also currently ranked #19 overall, #4 in DSP, #54 fleet, # 84 in RSP. Just sayin'  :P

Quote from: "Fuzzy Badfeet"
Quote from: "Privacy"
So when are you ODB people gonna build your big fleets to go along with your big mines?  I keep seeing your GAs, but don't see any of those "big" fleets yet.  Not saying GA aren't fun for you, but where's the fleets?

11    Leebelee    ODB    16,392
18    Ace Andrade    ODB    14,277
19    Hooch Pandersnatch    ODB    14,071
21    LCMT    ODB    13,316
29    Xenomorph    ODB    10,913
35    Gryphynx    ODB    10,332
44    Bright Darkness    ODB    9,761
48    Iconoclast of Top Gun    ODB    9,266
49    Riker    ODB    9,258
57    poeticmotion    ODB    8,935
61    Farmer Blue    ODB    8,772
71    Dan James    ODB    8,180
81    Oscar    ODB    7,874
83    Alpha Seeker    ODB    7,810
87    Rob_Ross    ODB    7,725
88    ian8144(2)    ODB    7,690

16 fleets in the Top 100, 12 RSP in the Top 100, 11 DSP in the Top 100, 16 Overall accounts in the Top 100.  Pretty much our style.


I mean, seriously, Mona, if you didn't do it, if a Care Bear didn't do it, STFU. You've got a serious inferiority complex if you have to get all excited about a hit on ODB when someone else does it.

Quote from: "Fearless"
What rank did you retire at? I don't remember a single probe from you despite you having sat 30 systems away from me...I'm pretty sure even if your overall rank was higher I very much doubt your dsp rank was....I was ranked in the 40's for DSP for a good chunk of time before going on a month long (v) in august.

As for Uni2 I haven't taken this universe seriously enough but I'm not that far behind and considering I haven't done much hunting it wont take long to catch up. ;)

When I retired from X in August, I was ranked in the eighties and in the top 50 for DSP. :D

I played under the name 'Admiral White Haven' in X...I launched on you at least twice that I recall. Didn't land one on you, so props for that.

Quote from: "Fearless"
Quote from: "poeticmotion"
Quote from: "Fearless"
Alow me to say that I fear no one in ODB, hence my name.

Your name was inspired by us? We're honored by your insecurity.

you see poetic, you complete missed the aim of my statement but only because your thick head makes it hard for you to comprehend simple statements. Congratulations on being slow take this
wear it with pride you earned it champ! I've been using the same name since Extreme. You should look me up (it's not very hard I'm on the first page, you wont even have to click much...)

That's your rebuttal?  :roll:

And I know exactly who you are. You used to be about 30 systems away from me in Extreme. And braggging about being on the first page is kinda lame. Esp given that I outranked you in X and if you play uni2, I don't see you ahead of me here either.

Quote from: "Fearless"
Alow me to say that I fear no one in ODB, hence my name.

Your name was inspired by us? We're honored by your insecurity.

Battle Reports / Re: [ODB] & [DFM] vs. [TFA] Sun Goes Down
« on: December 05, 2010, 08:10:48 PM »

Feature Suggestions / Re: Charon Rapid Fire
« on: December 04, 2010, 11:46:45 PM »
Well, the fact that they're over twice as expensive when you factor in crystal cost and hydro cost, they DO get one shotted by Gauss and pulse, their attack'd be better off going with apollo, and even then we all know how I feel about Apollo. I just use Artemis.

I send a Battle Charon on big hits just for the hell of it, but using them as fodder? Try it, leet us know how that works for you.  :lol:

Battle Reports / Re: <3 Care Bears <3 & Exile Ninja Pro
« on: December 04, 2010, 11:44:38 PM »
That guy probes me every once in a while but I haven't been able to bait him in. I don't think he likes to take on people his own size or bigger; I'm surprised he attacked you. Nice.

Quote from: "Morat"
Cool. I declare the winner as 2$Bill.

You know, all Care Bears/ODB rivalry aside, I'd have a hard time arguing against 2$Bill as the winner of SFC.

Quote from: "Morat"
Are you seriously saying that out of the thousands of players in Uni2 there can only be one winner?

Yes, I think that was the gist of it.

Quote from: "DOH"
2: Obviously the proms wouldnt get much rapid fire look at the amount of fodder Riker sent

Isn't it the whole point of successful combat in SFC to kill the maximum number of the other player's ships for the minimum loss of your own? Jimmie's fleet was mostly Proms...maybe you think Riker and Hooch should have sent all Hades?

Awesome, you just did Riker and Hooch the courtesy of informing them that THEY'RE DOING IT RIGHT. Not that they needed the validation. They play in the big leagues.

Quote from: "DOH"
4: Rainbows arent Foolish they are beautiful and bring happiness while old dirty bastards just bring the cops and handcuffs.

Did that seriously just happen?

Quote from: "DOH"
7: The Rez arent worth braggin about either, im sure your fat mining ass makes that in an hour or less.

Big mines make big fleets make big DSP. I've been preaching this since the start of uni2. Once again, thanks for informing us that we're doing it right.

Quote from: "DOH"
9:Were Carebears, We kill you with Style

I'm not even sure what this means. Do you wear Versace and Donna Karan while fleetcrashing?

Quote from: "DOH"
11:We arent Trying hard to be number 1 alliance in DSP, We just were. You guys saw that and were thinking, OH SHEEEEEET WE CANT BE BEATEN BY BEARS' EVWYONE KILL ANYTHING YOU SEE! And so the great purge of the sats began for a number of you and for others they actually did hits worth gloating

Um, you guys have been pushing hard for the #1 DSP spot since Mona was crashing people with her mighty Apollo day two of the server. And I've been saying since then that DSP is not an accurate measure in the first month or two; that RSP was far more accurate in projecting future success of alliances. Now that you guys can't hold on to the #1 DSP, now you're saying "Oh, we never cared about that in the first place." Well, anyone who wants to scroll through enough board posts can find out that you guys do care. You've cared since day 1 of uni2.

Quote from: "DOH"
12:We arent here to be number 1, We are here to have fun and if we are number 1 or 2 while were at it, Who Cares.

Randomly capitalizing words always makes your argument better.

The fact is, this is a competitive game. If you're not here to be #1, great. Crash your ships into me and go spend more time outside. I'm here to be #1. If you're not, you're just not ODB material, so have fun in the Care Bears.

Quote from: "Mona Stangley"
hahaha this is what you guys were gloating about?  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:

It was a snack.  :?

I guess it doesn't take much for the ODB crew to get all excited over hitting a Care Bear. It's ok..we understand. When your as awesome as the Care Bears even a nibble is like a taste of heaven.

Quote from: "Mona Stangley"
hahaha this is what you guys were gloating about?  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:

It was a snack.  :?

I guess it doesn't take much for the ODB crew to get all excited over hitting a Care Bear. It's ok..we understand. When your as awesome as the Care Bears even a nibble is like a taste of heaven.

Alliance Overall DSP:
1 ODB    2,327,762
2 PROFIT    1,939,256

Alliance Average DSP:
1 Exiled    87,097
4 ODB    62,912
6 PROFIT    48,481

Truth in numbers...we've got you in both categories, by a healthy margin.

Congrats to Exiled on their healthy lead in alliance average DSP by the way. But I've said it for the last three months...Exiled and ODB took the time to shore up their infrastructure at the beginning, they're both set up for the long term. I've got a top-fifty fleet, but you know what? I could lose the whole damn fleet tomorrow and be back at full strength in a week thanks to my mines.

Oops. That's gotta hurt.


Original Universe / Re: Yeah. I did it. So what?
« on: December 04, 2010, 04:30:16 AM »
Quote from: "Bleys"
I dunno man, theres a guy in U2 OG with a million probes. Now, the Charon count is solid, no doubt, but I think a million probes may have taking the "win the internet" trophy.

Hey, the guy can move res faster than anyone else in the history of OG/SFC-style games. At least there's some use for a million probes. No one's ever going to need to move 6k workers at once.

Although there was the time I ordered 500 lab droids by mistake in extreme. That sucked. But I didn't bother moving them.

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